Forever Living MLM Business Review

If you love to work selling products and get in touch with people, you might be looking to work on an independent business that allows you to work on your own agenda and set your own selling goals, on this Forever Living MLM Business Review I will explain how this business works promoting its health and beauty products and if there is any chance for you to make a full income from it?

What is Forever Living, And How Does It Works?

Name: Forever Living (also known as Forever)

Founded: In 1978 by Rex Maugham

Product Type: Health and beauty, focusing on aloe vera products

Price: Free to start, but it can be very pricey monthly costs)

Good For: People who love to work on sales and networking

Summary: Forever Living is a legit MLM business, and you can make money on it if you learn how to sell its products and work wise to build up your network. However, the problem that holds many people back to achieve their full income from this company is the poor success to build up a strong team to help you to make big sales every month.

Recommended: No

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What Is Forever Living?

Forever Living is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) by this means this company has direct selling representatives in countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia

Forever Living MLM Business ReviewRex Maugham grew this company and in 1981 joined forces with his sister to start their resort business together,

Forever Living grows its own aloe vera in its own aloe vera farms in Texas and Dominican Republic. Today this company is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe products around the world.

Forever is proud of itself of being an environment-friendly company, the aloe vera plant has many different uses and this company points out the importance of growing this plant as 20 of these plants can be compared to one tree, as this number of aloe vera plants can convert the same amount of CO2 into oxygen, and Forever farms grows millions of aloe vera plants every year.

Forever Living Products

This company has a few different products, but its main product line is based on aloe vera products: Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Bits and many others.

Forever also have a Bee products line, and some of the products you can find on this line are: Forever Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly, and honey.

This company also has other product lines as: essential oils, accessories, personal care, skincare and weight management.

How You Can Make Money With Forever Living

When you think about joining this company to start making money from it, the concept is basically the same as in any other MLM company. You buy the products, you share them and you convince others to join you or to become a distributor.

The best opportunity for you to make some money with this company is to have your own small store to sell the products there (you might have seen some hairdressers or clothing stores that display some products in their stores), or you have a good list of friends or people you know that would be interested in these products.

This companies products are organic, useful and well packed so they will look great if you decide to display these products in your store shop’s shelf.

You might be doing well selling these products, but your real income won’t come from how many products you can sell this month. The pressure will be on how big is your work team, the pressure for you will be to be smart to recruit more people interested to work with you in your team.

Building up a good team can occur naturally as you talk about these products with clients and they get interested in joining your team or if you create a campaign to know more people who could be interested in starting a side business to make some extra money.

Therefore there are 3 basic ways to make money with this company:

  1. Retail
  2. Build a Team
  3. Build a strong and big team and you become a smart and strong leader

Most of the MLM business models give more bonuses when a member reaches certain levels, and this company works also this way.

How Much Will It Cost You To Join Forever Living?

You can join Forever Living for free, basically you can go to Forever Living website and sign up there, as this company has set up an online application ready for you to sign up.

After signing up, you’ll see three options of recommended packages to buy, the package options go as a first option to purchase 2 CC’s (case credits) One case credit is awarded for each $ 214 of sales, so you need to buy $ 428 worth products to start working as FBO (Forever Business Owner)

Is It Worth It To Give Forever Living A Try?

Forever Living works like any other MLM business, the more you sell, the more you’ll make, it will be your job as a business owner to be as profitable as you can be!

This company has its own marketing plan, and you’ll be promoted as you reach some levels of sales, starting as assistant supervisor, supervisor, assistant manager, and manager.

You’ll be making as much money as your % per sales is, starting low and it will go higher as you climb the ladder.

The best way for you to reach your money making goals with this company will be on how good you are to recruit more people in your team.

Forever Living Pros And Cons


  • You can start your business with a small investment
  • Products are known around the world already and this will make it easier for you to start your own business.
  • More sales, more discounts – as you learn to make more sales of its products you’ll be awarded with a bigger % of your sales and you will be able to make more money from your sales.
  • Promotions – When you learn how to recruit more people into your team, you’ll get promoted and you’ll be doing better.


  • To start your business selling these products you need to make a small investment that can be big for some people.
  • You’ll be under pressure to reach monthly sales goals to make an income from this business model
  • If you want to make a full income from it, you’ll need to work to make sales every single day and you will need to work to recruit more people into your team as much as you can.
  • To make money you need to make sales, if you don’t work one day, you won’t see any money coming into your pocket that day.
  • High pressure
  • Tired business system

Forever Living Conclusion

Forever Living MLM Business ReviewAfter studying this Forever Living I can say this is not a MLM scam, the company is there and is helping many to make a living by selling its products.

But it will require as any other MLM business company that you work hard and smart every single day to reach sales goals and to recruit more people into your team.

This is a business model that can work for some, and that won’t work for many, you need to be sure that you like to work making sales and you’re good to build a good team to work under your leadership.

This business can be good if you just want to make some extra money and you don’t have the pressure to make a full income from it from day one!

Is There A Better Option To This MLM Business?

Have you ever thought of learning to create your own website and start your own online business?

If you love to work on the health or beauty niche, you might prefer to work to build up your own online business, helping people to get the best health and beauty products, with no need to reach certain sales levels or building a team.

You can start building your own online business to help others recommending not just one companies products, but the same products you love to use and at the same time you can make money from it.

If you like the idea to be your own boss, take a look to how you can start your own business the same way I did!

6 thoughts on “Forever Living MLM Business Review”

  1. Hello there, I say this,many people are scared away from network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), because of all the myths and misunderstanding about this type of business. Part of negativity comes from reported low MLM success rates. However, a multi-level marketing business isn’t destined to fail any more than any other business. For me I make more money from MlM and forever living products has been one of the best company I have ever worked with and I would advice us to try them out.

    • Hi David Nelson

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience working with this MLM company, I agree with you that these companies have their business system designed for success, but is not for everyone, today we are lucky to have many different ways to make an income from it as with affiliate marketing

  2. The wide coverage of forever living in nations around the world made me sign up with them in 2016. I made a little income from this platform but I was under serious pressure to meet up with my monthly target. At a point I was buying items that I did not have a demand for just to meet my monthly target. The program is legit but coping with the target is another issue

    • Thanks so much Parameter for sharing your experience working with Forever Living, I see you were going under pressure to meet up with the monthly target, I agree with you, this company is legit but it takes a lot of work to reach its goals. 

  3. Alejandra Your paste is really nice, thank you for sharing this post with everyone.
    I’m a salesman at Forever Products. I like to do sales work. I’m a YouTuber, I want to make extra money for selling Forever products. I agree with you that this business would be good for those who just want to make some extra money.
    Lastly I would like to say, I love Forever’s products.
    I believe others will enjoy and benefit from your post.

    • Thanks Tasmina Ferdous for sharing your experience working for Forever Living, it’s always good to hear from people working already with one MLM company. But I agree with you this business model is just to make some extra money !

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