Best 20 Products To Sell Online

Every day more and more people are looking for a way to start a business to work from home, the tendency is to open an online store and sell products online.

Whether you open your own store or you create a website to start working on selling products with affiliate marketing, you need to know what products are on high demand today so you get some sales from your online business.

Best 20 Products To Sell Online

Best 20 Products To Sell OnlineLearn how to sell.

When you try to sell a product you might face the reality that selling is not easy or it’s not for every one, that true selling is not easy for everyone, but you can learn some tips and some steps to follow that will make the path easier for you.

Learning the ropes of the business and working smart will make things easier for you, and before you notice you’ll be running a successful online business.

What to sell online.

There are so many products people buy from the internet, but if you know about the tendency and know more about what people are buying from the internet.

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1 – Technological equipment.

One tendency you can find nowadays is people are buying more technological equipment online, and this is because with all the apps and updates for the software we all use in these devices, life can be easier and better in many cases.

You can find on this category the smart phones, tablets, IPads, laptops and many more.

2 – Smart phones accessories.

Smart phones accessories are something that won’t stop in the near future, you can think to be part of this market as it might reach by 2022 the amazing amount over 107 billion dollars.

In this category you can find many accessories that will help anybody to be connected with the rest of the world in an easier way.

Headphones, screen protectors, smart phone holders, speakers, cases.

3 – Food supplement.

More and more people are getting interested to know more about how to be healthy.

If you know about this topic, it might help you to start giving some advice to people who are looking to know more about the first steps to turn their life from a “regular life” to a “healthy life”

Doctors are starting to recommend to people to move and eat better, from the doctor’s advice to share your knowledge about this topic, you will be helping many to do the beginners steps and get a healthy life.

If you’re interested to start your own home based business on this topic, you might want to start your own website and start doing affiliate marketing.

Talking about the benefits of getting some food supplements to what kind of walking shoes are the best to get.

4 – Women clothing.

Women’s clothing market is not only about fashion but a necessity, women want to know about different types of clothing and the benefits they can get when they buy something.

This market is huge and it has become strong in time, from a simple blouse to the most sophisticated elegant piece of clothing, you can find your niche on this topic.

You will get to know yourself and the client you will want to target.

There’s so many different niches on this topic, and if you take your time to build your tribe in a matter of time you will end with a great online business to make an income from it.

5 – Children clothing.

Who doesn’t love to buy children’s clothing, and you don’t need to have any children at home to buy some.

And if you talk about new parents or grand-parents, they will love to know about new children clothing brands to buy from.

You can work on this niche from regular kids clothing brands to the Eco clothing brands, the market is huge and more and more it is growing online.

Take your time to build up a website with some good tips and advice to new parents, and soon your tribe will grow up fast looking to get more information from you.

This market is also a good market to target as it changes with seasons and as the kids grow.

From new born clothing for babies in different cities and clothing, you will find a large variety of different pieces of clothing to talk about on your blog and add some affiliate links on your blog.

As babies grow, you can talk about the different pieces of clothing children need to have as they grow up.

Cloth Eco diapers or just the regular diapers.

New born hats, shoes, blankets and everything to keep them warm.

The first shoes to buy for a kid that is starting to walk.

6 – Fire effect lamps

Realistic effect fire lamps market is growing fast and it will become huge.

Winter is almost here and with it the aim to stay at home, nothing better to keep a house cozy that to get one of these lamps to improve the atmosphere of any room.

If you’re looking for a product that will become a hit before many do it, this might be the product to have in your mind.

On this niche you will find some different lights to talk about on your blog, from LED Flame Effect light bulbs to lamps with these bulbs.

If you’re interested to have a large number of sales on this product, it will go better if your website is about decoration and you will share some good tips to help everybody to make their home the WOW effect!

7 РSecond hand clothing. how to sell vintage clothing online

You might have bought a piece of clothing and you only wear it once, then one day when you do a deep cleaning you see this piece of clothing again.

You might think you won’t use it anymore, but before you toss it, you might want to think to give this piece of clothing a second chance.

Many people are right now looking to get a bargain and they might be looking for that piece of clothing.

Selling second hand clothing has become popular on the internet.

Many bloggers are making tons of money on this niche, something that you might think is useless for you, might be a treasure for somebody else.

Before you toss it, give it a second chance and you might be making some money from it.

If you want to give a try to this niche you might want to take some time and do your work about what sub niche you want to work on.

Take your time to find your client and market the piece of clothing this client is just looking for on the internet right now.

8 – Vintage products

Vintage niche is one niche that is growing on popularity, if you like all things related to Vintage, you might end with a solid website to work with.

Many people are getting interested on topics about giving a chance to different products to help the planet, products that some people will toss in the garbage, others will treasure them.

From different pieces of furniture for your home, jewelry, art and some other vintage products, all of them have a good demand in the market today.

