The 14 Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate – Work From Home

Five years ago I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate also known as Wealthy Affiliate University, today I can tell you I’m so happy I did it!

I was a regular blogger with a big desire to turn my passion into my own business and I was working hard to make this dream a reality, I was doing my best then, but when you think you should try to start your own business online you’ll need some help from people who have already done it, by doing this you can work smarter and faster to reach your goals.

That day little I knew about the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate that will open many doors for me and for my online business. This time with a new website and following the steps of the Premium membership I can tell you I can see how I can work everyday to build my own online business and soon I’ll be working from home making a full income for me and for my family.

You might have read a few reviews on Wealthy Affiliate and all of them are true, you can open your own account for free and you can start your own free website with, but as you start working on the free 10 lessons course you will know you can also sign up for a paid Premium membership, by doing this you can start building your own domain website and build a strong online business within affiliate marketing or not, depending what your goals are, but in both cases building a website with WA you’ll be learning how to do it to reach your goals and make a full income for yourself and for your family.


The 14 Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate – Start working from home.

1. Create your 100% free Wealthy Affiliate account.

You can create your Wealthy Affiliate free account anytime and you’ll be starting to learn how to start your own website from lesson 1

Kyle will walk you through the videos sharing his knowledge to build up a solid online business, by the end of this free course you’ll have your own free website and you can keep building it up by adding more content on it.

At this point, you can decide whether to keep your free account or to sign up to a Premium membership, by doing it you will need to pay for the first month $19, and then $49 monthly to keep your Premium membership, but there’s also a yearly option where you’ll get a better price to learn all you need to build up your own website.

2. 24/7 training to learn how to start making money online

Wealthy Affiliate has the best training to help you to build up a solid website to help you to start working from home, it doesn’t matter where you live, when you sign up for Premium membership you can learn anytime anywhere the full training.

14 benefits of wealthy affiliate

3. Learn how to choose the right niche for your online business.

There’s so much to learn about how to build up a website to start making an income, as you learn how to choose the right niche for it, you’ll be taking one step ahead to help you to work for your clients and write the content for them.

Many websites won’t last long just because they were built on the wrong niche, WA training will help you to pick up the right niche according to you and your passion, by doing this it will make things easier for you to create the best content for your readers that will lead to more sales.

14 benefits of wealthy affiliate

4. Build your own free website.

When you sign up for your free membership you’ll get the free 10 lessons to learn how to pick your niche and how to start your very own free website.

By the time you finish this free course you’ll have a website of your own, you will have learned how to buy a domain and how to write some content.

You might have been dreaming of this moment for some time and today you did it, you have a new website, you have done the first steps of a long rewarding journey, and you can keep ongoing with Wealthy Affiliate for free.

benefits of wealthy affiliate

5. Learn how to write valuable content for your website to rank high on Google.

As you learn how to build up your own website, you’ll learn what keywords are and how important they are to help you to rank better on Google, so your readers can find your website and read your content.

6. Upgrade to Premium membership for only $19 (US)

As soon as you upgrade your membership into Premium many opportunities will be open for you.


7. Free keyword research tool.

When you sign up for your Premium membership you will get your own account also, the best keyword tool that will help you to find the right keywords to write valuable content for your readers.

benefits of wealthy affiliate

8. Site content writer.

Content is the king, I’m sure you have read it in many blogs; and it’s true, to build up a website you’ll be working to write more content for it almost every single day, to help you to keep at it WA has provided every member of its community with a site content writer.

As you use it more and more you’ll get used to it, and you’ll learn about the features it has to help you write faster and better.

You just need to write a new post for your blog on it and keep at it, you can save it and return later with more ideas to write about on your post, by the end you can check the grammar and uniqueness, as you type you’ll know at the same time how many words you have added to the new post.

By the time you finish it, you just need to click on the Publish button and pick the website you want to add it to, and your new post will be published on your website.

WA content writer has also the feature to help you to index your new content on Google, so your website waiting time to be index on Google will be shorter and your readers will find your new content faster.

9. Comment Swap platform.

As you write the content into your website, you’ll learn how getting comments from your readers is so important for you, to help you to write more content for your website, and for your website to get more content on each post that will help it to rank better on Google.

Premium members also can get comments on their websites on the comment swap platform. You’ll get more comments for your website, as never before you did from other people that will read your content, and will leave you real comments on it.

10. Buy domain names.

The benefits of building up your own website are many, the first one is as you might know you’re the only owner of it, it’s your own online business and you can work hard on it and grow it as big as you want because you own it.

