Best Way To Start A Blog 2023

Back to your work place and all you can think is about what is the best way to start a blog and make money?

You have read on the internet about bloggers sharing their success and now they are living the life you always wanted for you and your family, but you can’t find the way to do it?

You might have a few questions about how some bloggers can manage to go from being a beginning blogger to a super star blogger, and making four, five, and even six figures monthly!

At this point when most of us, (yes me too) want to live that life, work from home or work from any where with a laptop under your arm and blog about this and that and make money from it, can that be possible?

Many people say it is possible, and they will tell you to sign up to their online courses to learn from them their secrets, a few hundred dollars less in your pocket you might be in the same place, with a blog going nowhere or doing no money at all!

Been there, done that! (yes, me too)

Best Way To Start A Blog 2020We all need to pay attention to those blogging gurus that promise you the heaven, and the promises to start making thousands of dollars monthly if you sign up to their courses, just to learn a little or to need to pay for the next course and you’ll be like that for a few years, until you get tired of going nowhere and with your spirit touching the ground.

Luckily for every person who aspires to learn the truth about blogging, and making money from home or from anywhere there’s a place (online platform) that will cost you a yearly price and where you can learn everything you need to start your own website (with a blog) and create your own online business.

If you need to try it out first, you can sign up for the FREE 10 lessons course.

Make money online guide

Best way to start a small business 2023

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for your FREE membership, you will be creating your own account and profile, from that point you’ll get access to the free training where you’ll learn some important points like:

  • What is an online business
  • What is a niche and why you need to find yours
  • How to create your FREE siterubix website
  • How to create your website pages
  • How to write your first blog

From there, you have your FREE siterubix website and you can keep working on it and write content on it to start your own small business.

As you took the FREE 10 lesson course at Wealthy Affiliate, you have the basic knowledge to keep creating content for your audience and as you keep working on it, your website will get indexed on Google, Bing, and other search engines and people will find your website and will read your content.

You have made the first steps, and an amazing adventure for you has started at this point.

Working to create an online business should be that: an amazing adventure of work and knowledge.

You will be working on it almost every day, even when you keep your regular job, you’ll find the way to write content on it on your job breaks, the weekend or at night after work.

Yes, I know, it looks like it’s going to be lots of work to do! Yes it is, creating an online business requires a lot of work and knowledge.

All those bloggers who are living the perfect dream life, all of them have worked long hours and they have learned how to do it, that is why they have done it!

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you will get your FREE 10 lessons but you also will get a few bonuses:

  1. You’ll get the Live chat for 7 days – By getting this bonus, you can be in touch with all the WA members and you can ask them any question you have about your website, how to work on it and how to create your own business for FREE.

Yes, you don’t need to pay any extra money to ask them any question you have, while you work on your free website.

When you get on the WA live chat, you will get in touch with all the WA members who are in the live chat at the same time as you do, but sometimes we all get lucky and Kyle, Jay and many other members who are already running a successful website and making big amounts of money from it, will be there on the live chat and they will answer your questions for free.

2. As you sign up to WA, you will get the opportunity to meet some successful bloggers and website owners who already are successful online entrepreneurs and they share their “How To” with everyone at WA… no need to pay for that,

3. Being a WA member, you’ll get the opportunity to work on your website at the same time as other successful members, they will be sharing the steps they do to reach their success on blogs within the platform.

The most recent success stories where you can get inspired and follow their steps to create an online business from start to 4 figures in less that one year are:

Littlemama, Best Way To Start A Blog 2020

Who has been working so hard to build her online business, and she is currently making a 4 figures income, she is the first woman who will be in Las Vegas Wealthy Affiliate meeting.

As you can follow her, you’ll get to know her, and I’m sure you’ll love to read her blog where she’ll tell you how she decide to put everything on her website and make it a real business from her.

You can read the moment she made her first dollar, and month after month she has written about her progress and how she turned a small blog into a real business for her.

You can read Littlemama latest blog at WA here

Jerry Huang Best Way To Start A Blog 2020

A 21-Year-Old 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Earner… This is how he starts his WA profile.

Young, goal setting and focused on what he his doing.

He created his website with Wealthy Affiliate after he did the FREE 10 lessons course, then he signed up for a Premium membership, then he did the Affiliate Boot camp course (also at Wealthy Affiliate) from that point nothing will stop him.

He already shared his new goals to achieve after he made the 300 sales this year to be the youngest WA member to go to Las Vegas!!

Sign up to your FREE membership at Wealthy Affiliate and follow Jerry Huang, learn from his blogs where he shares how he did it, and start your blogging adventure to work from home or from anywhere!

You can read one of Jerry Huang’s blogs here



You can keep working on your blog if you already have one the way you do it, or you keep reading amazing stories about super bloggers living the lifestyle you want to achieve.

If you want to make it happen and turn your dreams into reality and make a living from your blog, you don’t have anything to lose and sign up for your FREE membership at Wealthy Affiliate, click on the button below and it will take you only 10 seconds to create your FREE account.

I’ll wait for you there to welcome you and introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate community, from there complete your profile to introduce yourself to the community and the new adventure will begin for you, you’ll be creating your own website with your blog!.

Make money online guide


Best Way To Start A Blog 2020Nothing happens like magic at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s not a scam, and it’s not a place where you create a website with an affiliate button where you’ll be creating $$$$ just like that.

You need to follow the training and work hard almost every day on your free time first to create a solid online business.

If you sign up with the idea that a blog will make money for you without working hard, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you. Sorry.

But if you’re willing to follow the course and work hard, sign up today and start your new blogging adventure, you’ll be happy you did it in one year!! I’ll see you at Wealthy Affiliate.

Want to learn more about the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, follow this link.


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