That chair your neighbor doesn’t want anymore, with a little work or a new coat of paint, you can add it to your list on your website, and you might end up making some money from it.

Love to talk about the benefits of vintage products? Open your website and write content about it. Sell your products on or

9 – Gluten Free products.

I can not deny it, everyday you can see how there’s more demand on these products, not only for adults but for children too.

Diet is changing and some people need to change their eating habits for gluten free products.

This market is new and people want to know more about it, and they will love to get some accurate information about what products to have and what products to avoid to stay healthy.

You already can find some gluten free products in the market, this will make it easier for you to start your website and share great value content with affiliate links.

When you share accurate information with your readers they will become more interested to know more about this topic, you have a good opportunity here.

You can share your own story here, if you have changed already your diet because of it, many people will be interested to read about you.

10 – Health products for men

This tendency is growing more and more each year, it’s clear men are interested to take care of themselves.

Men also want to know about the latest products that will help them to look better, from cosmetics, special shavers, perfumes, to more personal products.



11 – Books

Many might be thinking that books will vanish soon from the market, but they can be wrong on this topic.

Books have been a great company to many in different times, they will give us the opportunity to read a good story or a great novel.

But books also give the chance to many to learn many different things, who does not want to learn a new skill to get a better job, but if you sign up to a class to learn that skill, you need to follow a schedule and it will take time and money.

Books are one of the best tools we all have to learn anything we want to, the cost of a book is low compare to any course, off and online.

And if I add the joy of opening a new book and start reading the first page, that joy you can’t get it for a book you bought as an online version. You need to have a book in your hands to feel the joy to read it.

All kind of books are still on great demand, and you can promote your online business talking about different books on your niche.

People will always be interested to read your books reviews.

12 – Minimalist watches

Watches are always a great item to target when you think about making money online, over 1M of watches are sold worldwide every year, and this figure will keep growing up.

If you want to target minimalist watches, then you are in the right path and your niche site will be making some income from the articles you write to share some reviews.

But keep in your mind the rest of watches to have some reviews to share on your website, people will love to find accurate information from watches for men, for women and even for children.

13 – Pet products.

You are a pet lover and you might have one, two or even more at home, after taking care of them you have learned about how to take care properly of your pet.

You might want to start your own website and share the knowledge you have today and share some good tips that will help others to successes at the time to bring the new member of the family at home.

Help others to solve the problem of the first meal at home, or how to train the new kitten to use the bathroom.

There are so many great products to target when you talk about pets: beds, dishes, toys, brushes, and many more.

I’m sure you can write great value content to build a solid website to start working from home.

14 – Handmade products.

If you’re a talented person and you like to make handmade products you might want to find the way to make money from your art and crafts.

There’s a great demand of this type of items worldwide, from small things to big art work.

Don’t be shy to show out what you do, you always can start a website to share what you do and open your online shop.

You can join or to sell your product directly to your client.

Share on your website your work and the way you work to create it, open your Social Media with a Facebook and Instagram account to share some of the steps you work on to create your art.

People are always interested to know more about the artists and what they do to create their art.

When you build up your own tribe, you will be selling your products with no problem at all.

While you create content on your website sharing the steps you follow, and give some tips to new artist, you could share some affiliate links from the products you used to create your art, new artist will love to buy the same products you use.

15 – Backpacks.

Backpackes are always on high demands, backpacks are not only for students but for travelers too.

If you want to give this niche a try, you might see a pick up of traffic and sales during the return to class, most of the students will love to get a good advice to find the best backpack to go back to classes.

Any traveler will love to stop by at your website and read a good backpack review to find the best backpack to take with him or her during the new adventure.

You could always make your website appealing to your readers by sharing content about some related products they will love to know why and where to buy like, bags to pack everything better in small bags, wallets, small purses and many other articles.

16 – Eco products.

More people are aware of taking better care of our planet, the interest to know more about Eco products and how by using them will help out planet and how they can improve the quality of our life will help you find the right products to make reviews your reader will be interested to find in your website.

There are always new products to know about, tell your readers about new products and let them know where they can find them.

17 – Portable projectors.

This one might be a niche you never thought about, but the demand on this niche is growing fast every year.

As people are getting more interested to know about how they can be better at their careers, they will love to know the tendency of new devices that will help them to perform much better in any job.

Small and easy to carry, these new portable projectors can be easily connected to smart phones and they will make any job easy to be shared at the office or at school.

On this niche you can also make some reviews about hand projectors, laser projectors and some other related products.

A portable projector is not only about school and work, you can turn any room into a movie theater and watch your favorite movie on a white wall.

18 – Running shoes.

So many different sports and so many people interested today in being more active.

Any sport will demand the right equipment for a better performance, and shoes are something to take into consideration if someone is serious about getting more active.

If you decide to work on this niche, it doesn’t matter that there are already some names and brands with huge sales on the internet, there’s always room for you.

