Starting A New Blog

Starting A New Blog where you can share your knowledge on a niche to help others to solve a particular problem or to improve their lives.

If you’re looking to know more about what are the first steps to work on to start your own niche site to create your own online business, today I will share what steps I would work on if I had to create a new niche site today.

From the idea to start blogging to hope to get known by many and one day to become a successful blogger who makes millions from a blog, today you can create a niche site to work step by step to create a profitable online business.

Don’t leave anything to your luck, make it happen!

Blogging is no longer a matter of getting lucky, you need to learn what steps to work on to create a profitable niche site.

If you’re new to blogging, or if you have sometime working on your blog with poor results, you might want to learn what steps to work on to build up your own profitable niche site!

Starting A New Blog

Starting A New Blog

1 -Invest Time To Get More Information On Your Niche

Starting A New Blog

Is their enough people interested on this niche?

Is their already people blogging on this niche?

Is their products or items on this niche that help people to get a better life?

Is There YouTube channels making videos on this niche already?

When you write down on a paper all these questions and write down their answers, you will get enough information about your niche site idea, whether is good or not to work on it.

Taking the time to do some research will help you to know in advance if you have more chances to create and work on a site that with your hard work and time will become the next success story on the internet.

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2 – Make a List Of 30 Blog Post Ideas

Starting A New Blog

You might know a lot about your niche already, and you might know about some problems other people have on your niche that they will love to get some help to do better on it.

Writhe down a list of 30 Blog Post Ideas, this will help you to create the content your niche site will need to get found by your audience, remember is all about them, and how you can help them.

3 – Create A Product You Can Sell On Your Niche Site

Starting A New Blog

You might have the question if you can create a product to sell on your niche site from day one, well I must say your site will be new and maybe just a few people will find it, so maybe you can’t start selling a product on your site from day one, but you might need to get the idea about what product will be the right one to sell on your site later.

It might take from six months to one year for your niche site to mature and to get some decent number of visits, this time will help you to know more about your audience and to learn more about what product you can develop to sell on your site to help your audience to solve a particular problem.

Start with a small product, something that you can start selling from $7.00, it will help you to know how well or not your audience responds to it, then you can create a second product for a higher price, and before you notice you will be working to grow your site at the same time as you grow your own line of products.

Some product ideas to sell from your site:

  • Special products
  • E-books, e-patterns
  • E-courses

From the beginning you will need to work on brainstorming and take notes of different ideas, keep working on it, and take time to work on your first product.

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4 – Get Your Niche Site Domain Name

Starting A New Blog

You might have a good idea of your niche site, what it will be, and how you will be helping your audience on your niche, then its time to think about your Niche Site Name and purchase the domain, then you need to create a Social Media account for your online business, don’t leave anything out, as these are the foundations for your online business.

Your Niche Site domain needs to be something that can be easily found on the internet and help your audience to find you, it will be easier for you to build up your own online business if the domain is about something on your niche.

5 – Take Your Time To Set Up Your Niche Site

Blogging for business is something different from being a blogger and hope to get successful and start making money from your blog.

When you create a niche site is because you are already interested to create and build up your own online business, then you need to learn how to do it.

Taking time to set up your Niche Site will help you to create the foundations of your website the right way.

Hope Page

You will need to create your Home Page and where you share the why of your niche site and how you can help your audience.

About Me Page

Who you are and how you will be helping your audience.

Google and other search engines are more interested now about authority sites, its more important a doctor talking about health issues than someone who is talking about health issues.

A chef will do better with a cooking niche site than someone who is just start learning about cooking. And a mechanic can give you better tips and advice about how to keep your car in good shape all the time.

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Contact Page

Your audience might want to contact you and ask you some questions related to your niche, make it simple for them, create a contact page where your followers can send a direct message to you.

Privacy Policy Page

It’s important to write the Privacy Policy Page and when you work with Wealthy Affiliate, it makes it even easier for you.


No more than 10 and 6 will be perfect.

Think about categories as the chapters in a cooking book: entrances, soups, salads, main dishes, deserts. Well your niche site will need to have its own categories so your audience can find what they are looking for easier.

6 – Create First Content For Your Niche Site

Many bloggers will tell you that you need to create 30 post before you share your site to the world, well that is a lot of work when you’re new to blogging.

Let’s make things easier for you and think about creating from 3 to 10 new posts for your niche site, they don’t need to be perfect, they need to be their.

Think and make a list about 10 ideas to help your audience to solve a particular problem or to live a better life in your niche, write down those ideas and create a post for each one of them.

Don’t look to be perfect, its always better to get it done!

If you take a look to the first post on this blog, I might get shy about them, same will happen to you, in a year you will learn a lot about how to write the perfect blog post and you will feel proud of yourself.

Your niche site will grow at the same time as you get better writing new content for it, so don’t be hard on yourself and start working on your niche site.

Don’t forget those big niche sites out their, they all started small and their owners started as beginners, you too will learn as you work on it!

Starting A New Blog

Starting A New Blog – Closing Thoughts

Many around the world are working on their own blog to create an online business, many will have great results from it, but many will fail, if you want to be part of the first group, you need to learn how to create your own profitable niche site.

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and learn the basics to create and set up your own niche site, be part of this amazing community of online entrepreneurs where success happens every single day!

Create your own FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate and create your own free website and learn the basics of building up a niche site, I’ll be their to welcoming you to this amazing community and I’ll be your personal coach.

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