How To Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online, the ultimate guide 2020

Welcome to A Day With Coffee!

If you’re here it is because you have decided to start your own path to build a website that will make money online and you can have the lifestyle you always wish to have.

My name is Alejandra and I’m working from home now and I’ve found the program that has helped me to build up my own website the right way to make my dreams come true, have more free time for myself and my family and travel a few weeks abroad every year.

A little about me.

I started my journey just about the same as everybody else, I grew up in a family to whom going to school is important, so I spent the first years of my life attending different schools: elementary, high school, college and university. ale balanzario at a day with coffee

From there I just had a couple of jobs and then I started my own business related to my passion, but a couple of years later I had to close my business to become a full time mother of 3 sons, time flies so fast and my children grew up fine, so I decided to start working half time, then at the same time I became a single mother, before I noticed my children had become young adults and they are on their own now.

As it was time for me to look for a new job, I realized times had changed and today there are more different opportunities for a job, internet is here, and with it a new opportunity to start an online business from home.

I tried in the past a few different online courses learning how to “monetize my blog” and how to make a full income from it.

I did a few courses online, and I tried a few different things but I always got to the point I needed learning more so I had to pay more for a new course, my “online business” got to the point that I had to keep paying more and more learning what to do next 🙁

It didn’t matter how hard I tried to work on my website, it looked I was always getting stuck at some point, it was so frustrating to me!

It was on 2014 when my husband told me about Wealthy Affiliate, and the benefits to sign up to it and learn the ropes to build a website to start my own online business.

As I was a little skeptical about trying a new online course that promised to teach me everything I need to build my own website, it looked as if I had to go back to the beginning and do it all again!

So I decided to sign up to it and give it a try!

For my surprise I found a great community (over 1 M of active members) where everyone is focused on building their own website but willing to help others (win-win) this means I signed up to a community where I could learn everything I needed learning to start my own online business, with no schemes, no recruiting, no up sells, just straightforward training & mentor ship that delivers. I got started and never looked back.

Since the day I signed up to this FREE program I’ve been working to build my own website and it is getting better every day, I can create the content for my audience that gets more traffic and sales every day.

Why I create this Guide.

On August 2014 I decided to sign up to the best online community learning everything about online business (affiliate business), since that day I’ve learned how to build my own website that can make money for me month after month!

Since the first day I got access to the best step by step training that helped me to work everyday on my website, as a newbie I didn’t know many things about what is needed to build a website that can make a full income within time.

As I belong to this community, I can be in touch via Private Message with some experts who have been working to build their website and they all are making full income from their websites from 3, 4, 5 and even 6 figures!

Being a part of this community allows me to build up my own network to help me to get the knowledge I need to keep working on my website and to improve my skills of research and as a writer.

If you’re dreaming of become an online entrepreneur, but you’re tired of looking for a way to build your own website and stop being scammed, and learn the real path that will help you to build your website, and online business to start making money online, you also like me can learn the steps you need to make to build a passive online business for the years to come.

Let’s take a look on how this training works.

Before starting an online business, you need to take a moment to understand that building an online business that will make money for you will take some time and real work.

Some people will tell you that you can build an online business following some steps and you can start making money from your home or from anywhere the day after… I need to tell you that you might have seen this kind of ads everywhere on the internet just like me.

They can promise you everything just to get your money, a few days later you might face the sad reality that this won’t happen.

Let me tell you, in order to build a solid website to start making money, you will need learning how to do it, follow the training and work hard almost every day before you see some dollars rolling into your bank account.

I won’t lie to you, telling you that you need to follow my step by step and create a magic website and make money next week, you will need to work hard to build your own online business,

I also need to tell you, that this dream is possible and many people are following this training and they are starting to make money online from their websites, you can be the next one to share a success story just like them.

The first dollar you can make with your own website is a big success that will happen when you follow the training, soon you will be sharing the moment when you make the first 10 dollars and the first 100 dollars, and before you notice you’ll be sharing that moment when you can make the first 1000 dollars!