You will get no shortage of articles to write some great reviews to get traffic to your site. You have shoes for men, for women, for children, but you also will find shoes to write reviews for different sports.

19 – Sleeping masks.

I bet you didn’t think about sleeping masks as a niche to target with a website.

There’s no doubt about many people have some problems to have a good night sleep. Many people are facing this problem and for many getting a good sleeping mask will help them to solve out this problem.

No doubt at all that you will find enough products to write great reviews,

20 – Make up brushes cleaner.

Many women use make up brushes but only few of them wash them regularly, but the reason is simple, washing a make up brush is not an easy job to do and it can take some time to wash it through.

Luckily there are today a few good make up brushes cleaner that will help many women to wash the brushes with no problems at all and in just a few minutes.

Help women to find the best make up brushes cleaner that’s right for the type of make up she uses and you will help her to keep all her make up brushes in shape.

By doing this, she will save some dollars and by washing a brush it can last longer, and in good shape.

If you know something about make up tips and make up brushes, you will never run out of ideas to write great value content on your blog.


Starting a website to build up an online business is something that many people are thinking about nowadays, if you’re interested to give it a try, you always can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and take the 10 lessons FREE course and start your own website.

Best 20 Products To Sell Online¬†Picking the right niche for your website is what will determine how successful your website will be, don’t forget that you need to consider choosing a niche that you’re familiar with, and the topic and you love to talk about.

By doing it, you will get more chances to write great value articles to share with your readers.

So now you have 20 products ideas to think about, and by working on it, you can build an amazing website, people are looking to get more information about these articles to make a purchase, help them find the right one!

If you don’t find a product you are familiar with on this list, or a product you know little about and you don’t feel confident to talk about, don’t worry, all you need to do is to think about a product or a niche you love and you know something about.

Take your time to find more about the demand of that product, learn how to write articles that sell and create your website.

My recommendation will be to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and join the community, everyone there will welcome you and they will be helpful to give you a hand to find your niche!

Create your own website today

I’ll be there waiting for you and to help you to build an amazing website where you can create an income from it, with good work and time, you’ll see good results from it.



6 thoughts on “Best 20 Products To Sell Online”

  1. I do want to sell things online, but I also want to know what people are tending to buy the most and how to best promote those kinds of in front of them. I love how you laid 20 of the best items that are currently selling online. You listed things from books to vintage items and even gluten free products! This will definitely be very helpful and I thank you for sharing this article. Have you had a lot of success selling some of these kinds of products online?

    • Hi Brian,

      I’m glad you find this article helpful and it gave you some new good ideas to work on for your site.

      I’m starting to see some success with my niche site, as I keep working on it, things are working better every day and my tribe is growing up nicely and steady.

      Keep at ti, it takes time and good work to build up a solid online business.


  2. Hi and thanks for the very interesting and accurate article. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity for people to begin the online money making journey. I would ask, what would you do if you picked a niche and wanted to change it later on? Could you just sit on your site and start another one? What would you recommend? 

    • Hi Kenny,

      Yes, I would keep that site aside for a while and start a new one, but take your time this time to think about all the possibilities you can work on your new site first.

      Make a plan about the niche you want to work on now, and make an editorial calendar with some articles you would love to write.

      Make a list about everything you have in your mind about this new site, before you create it, if you like everything you see on paper, then start the new site.

      Sometimes when you do all this work for a new site, you will see some new possibilities for the old site, sometimes you all need is to make a plan to write 10 to 20 new articles and you will find more ways to keep at it.

      Another good point is to let this site aside for a while and see how it goes, some times it takes time for readers to find your site.

      Let me know how it goes!


  3. Hi!

    This article is very informative, detailed and thorough.  I was surprised by some categories, especially with sleeping masks.  I’m ˙a pet lover and I have a website about dogs and products for them. I run my site exactly as you described in your post.

    I was thinking of creating another website about gym, fitness, exercising and maintaining good condition. I don’t see any of that on your list, so my question is what do you think about that as a niche? Thank you!

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hi Barbara,

      Thanks so much for making the time to read my blog today.

      It’s great to hear from other affiliate marketer how you are working to build up your website about dogs and products that make life easier for them and for their owners.

      I only talked about 20 products on this articles that are selling good online, if you are opening a second niche site to talk about exercise, fitness and gym, well I must say it’s a competitive niche, but there’s always room for a new site on this niche.

      You can make some reviews about different types of shoes that you can use in a gym and if you try a different kind of exercise like jogging or hiking, then you will need a different type of shoes.

      Smart phones that will help anyone to keep track of their performance while doing exercise will be a topic to have in your mind while you look for some articles to write for your new site.

      Men and women clothing will be a must also to think on.

      You will have no shortage of products to talk about on your new site, just narrow it and talk to your client, they are waiting to read from you.

      Keep in touch and let me know how did it go.


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