Best Way To Make Money – Millennials Era

There are a few things to know to start making money today, the best way to make money today is to understand how millenials are working to make tons of money.

Times have changed and so is the way to make business and make money. What was the normal way to make money in the past has turned 180 degrees and now you might feel lost and you might want to know how those young people called millennials are making tons of money and I can’t even get to the end of each month.

Best Way To Make Money - Millennials EraBills still get on their normal due date but in a different way, before you used to get them in the mail and you had to go to the bank to pay them all.

Today, you get all the bills in your inbox and you might be online banking and paying all the bills online.

Things have become easier in many ways, today we all have the whole world in our hands literally, in our cell phones!

All you need is a good internet connection and you get all the information in your hands, well you get more than that: fun, games, find a certain place or address, get in touch with your family, learning a new skill and you can even work from home.

Now you start to understand how things have changed and with it many new opportunities are open to anyone!

Yes, to anyone!

The point is, not everyone belongs to the same generation, some people are older than others and some are younger than the rest.

To make money and to run a successful business today, you need to understand how many generations interact today on this planet, by understanding them, you will understand each generation has its own way to live and to buy.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to know how to start a business or how to start making money, getting to know more about each generation and its shopping habits will help you to know what kind of business is the best for you and why the millenials generation are starting their own business instead of getting a normal job.

Baby boomers

All the people who were born before 1960, and you can find baby boomers and late baby boomers.

We all know them, our grand-parents, our parents and in many cases, we belong to this generation.

Things used to be different in that time, born, go to school, get a job, keep that job, marry, have children, keep that job, buy a house, and get a pension.

In that time, if you had a job you could afford to buy things for yourself and for your family. Things were good and everything worked good for many people.

But things started to change during this time but the change was slow, many didn’t even know things were changing.

Generation X

Born between 1960 – 1984

The change was small during this time, the old model to make money was about the same, go to school, learn a skill and get a job, the rest you already know, get married, have children, keep that job, buy a house and keep that job and at this time many of them find the chance to start a business and many of them reach success.

They started to live their lives in an easier way with more money in their bank accounts and many of them had the opportunity to go to college and different Universities to get a degree and they got better jobs and they started their own business.

This generation knows how to do things differently and in many cases it works great.

This generation also knows something (or a lot) about online business and how to work from anywhere and how to make a lot of money.

The change started with this generation, they have new ideas and they run business in a different way.


Born between 1984 – 2000 how to make money today

They are young adults, and they have become a generation with the best shopping power, they have found their own way to do business and most of them are not willing to sign up for a regular 9 to 5 jobs with a boss.

I can say, this generation is the generation that has more money in their bank accounts!

They have learned there’s a new way to do business, they learn fast and they are not scared to try something new, they get excited to try new things and these things often work right.

They have learned to say “NO” to normal things and they are not shy to do new things and try different ways to use the technology their own way.

This generation can connect to each other and they learn from their friends and they have come up with new business models.

Working from home or from anywhere and in their PJ’s all day.

And many times, they have turned a simple thing into an amazing business!

Work with your laptop under your arm! Travel while you work! Influence rs!

I’m sure you got the point and you already have some good examples of successful millennial’s to follow.

You might have your own site as a way to start working on your own business, and you might have an “influencer” on your own niche to pay attention to.

Yes, if you can learn something about that “influencer” is making tons of money then you will get a good business model to work on!.

This is the generation we all need to pay attention to when we thing about an idea to start a business!

Generation Z

Born after 2000, all these kids are young, and they have a different “chip” and they will do business in a different way than the rest, they learn fast and they already know how to work on any type of device.

They are still young, but you can find many cases of young entrepreneurs running successful business with the help of their parents. I’m sure they will do great.

Change your mindset and everything will get easier.

So, now that we can get the knowledge to know all this and to know how the millennial’s are making money, the question is “why we keep doing the same old things?”

Change your mindset and things will work better or in a different way for you. You might know you can start your own business and work from home.

You have heard already about many offers that will tell you that you can start making tons of money, buy this course, sign up here and you’ll become a millionaire.

Well, not all that shines is gold, my best advice is to learn how you need to work on the millenials era and you can start a business to do better in life.

