How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour

The first step to create your online business with a blog is to learn How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour, follow these easy steps to create great content for your readers.

There was the time when people started to write a blog, and it was easy to do the job, you could create a blog on Blogger or WordPress and write a blog post and everyone could read it and your blog could get a hundred or thousands of visits with no problem at all, but this happened a few years ago.

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than One Hour

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour

Nowadays, things happen quite different, you need to learn the art of how to write great value content to get readers to find your blog!

Many bloggers and online entrepreneurs are working to create a website with the goal to turn their lives into an online entrepreneurs and make a full income from their online business, if you’re here, then you’re one of them as I am.

The best thing to do to learn the job is to sign up to a school, collage or university where you can learn it, but it will take a few years and you might end with a large debt to pay, and this will not be the best tip to follow.

Luckily for every person who wants to learn how to create a website and live a better life, Wealthy Affiliate is here to help us to continue learning while you keep working on your regular job and you can follow the training and learn the ropes of this new skill without getting in a big debt problem at all.

Why to write a blog post, your audience will love to read

When you created your website with a blog, you might have in you mind to create an online business that within time make a full income for you.

You started it because you have the idea to create a business, today any business needs a blog to be in touch with its clients.

By creating a blog you will let your clients know about you, if you’re a solo entrepreneur this way they will get to know who you are and why you have this business and how you can help them.

Every business is created to help clients to improve their lives, you hire a plumber to fix something in your house, you go to a grocery store to get all the food you don’t grow in your backyard.

The same way, online business are created to help people to live a better life, you might sign up to an online course to learn a new skill to get a better job, if you get a better job, you’ll get a better salary and you can improve your lifestyle.

There’re two types of blogs:

  • You can create a blog to share what you do on the internet, but you might have no intentions to make a business from it.
  • You can create a blog to share what you do on the internet but you want to create a business from it.

Both type of blogs are good, if you want to create a blog, whether or not you want to make money from it, you will need to learn how to write a blog post to make it easy for your audience to find you.

Every day, millions and millions of bloggers and online entrepreneur are creating new content to share on the internet, if you don’t know how to do it, your content might get lost on the internet universe and only a few people will find it to read it.

You might not won’t that happening to you, you want your content to be found and to be read.

Your website needs visitors to read your content.

How long should be a blog post

There was the time on the internet universe when the length of a post didn’t matter at all, but today if you don’t write over 1000 words post, the probabilities of Google liking your content are small.

A good blog post should contain between 1000 to 3000 words.

Do I need to make every blog post good for SEO?

Yes, SEO is important today!

If you want your website content to rank on page 1 and get relevant traffic to it, you should learn about SEO and how to write relevant content with it.

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate 10 lessons FREE course and learn about how to write content good to rank your website on Google.

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How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour

How long will take me to write a blog post?

Once you learn how to do it, it won’t take you to write a good blog post more than one hour.

Even if you keep working on your regular job while your website start to make money for you, you could write one or two blog post for your website every week.

In one year, you could have over 100 post and your website will start to be relevant for your audience and for Google, then it’s when you’ll start to see some good results from your website.

Follow these steps to write a blog post:

The first step you need to work on it’s to find a good niche for your website.

Once you find the niche for your website based on what you know and what you love to do, it will be easier for you to work on creating content for your website.

If you signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, you might know already something about what are keywords and why they are important for your website.

Keywords will help us to write relevant content for our websites and will also help people to find easily what they search for on a specific topic on the internet.

It will be a good idea for you to find a list of at least 10 relevant keywords for your website and make a plan to help you to create content for your website in advance, this way, you can save lots of time as you don’t need to make the search for a keyword every time you want to write a new blog post.

Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword tool to help all the members to find the best keywords for their content,

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour

Try and get the best keywords to write your blog posts.

Once you find the keywork for your blog post, go to WordPress dashboard >> write a new blog post.

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour

Step 2 Write a catchy title.

Write a catchy title for your new blog post, don’t forget to include on it your keywords.

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How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour


Step 3 Write the subtitles for your blog post

As you work to write the subtitles on this step, be sure to add the keyword for your blog post on the first subtitle and the last one. (SEO)

By doing this step, you’ll get a line to work on, the subtitles will help you to get in order your ideas, and you’ll get a pretty good idea on how many words you need to work on for every subtitle.

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than 1 Hour

Step 3 Write the content for your blog post.

Now, it’s the time to write, develop your blog post, you already have the guideline to work on.

You’ll see how easy it is for you to work on every point, and it will get easier for you as you gain practice. Soon it won’t take you more than 45 minutes to create a relevant blog post for your website.


I think I should not need to add more here, you have a pretty good idea on how to write a blog post in less than one hour and get it ready for the SEO and Google will love your content.

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Than One HourSoon you’ll see the good results = traffic to your website.

My advice here, keep at it, keep working to create content relevant for your audience and you’ll get lots of traffic to your website.

Then, you might want to start thinking to how to monetize your blog. But first write at least 30 blog post.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and leave your question on a comment.

I thank you for your time to stop by and read this blog post, as I was creating it, I took the time to take the screenshots to show you how to write a blog post,

  • It took me 45 minutes to write it (images included and SEO)
  • This blog post has a little bit more than 1400 words.

If you want to learn more about the art of blogging and create a website to make money online, sign up today to Wealthy Affiliate for your FREE account.

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