4 Tips To Write A Viral Blog Post

If you have decided to create your website to start to work from home, or from anywhere, the next step to work on is to get traffic to your website, follow these steps to write a viral blog post.

You might ask what is the importance to write a blog post that can get to be viral? and the answer is simple, a blog post can get many visits, it will help you to get some relevant traffic to your website and to your online business.

A website without traffic will be making poor business or nothing at all, and I’m sure you started your website because you want to build up an online business and start living from it.

You need traffic and if one of your blog post goes viral, your website will get not a hundred, but thousands of visits every day and if you get lucky you might end with a blog post or a few of them that will get you millions of visitors to your website.

That is your job as an internet marketer and as an affiliate marketer, get the most visits daily you can get to your website, then you’ll be making some good business.

Best Tips To Write A Viral Blog Post

C is for: Write a Catchy Title.

Nobody will visit your website is you write just a title for your blog post, if you don’t find the way to write a title that can get the attention of your readers, they will never look at you!

Let’s take a look to these titles:

  • Create your website
  • Make a sandwich
  • Keep your house clean

Boring, and nothing about these titles will make you to keep reading and visit that website.

  • 3 Easy steps to create your website and make money today.
  • Best tip to make a healthy turkey sandwich for dinner.
  • Free Cheat Sheet to keep your house clean every day.

What do you think, are these titles better, do these titles invite you to know more about what you can do to get the benefits they promise to you?

Your titles need to fit one need of your reader, does your title answer some questions or solve a problem for them, can your readers get a benefit that can help them to make their lives better?

Here’s a list of what your blog post title should include:

  • A benefit to your reader.
  • An easier way to do or to get something.
  • You need to include a period.

U is for: Write about something UNIQUE on your niche.

Most bloggers write about this and that, but their post are about the same, be unique with the content you write to share with your readers.

Try to be the first one to blog about something.

One niche that does pretty good when is the time to be unique is art and crafts, try to think about some websites that you visited recently from artist that are doing pretty good.

They work to create pieces of art that are unique, people will love to own a unique piece of art, they know the price they pay for piece of art will increase its value within time.

There are some niches that are easier to find products or services to write about than other niches, here is where your work as a blogger is important, to find unique topics to write about.

You also need to write about things you find works for you and share your experience with your readers.

  • 25 things that had helped me to become a Rank #1 blogger.
  • 35 things I didn’t know as a beginner blogger.
  • 15 Things that had helped me to become a viral blogger.

Take your time to do brainstorming to get a few ideas for your next blog post, Write down all of them, do some research on the internet and read your competitors, get inspired, (never copy), but read blogs similar to yours, and pay attention to what readers on your niche are interested to read about, this way you can write content for your blog that will help your readers to solve a problem or to find the answer they are looking for.

S is for: Write shareable posts

You can write amazing content for your website, but if it doesn’t get out it won’t get the attention that it deserves.

When you plan to write a new blog post, take your time to work on a strategy to help that blog post to reach the goals you set for it.

Every time you work on a new blog post, work on planning a strategy to get traffic to it, it could be YouTube or it could be Pinterest.

Why do I mention these two Social Media platforms? because these two platforms work pretty good to reach your client and let them know you have created some content they might be interested in reading about.

So, how do you need to work on this topic to make your blog post viral?

As soon as you finish writing your new blog post, take the time to create some content to share on these two Social Media platforms, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • You can create a video at least about the same topic of your blog post for YouTube, make it amazing for your readers to stop to watch it.
  • Create not only one video but as many as you need to get people interested to read your blog, add a link to that blog post on YouTube, if you create from 5 to 15 videos for this single blog post, it will work great!
  • The same way you need to work with Pinterest, create from 1 to 5 or even more images or pins to share on Pinterest,
  • Let your reader find you on Pinterest, make pins the most attractive for your readers so that it will be hard not to spot them.

S is for:Spend some time creating every single blog post.

It shows, when you spend your time writing a blog post, your reader will notice it.

You don’t expect a blog post you created in a half an hour will do as well as a blog post that you spend a few hours writing it, and creating the content for it to be shared on the Social Media platforms where your client is, will perform the same.

Quality is a most for any blogger who wants to start making a full income from their blog, you need to spend your time to create the best content for your blog.

Walk the extra mile, do your best, create that amazing content your reader . to read.


So, now you know, anyone can create a blog post that can go viral, all you need is to find the topic your clients and readers are currently looking for, spend your time to create it, make it amazing, make it useful, even if you already have the best keyword for your post, make it great!

Listen to your readers, their’re already their looking for something specific, solve a problem or make their lives better, help them to achieve their goals!

Being successful with your internet business is all about helping others!

It works great for every niche, listen to your client and help them to solve a problem, then you’ll get traffic to your website and you’ll be making a full income from it.

Are you ready to start this new adventure and become an affiliate marketer? If you are… click here and sign up today for a free course to create your first website!

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  1. Hi friend,

    Thanks so much for sharing this valuable content with us. I’m personally looking forward to the day when one of my articles will go Viral.

    I have a few of my blog post ranked on Page one of Google. Especially with my review articles. However, the traffic I receive is relatively small. So I think I need to work hard to implement some of the good points You highlighted in this article.

    I think one of the things I need to work on is writing a very Catchy title that can capture attention and attract more visitors to my blog or website.

    Once again thanks for sharing this with us.


  2. These are great tips to remember! I’ve been writing for some time and I still find myself slacking in one or more of these areas. The one thing I usually get right is that I tend to spend several hours, sometimes over a period of days, writing my posts. What I do need to work on is providing more variety, like videos, pins, etc… That and maybe some more original titles. I’m going to bookmark this post, so I can come back to it for occasional reminders and keep up with anything new. Thanks, again!


  3. Hi Mark,
    Your 4 tips to writing a viral blog post was very interesting and helpful to me. I’m going to put them into practice for my readers to create traffic.
    I have some questions for you.
    Like how did you learn this 4 tips?
    Have you had success with them?
    Wow I knew YouTube created a lot of traffic but I never thought about Pinterest until I read your page.
    When sharing a YouTube video do you do the video with you in it talking about the topic?
    Or do you find a video related to your blog post and use it?
    I noticed you didn’t say anything about sharing your blog post on Facebook is there a reason why?

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