House Cleaning Niche Site Idea

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea, your friends always ask you for tips to keep their home as clean and tidy as yours, you can share your tips and make some money with your own website!

House Cleaning Niche Site IdeaYou have learn about how to keep a house pretty and tidy all the time and you might be wondering if you can start making some money by sharing some tips to help others to keep their homes clean and tidy.

Writing your best tips and sharing them to anyone who is currently looking to know some tips to clean their homes in less time and with the best products and tools could be the business opportunity you’re looking for!

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea

Why To Create A House Cleaning Niche Site?

As people around the world get busier every day with running a house (alone or with your family) at the same time as they have a job or their own business, keeping the house clean and pretty is a must for many.

Thinking about how to keep the house on its best to be nice and cozy whether you work from home or if you have to go to your job everyday!

If you are one of those rare gems who knows how to clean your house in the minimum time and work, you might get the request from your friends and coworkers to share some tips about how you can manage to do it.

When you’re already sharing your best tips to help others to achieve their goal of keeping their house clean and tidy for free, and you get back a thank you note or a smile from them, you might be wondering if you need to open your own business to train others to achieve their goals on keeping their home nice and clean all the time.

One way you can keep doing the same thing you love is to create your own website where you can share your best tips and hacks to anyone who is currently looking for some help on this niche!

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea

Where To Start Writing A House Cleaning Niche Site?

If you’re new to writing a website with a blog to share your best tips and secrets with your audience to start making money from it, I will recommend you to sign up for FREE to Wealthy Affiliate (no card needed)

You will get the 7 days free training and one free website, you will learn how to create your first website and how to set it up and how to find the best keywords to write your first blog posts.

You won’t be alone on this new journey, you will get the help from Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate co-owner) who is going to give you his best tips to start your own niche site to grow your own online business, and I’ll be there also to give you any help you need as you start creating your first website.

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea

What Blog Posts To Write For A House Cleaning Niche Site

As you are a pro when talking about cleaning chores or routines, you might have a good idea where to start, you might also have a good list of questions you get from your friends and coworkers, this will give you a great point to start.

Your goal as a website writer on this niche is to find what people need to know about keeping their home clean in less time and with the minimum work, give them the solution to their problems.

You will start writing your first blog post for your website and it might look small goal achieved, but don’t worry, every big website started with their first blog post, just keep writing new posts for your website helping your readers to find the best solution to their problems.

What Blog Posts To Write For Your House Cleaning Niche Site

As you are here to learn how to monetize your niche site, you will need to work with a goal: writing the best website on your niche to get as much traffic as you can to start making money from it and work from home!

Your new website will need at least 30 post as a starting point, must websites will get more traffic when they get over 100 or 200 posts! But you need to keep in your mind, that you’re here to create and build up an online business, so you will need to work hard, this is not a scam on how to make money fast. If you’re looking for a way to make money fast on the internet, then this is not for you.

As a good starting point you will need to write:

  • Money blog post – House cleaning products and tools reviews
  • How to posts – Most of the people know they need to clean the bathroom, but just a few know how to do it right in just a few minutes, same will go for the bedroom, living room and the kitchen.
  • Best of blog posts – Write a post about the best products to clean a bathroom, best vacuum, best window cleaning products or tools, etc.

House Cleaning Keyword List For Your Niche Site

A keyword is the word your readers are typing right now on Google and other search engines like Bing, YouTube or Pinterest to find a solution to a problem.

How to clean a house?

You will need to know more about who is your target client and what are the problems they are facing right now on this niche, yes I can see you thinking about your friend asking you: what product you use to keep the kitchen floor always so clean?

Here you have a keyword list where you can start writing your first blog post for your website.

  • Household cleaning solutions
  • House cleaning costs
  • House cleaning products
  • Green house cleaning
  • House cleaning tips
  • How to keep your house clean
  • How to keep your house organized
  • Best house cleaning routine
  • Best house cleaning tips
  • Best house cleaning products
  • ( # ) Expert cleaning Tips
  • House cleaning checklist

How To Monetize A House Cleaning Niche Site

I want to think that you are thinking about creating your niche site and you might want to know how to start making money from it, well lets take a look to a few different ways you can start making money from your website on this niche.

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea
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But first let me tell you, a new website won’t start making some money the next day after you publish your first blog post, first you will need to write at least those 30 new posts on your blog as I told you above, then you will need to work to get more traffic to your website, then you will see your niche site growing well and then you can start thinking about what way will be the best for your website.

So let’s take a look to some different ways to monetize a website.

Adding ads to your website

When your website gets a good number of blog post, and you see your traffic growing good, then you can add some ads on it and see your first money coming from your website.

This could be the easiest way to start making money with a brand new website, but it might take you a few weeks or months to reach the traffic goal some ads companies will ask your website to have before you get accepted.

Info – Products

This might be a good way to start making money with your website from week # 1, create your own info products and sell them on your website.

  • House cleaning checklist
  • House cleaning routine

I’m sure you’ll have more ideas than me on this point. As you create your first info-product you can find a platform where your reader can purchase it and you will get paid by the platform.

Just keep in mind, the platform will get some % of each sale you make, but this is a good starting point. Make your info-products purchasable with a low price tag ($7 US) is a good example where you can sell your own info-products.

YouTube Channel

You might know well some people are creating their own YouTube channels to make some money from them, you always can create your own YouTube channel and share your best tips and routines to keep a house clean.

As your channel grows, it soon will get the minimum of 1000 followers and 4000 view hours, before you monetize it, but after you achieved that goal, the sky is the limit!

Affiliate Marketing For A House Cleaning Niche Site

I left this way to monetize a niche site as I think this is the best way to start making money with a new website, and you can start working on it from day one!

Affiliate Marketing works on 4 Steps

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea

Your job as affiliate marketing will be to write the best blog posts to help people to solve a particular problem on your niche. You can share on each post a product or a tool that helps to solve a particular problem.

You will be sharing affiliate links to those products and tools, and when your readers make a purchase you will get a % of each purchase without the need for your reader to pay any extra money!

As you keep writing your website, it will get known by more people around the world or on your own country and they will follow you as you share the best tips and secrets on your niche.

Your readers will trust more on you and the products you recommend and you will see your website growing well.

Every month you will get the money your website made on the affiliate programs you joined.

As you keep learning how to write a niche site, you will be creating a website that will get more traffic and it will be working whether you are at home, traveling or taking a day off.

Note: every website will need lots of work, time and money to grow well, my best tip is to start today and you will be happier than doing it later!

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea

House Cleaning Niche Site Idea – Closing Thoughts

I know you’re good at keeping a house clean and tidy and you share your best tips to your friends and coworkers, it’s time to start your own website and make some money from it.

Create your own Wealthy Affiliate free account and create your free website, learn how to write affiliate marketing posts on this amazing platform, you will get the free training and 24/7 support, and I’ll be there to welcome you to this amazing community!

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  1. I have to admit it. I have never though about this niche. Maybe the reason is that I’m a musician. So, it means that I’m a bit messy with all my partition on my piano and my sofa. My girlfriend is used to it since it doesn’t get too far. Lol But it’s true that people are busy today.  They have less and less time to clean their house. I love your article because you give all the basic information a person need to start a business online today, with some ideas to write the first posts. Brilliant.

  2. Great article you have here and thank you for sharing. One of the challenging things of creating an online business is coming up with a niche and I think the house cleaning niche would be a great idea. Considering how difficult it is cleaning up after a busy schedule from work.

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