How To Work From Home: Affiliate Marketing

Every day more and more people want to quit their job and start their own website to work from home, some are already successful stories and we all can read about it.

From the moment you start reading about how to work from home with affiliate marketing and make a full income and quit your job, you might be thinking about how you can do it or where you should find the right information to start working on it.

Today might be the day you decide to give yourself the chance to read more about it and learn your first lesson.

Welcome to my website where I write about my story with Wealthy Affiliate and how I’m working right now from my own home and everyday I build up my website (s) to make a living from it.

It has been a learning curve from day one, but I’m happy I did it, and everyday I learn everything I need to feel confident about so I’am on the right path.

I’m happy I found an honest company to learn from them (no scams at all) and where I can get everything I need to keep working on my online business.

  • The best training for beginners
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How to work from home.

As you decide you’ll want to start working from home, a good idea to do it is by starting your own website and your own blog.

You might have heard many bloggers now can work from home full time with good results, in order to start your own you need to follow a few steps:

#1 Pick the right niche

  • What is your passion; a good idea it’s to think about what you love to do, what is that you could talk about for hours and hours, and you’ll have no problem to talk about this topic to others. A hobby, something you’re good at, something that when you work on it you’re happy. Cooking, reading, hiking, fishing, painting, working on renovations, and why not even making money.
  • Understand the people’s problems and needs: today blogging has changed, more than just talking about things you like to do, you need to talk and write about what people are interested to do, people are looking for a way to learn about something they would love to do, you’re good at fishing you can help them to do better at it; you’re good at cooking than you can share some of your cooking secrets to help others to cook better, while you share your secrets you can start making some money promoting cooking supplies.
  • How big is your niche: You need to find a niche big enough where you can write and talk about what you love to do and you can share your knowledge to others, but you need to find a group of people big enough, that are interested on that topic and willing to buy a product or service.
  • Don’t try to go for something new, when you try to promote a new product it might be a big loss of time and money, when you work on promoting products that are already on the market and have been tested to solve out a persons problems, or need, you can get more sales on it.

Your best point here is to work on a market that is already working, where you’ll find people already interested on the products you’ll review and are willing to buy, or are looking already to know more about them and ready to buy.

#2 Pick the right products.

When you already know what niche you’ll be working on than it’s time to pick the right products to write reviews about, and content so your readers can find your website and learn about the benefits they can get if they buy a product you recommend.

1. Expensive product vs low price product.

When you learn how to run your online business on affiliate marketing you have two strategies to follow:

  • Low price product and make many sales.
  • High price product and make less sales.

I would recommend for you to pick the second one, and I will let you know more about why I’m currently working on it.

Let’s think I find a quality product that people are already looking to find, and it and it cost $200 and I will get a 50% commission from every sale I can make from my website.

If I get 100 visits on my website and I make just one sale (1% conversion) I will make $100

On the second product, you can think about promoting a product of $10, and let’s keep on the positive side and Let’s think it’s the same 50% commission.

If I get 100 visits on my website and I get a 10% of conversion (almost impossible to reach that point when you start working with a website) I’ll be making $50.

As you can see, writing content on your website will be the same amount of work to do for both products: the expensive and the low price product, but you can make more money when you take your time to find a high quality and good price product to promote on your website with the same work and same time you work on it.

The point here to remember is: you need to pick the products that are relevant for your audience, if you don’t take the time to do it, you might not get any sales from your website and that is one of the reasons why many websites and bloggers will not get any sales at all or just one or two, hard to make a living this way.

2. Find a product from which you can write great value content about it.

You’ll be writing content for your audience on a daily basis most of the time, if you don’t find any information to write about the product you pick to start working on affiliate marketing to write more than 10 blog post, it’s better not to go for it.

You need to create your own audience that will come to read from your website more content related to the product they’re already looking for.

You need to highlight the benefits your clients will get from the product if they buy it, people are willing to pay the price of it if they see the reasons to get it.

If you find a product to work with that has many benefits and it also has side products to buy, it’s a good product to work with.

Let’s think about a digital camera:

I started work on my first blog as a crafter, so I bought my first digital camera a small Cannon, it didn’t do much, just focus and click.

Later I got from my husband a Canon Rebel (at the beginning I didn’t know how to work with it at all)

So I bought an online course to know more about my camera.

Today I have bought:

And I even bought a smaller Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS which is great to make videos to share on YouTube.

And I already have a list of more products to buy for my camera.

As you can see, from one low price camera I got more interested to get a better camera, and a few accessories for it to help me to take more photos for my crafts blog.

3. Find products that people are already interested to buy.

As you work to build up your site, you will learn how to find the best products to promote on it for your target client.

The best way to do it, it’s to work on niches that are already working good, I mean to work on a niche where you can find products to promote and people already interested to buy them and people who have the money to buy them.


You can build up a website to promote products people can get through Amazon, everything is already set up, people trust on it to get their products and you can get you associate account to promote your niche products writing content on your blog.

As people buy a product there, you’ll get paid a commission.

To find products to promote on your website according to your niche, all you need to do is to go to Amazon and click on “all the departments” and click on “most sale products”

There are other places to sign up for an affiliate account where you can also find products to promote from your website as ClickBank or ShareASale.

How to get traffic to your website.

One important thing to talk about is as you work hard to find products on your niche to write content for your website and get sales, you’ll need to get traffic to your website (people reading your content).

The equation is simple: the more traffic you get interested to read your content = more sales.

In order to get readers to your website you’ll need to write content for them, and the best way to do it is finding the best keywords for you content.

People are already looking for the products on your niche, and they are ready to read about the best products to buy to solve a problem or fix up a need.

If you’re a newbie, talking about keywords and writing content for your readers might sound hard to understand, but no need to worry at this moment, you can learn more about it and learn how to work to write the best content for your website, to get traffic and get more sales.

One step at the time.

OK, this sounds good, how I can learn to become an affiliate and start my own website to work from home?

I must say honestly with you, and I will tell you about my own story on how I become an affiliate marketing, and how I started to work from home with my own website.

I only can talk about the product I use to learn all I need to build up my website and make an income for me and for my family.

Four years ago I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate and I started the free course with them (no credit card needed), after 7 days I got the offer to sign up to Premium membership ($49 monthly) with the 50% off for the first month, and I signed up, before that month came to an end, I signed up to the yearly payment because I knew that the training they offer there is the training I was looking for.

Since that day I’ve been learning and building up my own website on affiliate marketing with good results, it helps me to get focused on tasks I need to do and my website gets more traffic every day.

Am I a success story yet?

Well, I should say I am, I work from home, I learn more things about affiliate marketing every day. I build up my network and I trust on what I’m working on.

I can’t tell you that I’m making tons of money yet, because I’m not, but I already did my first sale, and I’m getting more traffic and I’m sure I’ll do better every day.

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

If you’re looking for a way to learn how to start working from home and you want to learn all you need to do to build up a website to work on affiliate marketing, than Wealthy Affiliate might be for you.

If you’re serious about taking sometime to learn everything you need to start a website to promote products from Amazon or other affiliates.

If you know already that starting to make money online is not magic, and It might not happen the first or second month, and it might take even one year or two before you can see some money, and you need to work on your website every single day, than you’re ready to learn how to do it.

-I’m a newbie, I know little about building up a website to start working from home.

Don’t worry, many people are at the same point as you, I was like that four years ago, little I knew about what you need to do to build up a successful website, Wealthy Affiliate has a step by step training to help you to learn everything you need to know.

how to work from home affiliate marketing

If you have any question about how you can start working from home with affiliate marketing, please write a comment below and I will reply to it.

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how to work from home affiliate marketing