How To Find Your Passion


You’re ready to start a website but it’s hard to find a niche, I have 7 questions today to help you to find your passion.

It’s so true, it’s hard to know about what each one of us is passionate about when life is just go, go, and keep going.

Things are changing today, and the way we think what life should be is changing also.

Paradigms are changing, what used to be normal and everybody used to do, it’s changing now for better.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Your life should be easy, born, grow, go to school and learn all from your parents, grow a little bit more, finish school, if you’re lucky you will go to university, get a job, get married, have children, buy a house, grow old, be happy and that was it.

That was the old paradigm most of us grew in, today things have changed and more and more people are breaking in new ways to make a life, a life that can be happier and with more sense for each one of us.

People are daring to do things in a different way, there’s more information available to everyone who wants to find a way to live a life where he or she can do things they love, make a living and being happier.

Today we live in a time where there’s more options and anyone can make it, you just need to find what you are good at and find the way to make a living doing it.

As simple as it sounds!, well, you might ask me here, well, it’s not as easy as it sounds, how can I find my passion, how can I make a living on it?

So it’s time to get a cup of coffee or tea and your notebook, don’t forget that I have told you before, it’s always a good idea to have a notebook where you will be working with me, to work on your website so you can start making a living on it.

find your passion

Today you will be working on 7 questions to find your passion.

Do I love my life the way it is today?

Or are you doing everything you should be doing as life is as it is supposed to be? take your time to look at what you’re doing today, your school, your work, your life, is everything what you’re doing taking you in the right direction to your lifes dream?

What activity you’re willing to do everyday for free?

For a moment, think you have no more money problems, you can allow yourself to do whatever you would like to do everyday, and you love to do it.

Even if you tell me here, you’ll be parting and traveling and doing nothing at all!

On this answer, think about what you can do to add value and to give to people doing it!

Some people are blogging about how to manage there time doing nothing and they are making a full income from it.

Some other people have found the way to travel all the time for free and teaching their followers how to do it.

Some other people who love partying all the time, have learned the way to make money selling e-courses about how to throw a party, or promote a party.

What is that activity you love to do, that you don’t even have a perception of time.

Time goes so fast when you do this………………… (fill the blank)

Think about those activities you love to work on, you could spend your life doing it, no matter how easy or hard is it to do it. You just love to do it.

What do you love to read about?

You love to read these kind of books ………………………….. (fill the blank)

Or what kind of movies you love to watch ………………………. (fill the blank)

You love to read and every time you go to a book store you go right to that direction, where you can find those kind of books, you have already a good collection of this kind of book at home, and you would love to have the time to stay at home and read more about this topic.

On your free time you don’t think about doing anything else, you just want to keep reading.

You need to work here to find a way on how you could help others by doing what you love to do.

Who are your heroes?

This time I’m not talking about Superman or Batman, this time let’s talk about the people who inspire you to be better in life.

Do you read books about their lives?, do you love to learn more about their lives and what did they do to get to do what they did?

Do you find yourself saying “I would love to be like he/she?” and you need to write down why do you admire that person.

When you work a little bit more on discovering why you admire someone, you might find out more of what you think, by going deeper in his/her life and what they do and why, you might find you would love to work on the same topic.

Many people were inspired by Deepak Chopra or Louise Hay and now they write books and websites about personal growing.

Would you change anything of what you do today, if you could travel in time?

Are you working on a job you have to, because you agreed to a promotion?

Do you have the job you agreed to because you went to school to learn that trade?

If you take some time to think on this question a little bit more, you will find sometimes we used to do things like a job or a life because we said “yes” in a moment, and we might find ourselves chained to this kind of life for the rest of our lives.

Working on a website about your passion might be a way to find a way to live the life you want to, it might not happen the next day, as you will need to work hard on it, but might be a way to start working on a life you always wanted to live.

What are your hobbies?

What are those things you love to do?, what are those things that brings up your creativity?

Many people work on their hobbies on their week-ends and during their vacations time. They find themselves by doing their hobbies they are happy and they would love to be doing this activity full time.

Alfonsina is a gynecologist doctor, who with her husband moved from Argentina to Spain, and she now works full time making quilts, she found the way to share her passion with more Spanish talking quilters and she narrowed her niche to home sewing machine quilting techniques.

Now she is working as a Bernina ambassador and she has her own product (quilting rules) and she promotes her own products around the world, now not only to Spanish talking quilters, but she is promoting her quilting rules in the USA and world wide.

What are you good at?

What do you do better that other people?

To answer to this question, it’s time to stop being humble, you might be “real good” doing something!

What is that what you do, you really find you can do it all the time and you love the results.

