Is Avon A MLM Scam? My Honest Review

Is Avon A MLM Scam? My Honest Review, today many people like you are looking for a way to make some extra money, is Avon the business model that will help you to make that extra money? Let’s take a look at it!

Is Avon A MLM Scam? My Honest Review

Avon Review

Name: Avon

Founded: 1884

Price For Starting: $ 25 minimum

Business Type: MLM Multi-Level Marketing – Beauty and wellness

Is Avon A MLM Scam My Honest ReviewShort Review: Avon has been around for so many years, and it has helped many women around the globe to start their own business and make money to help themselves and their families to have a better life. Their products are not overpriced and members have great support from their up line.

It’s a business model that worked great in the past, but it requires hard work from their members to have a good number of sales and to have a good number of recruitment to their teams to be successful and to make a good income from it.

Most of its members start to work with this MLM company with the idea to make some extra money

There is no easy way to make money with Avon, you will need to work hard and to do your best to get new recruitment to your team all the time, if you want to start making money from home, I have another system that is working better for me and it will work better for you too.

Why Avon Is “The Company For Women”?

Avon is a Multi Level Company that sells in many countries around the globe, beauty and wellness products.

Avon was founded on 1884, so it has been around for more than 130 years in the business.

This company was created with the idea to sell their products from their representative, this means you can’t buy Avon’s products on a retail store. This way the companies selling power is via their representatives.

A business model that worked great for many years, and it still does. However, this company has seen a few other competitive brands to come up in the market in the last years, and this makes to their representatives to have fewer monthly sells in one hand.

And in the other hand, not many people like MLM companies much anymore.

Let’s Take A Look To What Products Avon Sells

  • Skin Care
  • Make up
  • Bath and Body
  • Fragrance
  • Jewelry
  • Kitchen products
  • And many more products

When you take a look to any Avon products magazine, you will notice this company sells products for women, but lately the company has added some men’s products too like deodorants, grooming, fragrance and others.

Is Avon A MLM Scam My Honest ReviewYou can take a look to some of this company products on this picture below.

You can notice the high price of some of their products, and this is because its business model, they need to think about the cost of the product plus the selling cost, the basic MLM business structure, but you can be sure this company keeps the quality of its products.

When you compare other MLM beauty products, Avon stays in the most affordable range with good quality of its products.

There Are Two Ways To Make Money With Avon

As you might know anyone who is interested to start a career with Avon and make money on this business model, will need to work hard to make sales, but also you will need to recruit people to your team and motivate them to make sales.

There are two basic ways to make money with Avon

  • Selling their products
  • Recruiting new people to your team

The money that you will be making will depend on how many sales you make every month.

  • When they are under $ 50 the commission goes to 0 %
  • When you reach the point of $ 1,575.00 or over, your commission can reach up to 50 %

This means the more you sell the more you can make, this will motivate you to make as many sales as you can every single day!

In the past there was one way to make sales with this company, with the Avon Catalog, by this means it is a face-to-face sales system.

Today you have two ways to make sales:

  • Face-to-face
  • Online

Today is easier to make more sales if you use the online system, you can write a blog where you could talk about the benefits of the products and you will leave a link on your blog post so people can make a purchase of the products.

You can also create a Facebook page to link it to your blog to make more sales, as you work to grow your audience on Social Media your sales can grow.

Another good method to make more sales could be if you create your own YouTube channel and grow a good audience.

Benefits And Challenges Of Selling Avon

Benefits of Selling Avon

If you’re looking for a way to start making some extra money and learn to run your own business, Avon might be a good start for you. It’s easy to join this company and it has everything set up for you to sign up and start selling Avon products in 1, 2, 3 steps on its website.

Another benefit is that you will get the training and there’s already a system that will help you to start your own business selling Avon products.

Challenges of Selling Avon.

Every business has its own challenges and selling Avon is no different from the rest, you will need to reach a sales point to get the benefit of making money.

If you decide to sell Avon products as a side business, you will need to find extra time to promote your business among your friends and family and do you best to get referrals of people interested to buy from you.