To start seeing a change in our lives, we all need to make a change of mindset.

From living in a world ruled by excuses:

  • The moment is not right.
  • This is not a good moment
  • I already failed.
  • I’m afraid I might fail.
  • I’m not good at that.
  • I know little about that.
  • I’m alone, nobody wants to help me.

Living in a world of possibilities will help you to see an opportunity in a different way. A chance to try something new with the possibility of reach success.

  • Living in a world of gratitude.
  • Accepting that trying a new thing you might be successful
  • Dare to say “No more” to bad companies (friends or family that always say: you better don’t try that)

Why there’re many millenials who are successful today and they live in countries where most of the people are poor or they live in a “poor country”?

They dare to try new things and they are not afraid of failure, if they do, they are willing to try something different until they reach success.

The world is changing fast, and the key to reach success in life and in businesses is to get the ability to change fast.

As a business people, you need to learn how to get adapted to “new things”, have you seen how people are spending all the time on their cell phones?

They do not turn them off at all, not even when they go out with their friends or with their family!

Well, the news is, you won’t change them, if you try to educate them to stop being on the cell phone all the time, they will look for a different place to go.

So if you have a Restaurant or a Coffee Shop as a business, you better accept them as they are, and think about how or what to sell to them.

Yes, you can make a Social Media campaign for “your welcome here with your cell phone”

And yes, you can make a Social Media campaign for “Coffee is $1 dollar if you talk with your friends and family”

Both campaigns will be a success! You need to know who is your client and as a business owner you need to decide who is your client.

Make a product or service thinking on your client and you will get sales! But don’t try to sell both in the same place or with the same product.

How to get your product to your client

Now, let’s talk about how to get your product to your client, and let’s go back to the baby boomers era, do you remember how business got sales in that time.

Yes, because they got a publicity campaign on a newspaper, you could know about a new product or a new business because you read an ad in the newspaper.

Or, because someone bought it and he or she found it good and they talked to you about it, mouth-to-mouth publicity.

Today, most of the people who are buying more stuff are millenials, some they will talk about a new product or a new service, but just a few or none of them will read a newspaper.

If you have an offline business, forget about making a newspaper campaign, it will be expensive and it will not get all the sales your business requires to make you rich.

Today, your business need to be on Social Media!

Is your business on Social Media already?

Offline or online, any business needs to be at least on the 3 best Social Media.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Or on any Social Media where your client is, but if your business have one or the three Social Media accounts I told you, there are more chances for your business to be a success.

And let’s not forget about YOU TUBE.

Let’s go back to the millenials and why you need to be on Social Media.

For a moment, I want you to picture on your mind a group of young adults who are your client avatar. Now take a look on what all of them are doing:

  • They all have a cell phone in their hands.

It doesn’t matter what they are doing, all of them have a cell phone in their hands, and they all take a look of what is going on in the world most of the time.

If they are at work, they will keep their cell phones in their pocket, and as soon as they have a free moment, they will take a look at their cell phones.

  • They will get a message from a friend who wants to show them what they just bought!
  • They might get a look to a new product or service with tons of likes and it just goes viral!

Your business needs to be there… on their cell phones!

You might be an old school business owner and you don’t know anything about how to set up a business account on Social Media at all!

Well, there’s two ways to solve this problem!

  1. Hire a Community Manager who gets in charge of your business Social Media.
  2. Learn how to do it.

As a business owner, the best way to go is, to learn how to do it by yourself, and learn how to run a Social Media campaign for your business and for your product.

Then, hire someone who will be in charge of this job, but be sure to talk to this person and he or she will be responsible to get sales for your business.

Set weekly and monthly goals to reach and set up appointments to be sure a campaign is working good for your business.

Sign up today and create your FREE account to learn more about online business.

The Best ways to run a Business Social Media.

To reach success on any Social Media campaign you can go to start your business account today, whether on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

From your personal account, you can start a Page for your business, and keep them separate.

Your business page will be only for your business, don’t publish there anything about your children’s birthday party or what did you have for dinner.

You need to publish at least 10 times per day, help your client to know more about your product.

Highlight the added value of your product.

Learn everything you need to know about your product and let your client know about the benefits of buying it.

How your product can make their lives better or easier.

