Best Tips To Create Social Media Content


As you work to build up your website, sharing your content on Social Media is the best way to drive traffic to your website and let your client know your business is there. Open for business.

You’re sure you have the product/service your client is looking for, but it might take time for them to find your website and buy it from you, unless you let your client know your business is now on the internet and you have that product your client is looking for, and there’s no better way to do this then by sharing your content on Social Media.

You don’t need to be on every Social Media, you might have worked hard to know not everyone who is on the intertent is your client, your client is that person who stands out from the rest because they have the “needs” your product can solve out.

If you have had your time to work to know more about your client, you might know what Social Media is the one platform he uses almost every day, then you know where to open an account for your client.

If your client is on Facebook, open a Facebook account for your business, and don’t open more accounts on the rest of the Social Media platforms, you need to work on the right Social Media for your business.

Now it’s time to work on the content you need to create to share it on this platform:

Plublish great value content… for your client:

Let’s say that your website is about “photography” and your niche is to help everyone who is interested to learn to take better photographs for their websites and online business, so for this exaple, I’ll be talking about cameras.

When you think about you need to create content to share on Social Media to get traffic to your website and get more sales, you won’t be sharing other people’s content unless it is important and related to your business, let’s say it’s important to be focused on your business.

It’s important to do this, as once you get on Social Media it only takes less than 10 seconds for your attention to get on something else, 3 hours later you didn’t do what you needed to do, this is a big no.

And this is why working ahead on making a plan or strategy for Social Media content will make your work easier, you can stay focused and you already know what, where, and when to post it.

Now, if your business is cameras, you need to work on creating a few post of images to share on Social Media focused on your business, one way to do it is to get a list of your clients interest or problems to solve.

  • How to take photographs of a product for crafters.
  • What camera should I get to take photographs of my product.
  • What is best, white or black background for a product photography.

And create some images that will answer this kind of questions, tell your client you can help him/her to solve out that particular problem.

Dare to be original.

Don’t go with the flow, understand your client and your product/service.

One Vodka company understood they had to be different if they wanted to get more sales from Social Media.

They knew already they could not publish its content on SM on work hours and on week days, if they wanted to get any success with their post it should be understanding where and when this company could find its clients.

At night and on Fridays and Weekends.

Solution: they hired a Virtual Assistant to work during the night on those nights (Friday, Saturday and even on Sunday) and this Virtual Assistant would be sharing this company post on Social Media late at night.

If you want to get a response from your content on Social Media, you need to be creative.

Most bloggers and online business owners are not professional publicist but when you work to create your content to share on Social Media to promote your online business, you need to work hand in hand with creativity.

So what is being creative?

Creativity is to challenge yourself to see those ideas that are already acepted and seen as normal and find that thing that will turn them into new solutions and concepts.

Don’t be afraid to get it wrong, sometimes mistakes turn out to be a smart idea and people will love it!

Start doing every content you want to publish to be:

  • new
  • fresh
  • different
  • entretaining

But how can I do it?

5 steps to do it.

1 Person

The first thing you need to think about is to think of “who is the person in front of the computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone”.

What does he/she like?

What does he/she needs to do?

Don’t think on Facebook, twitter or Pinterest, think of the person, your client, understant what he/she likes,

Try to make his/her life easier. Try to answer his/her questions about your product.

Let’s think about your online business is an affiliate website for cameras

How should I install it?, which one should I get, Canon or Nikon?, How do I open it? Manual or automatic? etc.

Don’t worry about how to sell your product/service, try to think about how can you help your client to be happier at the end of the day.

2 Brainstorming

Try to think about all those things that will help your client to get an easier life.

Ten things to know about your new camera, how to use the ISO, which lens is better for landscapes, best places to take amazing sunset photos, etc., etc., etc.,

Take note of everything you can think your client can make a question about your product/service.

Think about anything your client wants to know about how to use the new camera (your product) anything here can go.

How often should you do the brainstorming?

– every month.

– It will make our daily work easier. When you work on brainstorming, your daily work will be easier as you’ll have ready a long list of things you can publish every day in advance. You’ll have ready new things to be published day by day in advance.

If you try to get new ideas to publish everyday on SM for your business, you’ll be wasting your time, it’s always better to work on the brainstorming once a month and get your content ready for that month.

– To be more creative you need to work on new ideas.

– Come up with a new idea is always good, make a plan is even better. When you work one day every month to create your own plan, to create the content that you’ll be sharing on SM, you can start every month knowing what is your content about and you can focus on something else.

When you have a content plan in advance to be shared on SM, you’ll get more free time to work on some other areas of your business, and if one idea comes up at the moment, you’ll be free to work on it.

– The more you work on getting more ideas the better you’ll become.

Your business priority should be to creat great value content, be sure to know what your business needs to comunicate.