Now, if you have understood that to build up an online business you need to work hard to reach the point where you will achieve your goals, you might want to give it a try and start this FREE training.

Let’s talk about the best process to make money online.

There are different ways to build up an online business on the internet today.

Some of them as creating an online business will require from you to create a group of products and services and promote them on the internet to make some sales, this type of online business will require lots of work, time and money.

You can work on it and have a successful business.

But I have found an easier way to start your own online business and once you learn how to set up everything it can be operated almost as a passive business.

You will work hard at the beginning and as you continue to create content for your website, it will require less work from you.

This type of online business is called Affiliate Marketing.

Let me explain what Affiliate Marketing is.

To be successful on Affiliate Marketing you will need to build up a simple website where you talk about what you love, you need to pick a specific topic to talk about.

Let’s think for a moment you’re a pet lover, and you have a cat maybe two of them living with you. make money online guide

Like you, there are many people who share the same love for cats, and they face many good moments living with their cats, but some cat owners will face some problems with them like:

  • Welcome a new kitty at home
  • How to welcome a stray cat at home
  • How to train your cat to use the toilet
  • What is the best food to keep your cat fit.

The list of topics about cats can go on and on, but let’s think about how you have learned a few things you can share with other cat owners that has worked for you and your cats. You’ve become an authority on topics about cats, your friends and family even call you to ask you about what to do to help them to solve a few problems.

You even have thought about starting to write some articles on a blog to share your experience as a cat owner.

Well, you have already the topic to start writing content for your website.

As you write content to share on your website, you will write about some products to help other cat owners to solve a specific problem.

  • Best cat beds every cat would love!
  • Best cat food for old cats.
  • How to train your cat to use the toilet.
  • How to feed newborn kitties.
  • Best toys for young cats.

As you write a new article to share on your website, you will talk about some products to buy to help cat owners to solve a problem or to improve their cats life, when you talk about these products, you will link these products, so your readers can buy these products on the internet.

As people look for some information on Google, they will type to find any kind of information they are interested about, your website topic (niche) and Google will show them a list of website where they can find the right information.

With this FREE training, you will learn how to rank your website in the first places when people do a Google search so you can get as many readers to your website.

As people find your website and read your content, they will know you as an authority on your topic and they will come to your website to look for more information.

As you keep writing content for your website to help your readers to solve more problems on your topic (niche) you will get more sales from the products you recommend and you’ll get a % from each sale.

The + people visit your website, the + sales you can make from products you recommend and the + money you can make from affiliate links you share on your website.

This is a proven system, that is working great for many online entrepreneurs and you can build up a website on any topic you want to and start making money from with your website!

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products.

It’s important to say that you won’t be selling anything on your website and you won’t be talking directly to the people trying to sell anything to make money online.

This is a big plus on Affiliate Marketing, you only need to create content for your website, talking about what you love to do, your topic, and with it you will be talking about the products you love to use at home with the best results for you and how they can help you to improve your lifestyle.

All you need learning is how to write the content that can be easily found on Google and how to add affiliate links on your content.

Why Affiliate Marketing works so well for many online entrepreneur!

Every day, more and more people are buying everything they need online, yes over 3.75 Billion people are searching for something to buy online.

These people can go online at any hour and at any time, this means your website will be open 24/7 for business, this is how you can start making money while you sleep or while you’re on vacations!!

When you learn how to write a good article for your website, you just don’t help a friend, you can help many people who are currently searching to find good information on your topic (niche).

The more people you can help with your content on your website, the more people you’ll be helping!!

As you write more content for your website, you’ll be helping more and more people!

Now… you can see the potential of learning how to write the best content for your website!!!

Wow!! I see the potential, but I don’t know anything about how to build a website!!

More and more people are starting their brand new website, and they don’t know anything about coding or HTML!

I was just like you four years ago, I didn’t even know what a “niche” was, and here I am, I’m an online entrepreneur and I’ve learned how to build my own websites with affiliate marketing.

So don’t worry, you can also like me learn how to build your own website and learn how to do affiliate marketing work, in a few months you’ll have your own websites with content written to help your audience and help them to solve a few problems on your topic (niche).

