15 Best Money Making Crafts

Are you looking for a way to turn your passion into a business, the 15 Best Money Making Crafts will give you a list of crafts to blue print to start your own crafts business.

As March is a month dedicated to women around the world, I would love to join the movement and share some ideas that can help you to start making money from what you love to make, whether you’re a full time crafter or not, there’s always a good opportunity to grow your passion into a business.

You might love to be at home taking care of your family, but you also might be looking for a way to start making some money to support your family, you might be happy to know that today this is possible, all you need is to know are some steps to follow to start making a few extra dollars and as you keep working on it, it might grow into a solid business based on what you love to make.

15 Best Money Making CraftsIt doesn’t matter if you love to knit, crochet, or making artisan soaps, there are already people around the globe looking for your products and they will be happy to buy them from you.

The business opportunities are open today for everyone, and women around the world are doing better as they know more about online business and how to turn a craft into a solid business.

So let’s take a look to some crafts that are currently helping many women around the world to support their families and build up a business from them

The 15 Best Money Making Crafts

1.- Knitting

Many people might think that knitting is only for old women, but they are so wrong, it does’t matter how old you are, if you love to knit, you have a good opportunity to grow your passion for this hobby into a solid business.

Knitting all types of knitted clothing, from scarfs, baby clothing, mittens, gloves, hats, you can start your business selling your knits or even better start your Youtube channel or sell your patterns.

2 – Crocheting

Yes, crocheting is not the same thing as knitting, and I might tell you if you love to crochet there is a big chance for you to start a solid business online.

You always can sell your work off and online, but there is a bigger opportunity for you to start your YouTube channel and grow your audience.

You can create your own patterns to sell them online and grow your Social Media, people around the globe are crazy to learn to crochet.

3 – Amiguries Dolls

I’m sure you might have seen lots of cute little crochet dolls on the internet, people who make them can grow a huge audience on Social Media.

From growing your Social Media to having your own YouTube channel you always can think on building your own website to share your new Amiguries dolls, and sell your patterns online.

If you get specialized in some type of Amiguries you can sell each doll online for a very decent price to collectors around the globe.

4 – Sewing

You might love to spend your days at the sewing room, you are natural and so creative, people will love to learn from you, and you can help them to sew their own clothing for themselves or for their families.

5 – Plush Toys (Softies)

If you’re good at sewing and you love to sew toys, there’s a good chance for you to grow your own audience who would love to buy your Plush Toys or Softies or if you get your own patterns online, they will love to buy them from you.

6 – Jewelry

Creating a jewelry line is not problem for you, you can start your own online store where people can buy from you.

7 – Textile Jewelry

Dare to be different and unique, you can create a beautiful piece of jewelry with a small piece of any type of teltil, you can start your own online store or your own YouTube channel to help others to create textil jewelry. Later you can publish your own DIY Textile Jewelry book.

8 – Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are easy to make, and they are perfect for a baby Shower gift or as a new baby welcome gift, you can start your business making the baby blankets with your sewing abilities or knitting or crocheting them.

9 – Purses, bags, pouches

Whether you knit, crochet or sew the purses, bags or pouches, there is a huge demand for them, you can start selling your products online.

10 – Fabric Key Chains

Start making unique fabric key chains and you can open your online store.

11 – Decorate Mugs

If you’re good at graphic designs or you like to work with watercolor or other graphic technique, there is a huge demand of decorate mugs online, you can start selling them on the print on demand websites.

12 – Scented Candles

As the interest grows to life with the tips on Hygge making your life better as you pay attention to simple and good things in your life, scented candles are a touch that can not be missed when decorating your home!

13 – Knit or Sew Scarfs

You love to knit or you love to sew, the market is already ready for your scarfs designs!

14 – Knit or Sew Hats

It doesn’t matter if the weather gets cold or too hot, today the demand for handmade hats is huge, they protect us from cold weather and they also protect us from the sun, you can start your business selling your handmade hats or starting a hat patterns store online.

15 – Artisanal Soaps

Nothing better that a soap made with natural ingredients to help us to fell better! You already learned how to make them, so make that investment turn into a home based profitable business

15 Best Money Making CraftsHow To Promote Your Craft Business

There are so many ways that you can start today your online business, no matter if you love to knit, to cook, to work in the garden or anything you love to do.