Why your clients will get more benefits when they buy this product from you and not from your competence.

Ask your clients if they have any questions about your product. Listen to them, and answer them. Help them to know more about your product and about your business.

Train a person who will be answering those questions from your clients.

Be there, let your client know they can reach you.

Make your client trust your business.

Millennial do not buy products that are cheap (low price) they buy because they trust!

They trust you, your business and your product.

Once you get your client trust your brand, your product you will get sales for your business.

How to increase your sales in the era Millennial.

OK, so we have gotten to this point. You have now your business Social Media working for you, and you have done your work great, you have built your own tribe and your client follows you and they listen to you.

You can follow some tips here to get more sales for your business.

1 -Keep publishing your product, your brand and your business on Social Media.

2 – Find a # for your business, a hashtag that is relevant for your business.

Make something “awesome” from it, make something that makes your clients to get a selfie wearing or using your product and sharing it on their Social Media with your #

Everyone will love to get your product and to share their own selfie with it. That is how today’s publicity works, and it will cost you little or nothing.

3 – Hire an influencer.

Yes, on this point, you will need to pay some money. But let me explain how you can work on it.

Let’s think your business is small and you make little money from it and you can’t pay a good influencer yet. But what you can do is to look for some new influence rs that are just starting their new career.

Send them a message and let them know you’ll willing to send them your product for free, but in exchange they will need to share a selfie wearing it or using it.

Send that message to 10 or 12 new influence rs.

I’m sure most of them will not even open your message, so then, send the same message to the next 10 on your list.

If you get one of them saying “YES” to your message, then you send your product and your product campaign will start, this influencer will wear or use your product on its new video on YouTube, it will go viral, and many people will ask about your product.

You will get some sales from this “momentum”

It worked great this time!… rinse and repeat.

This is exactly the way millennial entrepreneur are working to get their brands, their products and their business to get know by millions of people.

This way to get people to know about millennial business is a business model for the rest of us.

Best Way To Make Money - Millennials EraYou have many opportunities to reach success with your business now!

If you want to be successful in life, read a book every week! anonymous

Facing failure and closing.

At this time, you might want to start your own business, but there’s something that keeps telling you about what if everything goes wrong.

To be afraid is normal, and most of the entrepreneurs have faced failure many times.

Most of the successful bloggers have reached that point after they failed with previous blogs, some successful millennial tried a few business before they reached success or before they learned the way to do it.

Don’t be afraid to start, start little and learn how to do it.

Are you ready to start your own online business, sign up today for the FREE 10 lessons course at Wealthy Affiliate and learn from Kyle and Carson. They are always willing to share their knowledge.

best way to make money today

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  1. I love the layout and colours of your site – very appealing. Thank you for sharing information about the different generations, very interesting. I would like to see links to more facts around this, maybe links to research results.

  2. The Millennials have basically had the internet world at their feet right from the moment they could press buttons and read.  And they know their way around the social media platforms so if they are to use this for business, they seem to do it quicker, and know where the crowds are hanging out.   

    My daughter who is part of the Millennial era, successfully gets clients for her makeup artist business. Just from knowing what groups to participate in, when to post etc. It is brilliant really and we (or me as a Generation X) can learn so much from her!

    Great article, thanks for explaining all the eras!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks so much for sharing your point of view about how millenials are working today and how they find their way to build up their online business.

      It’s so nice of you to share what your daughter who is a young entrepreneur is building up her own online business on her niche, I guess you might be learning from her.

      Take care and keep at it!


  3. The youngest internet entrepreneurs you can spot easily on YouTube, some kids of under 4 years of age have very successful channels (with the help of their parents of course). And do not underestimate the elderly, even my mom has a Facebook account and she is 91. When I come to her place, she always says, have you seen this or that on Facebook? She also likes to order stuff online. There is an enormous market out there!  From 0-100, all generations are chiming in! Children are sitting in their strollers and playing around with the i-phones of mama as if they have never done anything else. 

    There is a rich future ahead online for anyone who wants to be in this. And the training of Wealthy Affiliate is just the one a starter will need to get going.


    • Hi Loes,

      So true what you say, last time I visited my grandson he show me a you tuber so young, not older than 10 with a YouTube channel with over a million of followers, of course with the help of his parents he has built a great online business not only for him but for his family.