The training is easy to follow, and no need to know anything about coding, you will be surprised that you’ll be building up your brand new website from Day 1 !

Let’s recap how you can also work on this!

Step 1 – Choose and interest or topic to talk about on your website.

Step 2 – Build your website.

With this FREE training you’ll learn everything you need to know to build your own website, to share the best content on your website thinking on how to help as many people to solve the problems they have on your niche.

Step 3 – Get traffic to your website.

You will learn how to attract visitors and readers to your website, you won’t need to advertise your website if you don’t want to as you will learn how to get lots of visitors for FREE, no need to pay to get traffic on your website.

Step 4 – Start Making Money From Your Website.

As you write content for your website, you’ll learn how to recommend products to your readers with links to Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Target, and many others.

As you bring clients to these companies, they will give you a % of each sale you help them to make.

When you write articles to help people to live better while you recommend some products that will help them to solve some problems, they will start clicking on your links and buy some products from your website.

When people buy products from your website, you start making money!!

Are you ready to start building your own website?

If you still have any doubt about building a website on your own, don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this new adventure!

As you sign up to this FREE training, you will be surrounded by the best community that is already ready to help you!!

You will get all the help you need anytime, this community is open 24/7, as soon as you type any question you’ll get the best help, to help you to solve your problem.

You will get also the best training open 24/7, and you can watch it as many times as you want to, you’ll be building your own website at the same time.

When you finish the FREE training you’ll have in your hands your new brand website, all you need to do is to continue creating content to share it with your audience.

ultimate make money online guide

What is this training that has helped me to change my life from a regular 9 to 5 jobs to work from anywhere!

Four years ago I signed up to a FREE training learning how to build up a website to start making money online, working from home it was my dream, after a few tries with some online course, I finally got to the place where it was right for me, no more scams and a place where I could learn everything I needed to build a strong website and build my own online business.

As soon as I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate I started the FREE training, I learned everything I needed to start my FREE website and write content for my audience, I learned how to find the right keywords for my content to get my content highly ranked on search engines, and finally I started to make money online!

With Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to write content for your website to help people to solve their problems on your niche, you won’t learn how to write content just to make money from people, this is the big difference from this training to others, you really care about people!

You will learn also how to create your own website following the step by step business model that has helped many people to become successful online entrepreneurs!

At Wealthy Affiliate not only will you get the best training to help you to build your own website, this platform is ready to help you with more resources, everything is ready to help you out with your new online business.

This platform has everything you need to build your own online business ready for you!!

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and start your FREE Training today!

Sign up today to Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s talk about the Bonus Wealthy Affiliate has ready for you!!

Wealthy Affiliate is ready to give you the best training online to help you to build your own affiliate marketing website.

As they specialize on education on Affiliate Marketing, you will learn everything you need to understand how to build your website, and create the content to rank high on search engines to get lots of traffic to your website.

But Wealthy Affiliate is also the best platform you can find on the internet with a wide list of services ready for you and your website.

Some features you will get when you sign up are:

wealthy affiliate features

Step by step easy to follow lessons.

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you can start the Online Entrepreneur Certification, all you need to do is to go to “Training” and a new window will open for you, go to Online Entrepreneur Certification.

make money online guide

This course has 5 levels and each level has 10 lessons.

make money online guide

In Getting Started Level 1, Kyle will welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate and will walk you through the first 10 lessons from your FREE course.

make money online guide

These are the first 10 lessons of the course that you will get FREE with your free account:

make money online guide

On each lesson you get a video to watch where Kyle will talk about the steps you need to do to build your own website, along the lessons you will get a list of task to work on.

You will get on each lesson a check list of the steps you need to work on each lesson, this list will help you to keep organized and work on building your own website at the same time.

While working on building your first website, you might come to some questions about the steps you need to do, don’t forget you can ask as many questions as you won’t on the LIVE CHAT, it works 24/7, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, Wealthy Affiliates more experienced members will help you to solve any problem related to your new website right away!