Today there is a huge demand of eco-friendly handmade products and people are more aware of helping small business to work.

As you start working on your home based business, you will need to promote your craft business on the internet. You can learn more about what is a niche and how to find your target client on this Free 10 lesson course!

Create A Website For Your Crafts With A Blog

The best way to get your products known by your clients is by getting your home based business its own website!

As you learn how to write content on your website blog, you’ll learn how to talk to your client and you’ll get some sales from your products.

Write Blog Posts

Your client is already interested on buying your product, as you write some blog post for your blog, you can let your client know the benefits of your products, the story of your business, your business mission and what is your product and where they can buy from you.

Share Your Blog Posts On Social Media

Find out which Social Media your clients is currently using and get your home based business its own account, nothing better and easier to share your website content on Social Media to help your client to find you!

Start An Online Shop For Your Crafts

15 Best Money Making CraftsNo matter if you’ll be selling your products, patterns or online courses to make your products, your home based business needs a market place online, your business needs your own online shop.

Make it easy for your client to find you!

Start An E-mail List

As soon as you open your home based business create an account to start an E-mail list, you might have heard that the money is in the list.

As you learn more about how to work on your online business, you’ll know more how by growing your business E-mail list it will help you to get your products or services in front of people who are already interested in buying from you.

It’s always easier to sell to people who know about your product or service than to everyone on the internet.

Getting your own E-mail list you’ll get a list of people who are willing already to buy from you.

Are you ready to know more about online business and how to create your home based business website?

Learn More About How Affiliate Marketing Can Help You To Make More Money Making Crafts

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  1. Crafts such as knitting, sewing are good source of income not just to women but also as a young man I did some knitting of caps, table covers alongside mum and she paid me. Been able to show case my jobs via blogs like you advice will help promote my work. I checked your recommendation for online business and saw it is wealthy affiliate, I have used the site and will continue to use them. Good site for hosting. Thanks for dropping this gold idea – I Can show case my knitting jobs via blog.

    • Hi Parameter,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience on this topic, yes I agree with you, crafts can be a good way to make an income for women and men, young and not too young

      Thanks so much for sharing how you helped your mum on her knitting and sewing business!

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform that can help many to start and to grow an online website for their home based business. 

  2. Hello Alejandra,

    Your list of 15 best money making crafts goes a long way to show that any passion can be turned into a profitable venture. I personally would go for crocheting as it’s the craft I grew up seeing my mother do. There are types like Amigurumi, Aran, Bavarian, Bullion, Bruges, to name but a few. Are there specific yarns or crotchet models you could recommend?

    • Hi Boniface AndroidBix

      Thanks so much for stopping to read my blog today!

      I can see you know a lot about crocheting, yes our mothers used to be always doing a craft, and crocheting is one of my favorite crafts to start an online business, as there is actually a huge demand for the products made with this craft and also for the patterns.

      Well, more than having a yarn to work with crochet that I could recommend to you, as I think all type of yarns are good to work with crochet, I would thing better on what kind of pattern to use.

      You can go with the idea to be specific on your niche:

      – Pattern or products for babies

      – Pattern or products for bags

      – Pattern or products for amiguries

      I hope this can help you to get a better idea to start your online business 

  3. Hi!

    Many thanks for the nice review of the overall topic. I enjoyed reading the article. 

    You have posted 15 Best Money Making Crafts. One can motivate to do them to read your article. As a woman I know these crafts. But I never think to make my skill as my profession. But now I am thinking to hold a business for crafts. I can enough money through it. I can teach other women these crafts and also can take them to my company. So that we all can earn enough money.

    I am really thankful to you for giving me a business plan. Now I am going to do it. I am going to make myself a proved entrepreneur. I will share the post with others.

    • Hi Tashibaarzu

      It’s me who thank you, I’m glad you found my article helpful and now you want to give it a try, yes crafts is always a good idea for women interested in starting a home based business. 

  4. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your article and find it very useful for everyone. While reading I know that we always can sell our work offline and online, but there is a bigger opportunity for us to start our YouTube channel and grow our audience. Your step by step guide is very helpful. Now I will create my own branded website for my crafts. Thanks for your awesome ideas.

    • Hi Parveen

      Thanks so much for stopping to read my blog today, I’m glad you found my article helpful for you to start your website for your craft business!

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