When you work to build up your own website, there will be days when you would like to know what tools were used to build that website that work 100 % perfect and you would love to know is you could use the same tools to build up your own website to start working from home. website toolbox

I think internet business is about get connected with people and helping others to reach their dreams and goals.

There’re tons of different tools that everyone can use to build up a website to start a business, for the moment these are some of the tools I’m using to build up my websites.

Hope you can find useful this tool list and help you to build up that website that will help you to build up a business to start working from home and achieve your goals to improve your lifestyle.


Some of the links here are affiliate links, this means that if you click on it and purchase something, I might get a commission, this will help me to keep working and building this site, but it will not cost you any extra money, I only recommend products or services I use and I found them useful to build up a website.

Wealthy Affiliate is where I’m learning how to build up this website and my online business. Wealthy affiliate

Is a resource I use almost everyday, it’s the place I go to learn everything about online business and affiliate marketing.

When you join in there’s a 800,000 + members community waiting to welcome you and to share with you their knowledge about this amazing world of building up a website to start working from home.

Any question you have about how to build up your own website or about marketing or about online business, you’ll get the answer that will help you to continue to work on your business and make that dream a reality.

You’ll learn here the step by step to set up your own website, write great value content, how to get traffic to it and how to monetize it.

You can join to its 10 free lesson to learn to build up your own website to start making money online.


This is the platform I use to build up my website, it is easy to step up and quick to use.

As you work to build up your website, you’ll learn how to add plugins and everything you need for your website, I build my sites on paid domain and hosting, but you can start your own website for free here.

When you run your online business you’ll be writing content on your blog to share it with your client, a post that shares great images has more probabilities to be read.

Don’t miss your chance your client stop at your blog and read your content, has that photo you’re looking for your article.

This is the keyword tool I use almost everyday, I can research for the best keywords for my websites and analyzing them to get the organic traffic to help my websites to reach my readers and clients. jaaxy

When I work with to get my keywords for my content, it helps me with some ideas to write relevant content for my readers, this way as you type on Google the topic you want to learn more, it will be easier to find my website to help you to build up yours, Jaaxy will do the same for you and for your website, you can find the keywords for your website, your niche and your online business.

Canva is a great tool to help you to create headers, banners and any kind of graphic that you need for your next blog post can be made at, sign up for a free membership.

When you work on your own website to make an income you need to get some clients interested on your products or service, the best way to start selling on the internet is by growing your own e-mail list.

Easy to open your own account to start your own list and free up to 2000 emails is, don’t miss your chance to start your own online business from home.

Google Analytics.

This free tool will help you to get all the information about your website you need to build up the best online business to work from home. Google Analytics.



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