On each lesson at the bottom there’s a discussion area where you can ask any question or read the comments and learn more about that lesson as more members have already been there and they have gotten help from other members.

make money online guide

Website Builder.

Wealthy Affiliate has everything ready to help you to build with no problem at all your brand new website, all you need to do is to click on Websites ====> register a domain ====> On a FREE domain

make money online guide

The steps you need to follow to register a domain are easy to follow:

  1. Select on a FREE domain.
  2. Choose a domain name for your website.
  3. Choose a website title.
  4. Choose a website theme.
  5. Click the “Click here to create this site” button.

In less than 30 seconds you can create your brand new website, now you can follow the training learning how to create content for your new website.

Secure Web Hosting

You don’t need to look for a hosting platform for your new website, Wealthy Affiliate platform is ready to host your new website!.

This platform is built with the latest web hosting technologies and is very secure. You can focus on creating content for your website.

You can trust that your sites will be automatically backed up, highly secured, and will have the best site speeds.

Custom domains are always an extra cost anywhere you go but you can buy yours somewhere else as well and still host it on Wealthy Affiliate’s powerful hosting platform.

Transferring your free website to your own domain is very simple on Wealthy Affiliate and it’s done in a matter of a few clicks

At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn everything you need to for your online business.

There are many ways learning at Wealthy Affiliate, the main training is already ready for you on the platform, but everyday members of this great community share their own training sharing the secrets and steps they have followed to help them to build their own online business.

Every week when you sign up for Premium membership you can attend to Weekly webinars when Jay Neil shares important steps to follow to help us to grow our online business.

There are over 200 webinars waiting for your to watch. Jay shares everything you wanted to know and learn on these webinars, you can watch them as many times as you want to as all training at Wealthy Affiliate is open for you 24/7.

As online business involve, so does Wealthy Affiliate and everyone in the community can get the latest of online business and Affiliate Marketing every week.

You won’t be on your own while you learn how to build your first website.

As you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you will be part of the great community with in it, you can get in touch with members who already have a success story and they have learned how to build a website that makes money online for them.

You can get in touch with them via the LIVE Chat or via a Private Message, they will reply to you and they will share some steps you need to work on to start making money online.

But the most important is to follow the training, everything is already there to help you to build your own website.

Are you ready to sign up for your FREE ACCOUNT?

It won’t take you more than 30 seconds to create your free account and start learning everything you need to build your first website.

When you’re ready to follow the training learning more and keep working on your website, you can sign up to PREMIUM membership and get the 100% and even more from Wealthy Affiliate.

You can read about Premium membership here.

If you still want some more reasons to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you can read some success stories from Premium members who day by day share their success moment with the community.


How To Make Money OnlineShe has been working hard and she is building her website to work from anywhere, she is so nice to share the steps she follow to help everyone in the community to achieve our dreams!



He is young, but you’ll get surprised by how well he’s doing, with a strong and well-built website he is showing everyone Wealthy Affiliate training works, now he is an ambassador and he’s helping everyone else to make our dreams come true.


Eric Cantu

How To Make Money OnlineHe loves to travel, and thanks for Wealthy Affiliate and his good work, he has build his own website that allows him to travel and keep on his business.

You can find him anytime on Live Chat willing to help you to build your own website.


The list of successful members at Wealthy Affiliate could go on and on, every day you can read new stories learning from them on how they have followed this training and now they own their own websites to make a full income from home or from anywhere.


Some more Frequent Question Asked.

Is it really FREE to join Wealthy Affiliate?

– Yes, it is, when you sign up to create your FREE account, all you need to do is to add your name and an e-mail to create your free account, and you can add a photo of yourself and some description to your profile.

Kyle will send you a Hello message to welcome you (I will do same to welcome you too) and you can start the FREE training

How long can I stay at Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member?

– You can stay at Wealthy Affiliate as a free member as long as you want to, you can create up to two FREE websites with Siterubix.

Do I get all the features at Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member?

– No, to get all the features at Wealthy Affiliate you need to sign up as a Premium Member, you can read more about Premium membership here.

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