3 Priorities and pillards;

Your business priority should be always be to create great value content, be sure to know what your business needs to communicate.

When you know what is important to comunicate, the information you’ll be sharing will make you better.

You need to know what are the pillards of your business that you need to communicate and they are related to:

  • Promotion of a product.
  • Launching of a product.
  • Traffic to your website.
  • Things to share about your product/service.
  • Monthly promotions.

Most of the business only think about these kind of content to share to the client, and the client get tired of  this kind of content soon.

An entrepreneur should think about how to create great value content to share with there clients.

4 Month and week. It’s always a good idea to create content to share on Social Media for a week and during the month.

Let’s talk about how to think about a calendar to create content to share on our products.

Week 1 – Best camera to buy – you can talk during this first week about the difference between the two best cameras, or why a cannon should be your first camera, or the easiest camera to work on when you need to take photos to share on SM.

Week 2 – Let’s talk about lens, best lens to work when taking landscapes photos, best lens to work with to take product photos, best lens to work with to take portraits.

Week 3 – How to take care of your camara, how to clean up your camera, best cameras bags to travel with your cameras, why you need to buy a tripoid, etc.

Week 4. Are you ready to get a better camera, top cameras to take photos of your products.

When you start to work this way to create content to share with your client, you’ll see your list will be bigger every time you work on it, you won’t lack for ideas to share or even to write content for your website and it will be always intereting for your client.

When you work to create content thinking on what your product can do to help your client, your ideas list will be unlimited.

5 Day by day.

If you start to work this way to create great value content to share on Social Media, you’ll notice you won’t lack for new ideas, the more you work on it, the easier it will get.

Now that you get an idea of how to create content to share on Social Media that your client will love to read about, it’s also a good idea to get some extra tips to get more interest from your client on your content.

Creative content + great value + make my client’s life easier

Your plan of publicity should be a whole in one, you can’t get good results when you work on one thing but you forget about the other things your publicity plan should have.

Quantity. Don’t be afraid to share your publicity content on Social Media. Don’t be afraid that your client will get tired of it.

3 x per day: Just think about your Facebook page, you already have over 500 followers, and I’m sure you might have way more of those followers, well not all of them are at the same moment on Facebook, some will be there in the morning before they get to work, some will be checking on Fb during lunch time and some will be on it after work at night.

If you only share your content on Social Media once per day, most of your followers will not notice it, and you’ll be losing some sales.

3 times per day will give you presence on Social Media.

Week ends – Many people visit Social Media during week ends, you need to create your product content to share on Social Media during this time.

Thursday and Friday are the best days to publish on Social Media, did you know about it? There’s more chances to reach your client on these days, your content will get 18 % of more chances to been seen, 3 or 4 times during these two days.

Twitter is the same, you need to get ready, create great value content ahead to be ready to share it on this Social Media.

it’s important to have a good precense during the day but with valuable content. Don’t just publish anything to be there.


Diffrent type of content.:

50 % – Great value content, it need to be valuable to your client or needs to solve one problem to your client.

“A Canon can help you to get better photos of your product”

20 % – Promotional content, think about some promotions about the product or service, or to get more traffic.

“This week, you can get a 10 % off of regular price on your new Canon with this cupon”

20 % – Educative content, you need to create educative content about your product offers or promotions.

“Visit my website today to learn how to use your cell phone right to get better photos of your product”

10 % – Creative or fun content, this content should have as a goal just to be entretainment.

“Visit my Pinterest to see creative photographs of our clients”


Today’s most important about Social Media content is images.

Text: should be short and right on the point. 80 to 250 letters.

Image: the best image you can get.

Color: it’s better to use brillant colors: yellow, orange and read, these colors make contrast with blue and white from Facebook platform.

Should be on PNG. format

Size: 400 x 400 pixels or 400 x 500 pixels, with this size your post will look better in the newsfeed, but when you want to stand out the size should be 400 x 840 pixels.

Your post always should have a CTA (call to action) on the top and a short phrase on the body of the photo.

Use list: list always get our attention.

“Ten things to know before you get a new camera”

Keep it simple.

Always have a CTA. Use hashtags simple.

“Don’t miss the 10 % off, get the best camera to take your product photos. #lovemycanon”


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, give yourself time to find the best strategy to share information about your website or business on SM

Now you know, it’s time to get your notebook and take all those notes that come up to you as brainstorm and get ideas for your business social media content, don’t be afraid to work on it, you can keep track of the results, and every month you can work again to rework on it, if it’s working ok keep at it, and if you don’t get the results you would like to get, well it’s time to think on your client, get on his/her shoes and think about what is their problem you can help them to solve out with your product or service and keep promoting your business.

I will be glad to hear from you, do you have a favorite Social Media platform where you share your business content?

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