Let’s think you’re good at BBQ, every time you ask your friends to come over next week-end for a BBQ, everyone will be there, because they know you’re really good at it, do you know how many people will love to know how to BBQ a perfect BBQ chicken.

You’re good at growing your own garden and everyone ask you for your “best kept secrets”?

If you can’t find what are you good at, it’s time to ask your family and your friends, you might get here real nice surprises about yourself!

What is that thing that keeps you from a good sleep?

What is that thing that keeps you awake during the night before you will be doing it?

Have you heard about some people that get so excited the night before they travel because they are so excited about it?

Do you know someone who can’t sleep because the next day they will be working on a new project?

What is that thing you love to do that keeps you awake the night before because you love to work at it?

Some artist can’t sleep just thinking about the next layer of color on their new work!

A master chocolatier will keep he/her awake the night before thinking on a new kind of chocolate collection!


I hope I give you a way to find more about your passion and how you can work on it to find a way to start a new business as way to make a life on what you love to do.

If you’re a young person who is looking right now for what to do the rest of your life, you will find answering these questions will give you a guide of what you love to do, and there’s many options to find a Carrer to make a living on it.

If you are not too young a person and you have some responsibilities, I will recommend you not to throw everything away right now, but by answering these questions might help you to find what you would love to do, and today with internet, there’s a way to work on what you love in your free time to start building an online business, one day you might say “good bye to your boss” and make a full living from home doing what you love to do.

The top secret here it’s to start working on it.

If you’re already interested to start a website to make a living, I will recommend you to sign up for the free course at Wealthy Affiliate,

Three books to read that would help you to find your passion:

The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion

When Elle Luna originally wrote about this topic on Medium, her words went viral, clearly hitting a nerve with readers. Luna herself used to work in tech—including a stint at Uber—but her true passion lies in creating art. Now, she is a successful artist in San Francisco and has also founded the Bulan Project, an e-commerce community for everyday art.


Miracles Now.

Gabrielle Bernstein, a New York Times bestselling author and popular life coach. trusted expert on finding your purpose. The central point of the book focuses on small shifts that can make a major impact on your life, broken down into short—often one- or two-page—chapters, easily digestible as a daily dose of inspiration and guidance.


52 Cups of Coffee.

When Megan Gebhart graduated college in 2011, she knew she couldn’t resign herself to life at an aimless 9-to-5 job climbing the corporate ladder. So instead, she challenged herself to have a single cup of coffee with a different person every week for a year to see what lessons she could learn about life and careers.








5 thoughts on “How To Find Your Passion”

  1. You’re good. This post of yours made me think really hard, and honestly I have consumed a cup of coffee just to digest what’s in here. Great!

    Honestly, I’d like to get mad at you because, in the 7 questions asked, some are just redundant of the first questions. But anyway, it’s good as it forced me to really read and think.

    There’s one question that I’d like to ask to you:

    Can I consider something a passion if I only love doing it but I’m not good at it? I mean, just trying hard to do something, but keeps on failing.

    Can we consider that as a passion?

    • Hi Gomer,

      Sometimes we need to be redundant on a subject to see one thing from different angles or point of view, sorry to made you get mad at the first questions.

      If you love something and you would love to do it as your way to make a life of it, you can give it a try, many people think they are not good doing something and they are!

      This is why you can ask your family members or friends about what they think you are good at, you might get some real nice surprise with their answers.

      In the other hand, so many times we heard people think they are not good at drawing, but later in time and working on it, they discover they can do it.

      We use to think an artist is born as an artist, but anyone can be an artist, if you work on the topic you love but you think you’re not good enough, there’s always a way to learn a trade or a new profession, and with time and good work you will be better than good at it!

      • Oh, that’s very encouraging. Thank you.

        I have this uncle who, whenever I play piano, is saying to me that I don’t actually have passion in what I do. That I am just trying hard to play, and there’s no talent in me. That I should stop doing it because it sucks.

        Such a negative thinker.

        Your explanation here gave me some hope. I think by practicing more, I will become better at this. Just a little more persistence, I will improve.

        Thank you. Very encouraging.

  2. Thank You

    I enjoyed reading your article on finding your passion, it is true if you are doing something every day you have a passion for you will be better at it and be more successful.

    Great tips on finding your passion, too many of us think about money before if we are going to enjoy what we do for a living?

    There are many ways to use your passion besides a career, everyone needs something which motivates them to get out of bed every day.

    • Thanks Jeffrey for your time reading my article and your comment.

      it’s so true what you say here about people thinking about money when it comes the time to decide what to do in life to make a living.

      We are so lucky today, things are changing, and today a good advice for anyone is to find your passion and work on it to make a living, when you do what you love, money will come!

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