3 Ways You Can Make Money On Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing platform that offers you a few ways to start your own online business, work from home (or from anywhere) but also offers you the possibility to make money from its affiliate system by itself.

If this is the first time you hear about it, Wealthy Affiliate is a great online training platform where you can sign up for the 10 FREE lesson course to learn how to build up your website, and turn it into your own online business with affiliate marketing.

When you sign up to the training you’ll learn step by step how to build a strong website to earn a full income, and this is the main purpose of this platform.

To learn how you can build up your online business is the main way you can make money on Wealthy Affiliate, its training will help beginners to start working on their free time, to set up a website where they can write and share content with affiliate links, but on this platform there are 3 more ways you can make money at the same time you work on your own site.

At the same time you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be also part of one of the biggest communities of online entrepreneurs.

3 ways to make money wealthy affiliate

When you become a member of this huge community, you’ll get the support and help from every member, any question, any problem about how you can build up your website, you’ll get a response in just a few minutes from members who are already successful entrepreneurs or members who are learning how to build up their websites and are always willing to help you out.

If you’re ready to sign up to the FREE 10 lesson course and start building up your own website, just click here to create your free membership.

Let’s talk now about the 3 ways you can make money on Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program
  • Referral’s account set up
  • Create new training

Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate’s owners Kyle and Carson created this platform to teach anyone who wants to learn how to build up a website with affiliate marketing to make an income from it, as this is a platform that teaches how to make money on affiliate marketing, it has also their own affiliate system to help you to make money when you promote it.

One of the main bonus of this platform is that they set up everything so it works with a recurring feature, and this means, you’ll get your commission as long as your referrals stay on the platform as active members.

When one of your referrals decide to stop paying you’ll stop getting its commission, but if this member decide to come back later, this member will be your referral again and you’ll get its commission from him or her.

When one of your website readers decide to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, each one of them will create a new account, as soon as they sign in, they will get an affiliate link:

3 ways to make money wealthy affiliate

When you write one of your website articles about Wealthy Affiliate or its training, you can add your affiliate link on it, anytime one of your readers click on it, they will be redirected to Wealthy Affiliates home page to get the invitation to create their free account, just the way you’ll do it, and they will become your referral.

One good thing about working to create referrals is you can share your own link on your website or blog but you also can share it on your Social Media to get more chances your readers know about this opportunity for them to learn how to work from home.

Wealthy Affiliate training, hosting platform and affiliate system works so well that the current metrics is 1 in 8 people who create their free account will sign up to paid Premium membership!

How much money you can make on Wealthy Affiliate?

If you decide to stay as a free member; your chances to make some money on this platform are:

If your referral upgrades to a Premium membership within the first 7 days, you will make $4, after that your recurring commission will be of $11.75

If your referral upgrades to Premium membership, your commission will be of $11.75

When your referral keeps its monthly Premium membership you’ll make $ for every month he or she stays making monthly payments.

But when your referral sign up to yearly membership you’ll get $87.50

When a new member starts working on the platform to learn how to build their own website and learn about the benefits of the training, it’ll make sense to sign up to yearly payment as it gives a better price on it.

When you sign up for Premium membership, your commission rate will get better.

  • $8 if upgrade within first 7 days
  • $23.50 recurring monthly
  • $175 for annual memberships

Annual commissions are held for 30 days before they are paid out, otherwise all other commissions are paid out the 1st of the following month via PayPal. Minimum payouts are as low as $10

how to make money wealthy affiliate

Referral’s account set up.

Any new member will get their new account membership as soon as each one of them sign up.

With your new account you’ll get your account profile, it comes with no photo and with no description.

how to make money on wealthy affiliate

Any member who gets a new referral will welcome every new member with a welcome in their account profile and you can also do this step with a Private message, both ways you can encourage them to upload a picture on their profile and write a description to introduce themselves to the community.

When your new referral do both you’ll get two credits worth $0.50 each.

By downloading a picture and write a description to introduce yourself to the community you’ll get followers and you’ll follow other members of the community, this way you can create your own network.

You’ll get to know more people with the same goals as you when we talk about people looking to create an online business and work from home (or from anywhere). You’ll get more followers who will share with you more motivation to keep on the training, create more content for your website, help to solve some problems and much more!

If you’re shy and don’t want to share your own picture, the platform has ready for you some pictures of kittens and puppies so you can add one of your preference.

Create a new training.

When you sign up to Premium membership, more opportunities will be open for you on this platform like Affiliate bootcamp where you keep learning how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

But also, when you stay more than three months as a Premium member, you can create training of your own on the platform where you can share your own knowledge with the rest of the community to help them to accomplish their goals.

On the training you can create, you can share some tips to work on WordPress, or your knowledge about business, online business, tips and better ways to work from home while you create an online business (your website), step by steps, tutorials, videos, etc.

The more people read or watch your training, the more chances you’ll get to get LIKES and comments. The more you get, your training will get better ranking.

The higher your rank gets, the more money you’ll make, Each level worth 10 credits, with the same worth of $0.50 each credit.

It will be easy for your training to get its first level, $5.00 next level will require more work and it might take longer to get.

How you can work to get more referrals.

The first way to work to get referrals to Wealthy Affiliate is by creating a website to promote it, where you can write content about it or about online business.

how to make money wealthy affiliate

As you create your content you’ll add some links to the platform to help your readers to sign up and create their own account.

It won’t be hard for you to step in on this way to promote it as you’ll get a full training where Kyle will walk you for every step you need to work on to create your own website to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

The other way is via creating your own content writing blogs in the platform.

Every member of this community will get their own blog where they can create blogs to share with the community on different topics.

These blogs will rank also on the search engines on the internet, so anyone who stops to read it will be a possible referral for you.

The more content you write on topics that people are interested to read about online business, marketing, website building, and many other topics, more chances you’ll get people that are interested to read them.

As you share your blogs within the community, you’ll get comments and you’ll reply to them, your content will create more relevance to the search engines and it will rank better and you’ll get more readers.

learn how to make money


Many members of the community will be creating their own blogs on different topics, as a member of this community you can share those blogs on your website or on your own Social Media.

The platform is ready to provide you with a link for your own account on any other members blogs, so as you share their content on the internet, if any person is interested to sign up as they read these blogs, the referral will be yours.

You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and create your FREE membership and get your two free websites.

But, if you’re ready to create your free account with Wealthy Affiliate (no credit card needed) click here.

sign up at Wealthy Affiliate now

If you have any question, leave a comment and I will reply to it shortly!


I’ve been part of these great community for the last past three years, I’m working to build up my own niche site where I can write about my passion (hobby) and I’ve learn how to monetize it.

I’ve already made a few dollars from it, and I keep working to write more content on it and learning how to get more traffic so my sales will get better every day.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate community I can read blogs from other members who are already making a full income from their sites, this is a great motivation for me to keep working on it.

The training is the best to keep learning and keep building up your own website, this is not a site that will promise you’ll be a millionaire next month, you need to learn and you need to work to build up your own site that in the future it might start making money from you.

The door to learn how to do it, and to help you to solve out any problem you might face while you work on it, start today and in one year you’ll be happy you did it.

If you have any question, write a comment and I will reply to you shortly.

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3 ways to make money wealthy affiliate