Wealthy Affiliate has a solid platform that will help you to buy your own domain and create your new website in only 30 seconds.

11. Learn from other and create your own training and tutorials.

As you create your WA account you’ll be part of one of the biggest online communities where every member is working hard and smart to create their own online business.

But as they work on their website each member is also interested to help out any other member, newbies will find this feature helpful.

As you work on building up your website, you’ll get a few doubts about “how should I do this or that”, you can use the live chat anytime to add your question and you’ll get the help of skilled members who will be ready to help you to solve this question or any other question right away.

benefits of wealthy affiliate

As you spend more time you’ll get to know many members of this great community, many of them are already working from home full time and they have built a strong solid online business, and they are willing to help others to follow their steps to do it too, at no extra cost.

Learn more from them, get all the motivation you need to keep going, this is one of the best online entrepreneurs community willing to help each others.

12. Write your own blogs within Wealthy Affiliate

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll see you can write a blog also here, by doing this you can share your knowledge with other members of the community.

You can build up a strong Network, to help you to grow your own online business.

But also, by writing content within Wealthy Affiliate will help you to be known on Google, when you add more content writing a blog here, it will be indexed on Google and people will read your content, and you can get some referrals to Wealthy Affiliate.

As you work to create content for your blog within WA you’ll have more opportunities of people signing up and as they sign up to their own Premium membership you can create another source of income.

benefits of wealthy affiliate

13. Affiliate bootcamp training.

For many people Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make your own website, but you can learn here everything about the affiliate program.

benefits of wealthy affiliate

14. There are no up-sells, cross-promotions, catches or traps.

When I signed up to an online course to learn how to create my own online business, I got a course for a few weeks and for a topic, as soon I finished the course I wanted to learn more about it, but I had to sign up for another online course but I had to pay for it again.

Many people will let you know they can teach you how to build up your website or your online business, and you need to pay to sign up for a course, then they will ask you to pay more if you want to learn more and the list will be endless, by the end you’ll need to pay for this and that.

That won’t happen here on Wealthy Affiliate, when you sign up for your own Premium membership, you need to pay a monthly fee and you can learn all you want to at anytime, no extra payments here.

And the best of it is Kyle, Carson, and Jay are always interested to learn more about online business, affiliate business and affiliate marketing, and they always share their knowledge with the community.

Why Wealthy Affiliate might not be for you.

If you’re thinking about making fast money on the internet, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

If you’re not willing to learn and to work hard, then don’t sign up for it, to build up a solid online business you will need to learn how to do it, and how to work almost every single day (at least 20 hours per week) to start getting good results from it.

It’s not a job of one or two weeks, it’s a lifestyle, you’ll be learning more every single day about it and you’ll be working on it every day. If you’re willing to work hard and smart, then sign up for your free membership today.


You won’t find another great community to learn all you need to build up your own online business and start working from home then Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform and has features every online entrepreneur needs to build up a solid online business.

Give yourself the chance to see this platform from the inside and see how well it works.

I did it five years ago, and it never stops to convince me I did the right choice to work on my own online business.

If you have any question, you can write a comment and I will reply to it.

yellow button to sign up with wealthy affiliate

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4 thoughts on “The 14 Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate – Work From Home”

  1. A very stellar way of explaining the Wealthy Affiliate program in a succinct and simple manner. I find it amazing that people spend years in the making of their websites and stick that long with the program, and it shows with those who write stories about their success or happiness because it was due to being committed and putting in the time to make it happen. Success does not come easy, and while I haven’t spent that much time as you in the making, it makes me happier seeing that it takes more time to put in the work, and when you do it, good things will come.

    • Hi Adam,

      You’re right when you say success doesn’t come easy or in one day, you need to work to build up your website and with the Wealthy Affiliate training and the team and the community, every step will be easier!

  2. You are a proof WealthyAffiliate is not a scam. Scams don’t last that long. I’m really interested in knowing how you have stayed with this platform for good 5 years. You are an inspiration. I really appreciate the benefits you’ve outlined here. The resources available on this platform are really interesting. You are so honest. Many bloggers will not mention that if you want fast money online, stay away from wealthAffiliate. I think your honesty is second to none. I really do appreciate that. The fact is that any program  that promises thousands of dollars on a single day with no investment is just another scam. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Temidayo,

      Thanks so much for your words, once you start to work with Wealthy Affiliate you can test the platform and the training, and you’ll see how well is all set up to help anyone who wants to build a website to work from home.

      It takes time to learn and to start making money from a niche site or from Wealthy Affiliate, but once you learn how it works, everything will be easier, this is how it helps me to stay here and keep working on my website almost everyday!

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