      It’s amazing how the new generations can understand so fast what to do and how to do it. We all can learn from them!

      Thanks for your visit.


  4. I am one of the generation X. You are right we do things different from the way our parents did it. We are the ones experiencing all the changes. There was no internet when I was born, its here now and I have learnt to use it. I have even learnt to work online! 

    • Hi Juliet,

      I’m glad you took the time to visit my website today and left me a comment. 

      It’s nice to have a reader from generation X and know your point of view, I So true, you have seen how things have changed, from being born with no internet to today that almost everything happens on the internet.

      There are so many possibilities to do today as to start an online business,


  5. Great information. I agree, any business not making use of the internet and modern technology will not remain in business for long.I remember the difficulty of using Microsoft FrontPage and DreamWeaver to build websites. Now WordPress, SQUARESPACE and WIX make building a website for business.I love your message. These are exciting times and everyone should give building a business online a try.

    • Hi Tony,

      I agree with you when you say before it was so difficult to work to get something done on the internet, I also can remember the first time I wanted to use the software you mention here like Microsoft FrontPage or DreamWeaver, it could take days or weeks to get one thing done.

      Today is easier and better, but we need to keep learning every day as things evolve so fast today, keep at it.


  6. Hi,

    Thanks for this great article on The Best Way To Make Money – Millenials Era. I enjoyed reading your article and I couldn’t agree with you more that our world is evolving fast enough and that if we can’t keep up with the trend then we might get left behind from our competitors whether it’s on online or offline it does not matter as long as we should keep up with the trend. 

    I may not have question about your article but I found some new stuff to consider when dealing with online or offline business, we should take into account that social media will definitely play important role in this era.

    • Hi Glenda,

      Thanks so much for taking the time and leave a comment.

      I’m glad this article helped to find some new stuff to consider when you’re working to create your own online business.

      I agree with you when you say Social Media will definitely play an important role in this era and it can help you to develop better your business and make more sales from it.

      Take care and keep at it.


  7. Hello there, 

    I truly agree with You, times have changed drastically, alongside the ways to make money and create businesses! I am very fascinated by the amount of possibilities that people have in terms of creating their own, independant online business nowadays. Something that seemed so hard and challenging back in the day, now is opened for everybody at any given time to create and achieve. Times change fast, don’t they? haha! It is an perfect opportunity for people to get rid of their regular 9 to 5 jobs that may not satisfy their needs and leave them with constant feeling of desiring something more exciting and significant. Therefore, creating an online business is truly an amazing way to turn Your passion into something very valuable and meaningful, to create a worthy content while helping others, as well as start earning great money! Thanks for such well-written, intriguing and helpful article, You’ve done a great job! Keep up the great work! 

    • He Evald,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment.

      I’m glad you found this article helpful and it can bring you some ideas of how good is to see people nowadays are turning their passions into solid online business.

      There are so many great opportunities to start a business based on what we love to do.


  8. This was a nice read an interesting take but it is true. All our generations grew up different than one another. We all think different but at the same time we think the same. Me I am only 30 my dad is in his mid 50s we both think the same on certain topics but when it comes to making money and getting a job we have way different opinions. He thinks I am wrong but in reality nobody is wrong, it’s more times have changed and the way we get jobs is different Han when he was younger. 

    It is just like working online if I were to talk to him about working online it would go over his head under stable though.

    I liked the fact how you put into persepctive on the older generations to the generations and how the older generations and business can learn from the younger generations in how to market especially towards them the millienials and younger crowd.

    This was a well thought out post that I found like it was something anybody could learn from.  This was a really thought provoking post that even me more thinking about how the older gereations feel about us younger people. I bet this would really help the older crowd that are looking to work online and trying to market towards the younger crowds so I enjoyed this one.

    Thank you for the share I hope the best for you and your dreams


    • Thanks Mat for visiting my blog and taking your time to leave a comment.

      I can understand when you say about your dad and talking about the topic of working online and create an online business.

      It takes time to create and build a solid online business but it’s possible. You are so right when you say we all can learn from others, everyone has something good to share, by learning from other we can build up our own online business.

      I also wish the best for you and your dreams!


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