If you get focused on growing your business you might get steady sales and you will make some extra money every month for you and for your family.

Is Avon Business Idea Good For You?

If you’re interested on just making some extra money, then Avon might be the side business idea you’re looking for. but if you’re interested to have your own business and one day quit your job and make a full income from it, then I have something you might think will be a good idea to take a look at.

Start Your Own Online Business With Affiliate Marketing.

Is Avon A MLM Scam My Honest ReviewThe benefits of starting your own online business with Affiliate Marketing is that you own the whole business, you won’t be making just a % of your sales.

You’ll be in charge of your business and you can grow it from $0 to $1000 monthly sales, $5000 monthly sales or any amount of money you set up as a goal.

It will require from you to learn how the Affiliate Marketing business model works, it might take time and lots of work from you, you might not see any money during your first month or the second, you will need to work on it steady month after month before you see some money to start coming in.

But when the Affiliate Marketing business model starts to work, it won’t have a stop!

Today, many people around the globe are choosing this business model as the best option to start and run an online business.

Are you ready to take a look at it? Sign up for the FREE 100 lesson course to try the platform and create your FREE website.

Conclusion – Is Avon A MLM Scam?

No, Avon is not a MLM scam, this MLM business has been working for over 130 years helping many people (mostly women) to make some extra money for them and for their families.

Some people have made of Avon a good business that works great for them and they have managed to make a full income from it.

However, if you’re interested to start your own business, and within time make from it your full income, creating a website on the Affiliate Marketing might be a better idea.

Are your ready to know more how an Affiliate Business works?

I will share the same steps I followed to create my own online business to make a full income from it, if you sign up to be part of this great community of online entrepreneurs, I’ll be there to be your personal coach.

6 thoughts on “Is Avon A MLM Scam? My Honest Review”

  1. Thanks for the in-depth review of Avon. 

    I really loved the detailed work and what you do on this site.

    I’m not much into the beauty industry but I have fallen to scams on the internet for a couple of times in my life.

    After reading your review my opinion is to avoid Avon because of its possible pyramid scheme even tho I doubt since the company has been operating for a long time.

    Hopefully, I am wrong tho,

    And again great work.

    • Hi Michael

      Thanks so much for stopping to read my blog today, yes I agree with you there are better ways to create a solid online business today.

      With Avon you’ll be working for this company, if you work to create your own online business you can do better and affiliate marketing has more benefits than Avon. 

  2. Hi, Alejandra!

    I saw your review on Avon’s company and products and I really think it’s cool.

    I mean, not all such platforms can be credited with being around for more than 130 years and still maintain the reputation of not being a scam. With your honest review on Avon, I think their platform is totally worth joining.

    However, you stated that Avon was not one platform where anybody could hope to do full-time business and still make a fulltime income from it. Why not, considering the fact that Avon has been around for several decades? Does it mean one cannot hope to rely on such a company for a long time?

    Thanks in advance for a favourable response.

    • Hi John

      As Avon follows the MLM business model, you need to work hard to make a full income from it, it will take you tons of time to promote their products and to recruit a good size team that help you to reach the sales that Avon expect you to make.

      If you’re interested to start making a full income from a business, a better option is to learn about affiliate marketing and create your own website, this way you own your own business and you can work on it to build a solid online business, the benefits ($) will be yours and not just a small % as Avon works. 

  3. Thanks for writing a review on Avon  MLM. After reading this article I learned that it is possible to make money at  Avon MLM. It is a real pleasure that many women around the world are starting their own businesses and living their families themselves. After 130 years of long trails, Avon is one of the best known in the world today. Avon is constantly working to improve the quality of life of women. Are there any arrangements for men to join the Avon MLM?  After watching the Avon MLM Business Plan, I am interested in joining here.I’ll share the article, so friends can read Avon MLM and buy valuable products.

    • Hi Jahangir Alam

      Thanks so much for stop to read my blog today, I see you got interested to join Avon, I think if you are, the best option is to go to its website and get the information from them.

      I think if you’re interested on starting your own business, a better idea is to work with Affiliate Marketing. 

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