Teach A Language – Niche Ideas

Teach a language – niche ideas.

Knowledge is the new way to build an online business today, if you’re looking to speak two or more language you might have thought about this niche idea.

More and more people are looking for a way to learn a second or a third language as a way to help them to improve their lives.

We all know, many people who can speak more than their mother language will find a job easier and better paid than people who talk just their mother’s tongue.

If you think you might not be the right person to teach a language, you might want to read a couple of books that might help you to find you might be good on this niche.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies

Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language

Young people or millennials know this better than the rest of us, they want to get a high paid job and they know what they need to do to accomplish this goal.

A second and a third language will help them to get that dream and well paid job.

This job might ask them to speak those languages in their daily job routines, and some jobs will demand them to travel and deal with different languages people around the world.

Job opportunities are easier to find when you speak more than one language.

A few years ago, to learn a second language you needed to sign up to a language school and attend to its courses on their school working times.

Today, when people find out they have a problem in front of them, they want to find the solution that same day and not to wait until next school year to learn a new skill to help them to fit that new job they want to get.

Teach a new language today has become popular and easy to do.

The same day you decide you want to learn a new language, it doesn’t matter if it’s Spanish, English, French or any other language you can start your first lesson that same day!

You can start on your own pace and in a few weeks you will find yourself able to keep a basic conversation, and in a few months you will gain medium level and in a year you will be able to keep any conversation in your second or third language.

Think about any language you want to learn and all you need to do is to Google that language and you’ll find a few websites where you can start your first lesson.

Same happens with YouTube, you can start right now to learn that second language if you want to watching a few videos from your home.

Find a job working from home.

Let’s talk about teaching a language as a job opportunity for you.

If you have a job already, but you want to get a second job or you want to make some extra money working from your home in your free time you might want to start giving lessons to foreign students.

You can record your own videos at home teaching people your own language.

You can also give one on one lessons to students interested to learn English as a second language, you can sign up to a different online schools as a native speaking teacher, these schools ask for teachers speaking their native tongue, and they are interested to hire teachers from different languages.

Start your own website and teach your mother language.

There are so many people interested to learn a second language that some people are running their home based business teaching a language, and you could be one of them.

If you’re already a teacher you’re then qualified to work as a teacher, but if you’re not, you might get surprised anyone can teach a language and you will find people interested to learn from you and I will explain you why here:

At language schools students learn the language as it’s teaches in schools, but many times happens when students face the reality to speak with native people speaking that language they just learned, they can’t speak at all or they don’t understand a word of it.

Many times, the language people speak regularly has been changed a little or a lot from the language in books.

People today, want to learn the basic of a language but they also want to learn how people speak in their regular life.

So, if you want to give it a try to teach your language as an online business you can start it, you just need to look deeper to find your micro niche and learn if you can make money from it.

Let’s talk about if you want to teach English, if you just want to teach English you might find there’s already people working on it.

Find your micro niche to teach English.

  • You’re British, you can teach people to speak with British accent and the difference between American accents and yours.
  • You can focus on a daily basis language, the English everyone learned at school is not the same as people talk in the streets, foreign students will love to learn about both.
  • You have a professional career and you know its own language, more and more students around the world sign up to study six months or a year abroad, they will love to get to their new school with a proper knowledge of the language they need to know, just think about doctors, nurses, dentists, cooks.


Learn English with Gill on YouTube with over 242K followers

Let’s talk now about your mother tongue is English and you would love to learn Spanish.

  • You can find on the internet many people teaching Spanish, but there’s so many countries that speak Spanish you might want to learn about the difference between the Spanish in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

And with French happens the same, when you learn French at school, you might learn the French from France, but if you visit Quebec in Canada, you might want to find a teacher or a friend who can teach you some new words or accent you will need as soon as your plane land in Quebec or Montreal.

Free or paid courses on the internet?

You will find both, and you will find excellent courses to start on.

So if you’re thinking about starting your online business teaching your language to foreign students, a good idea for you is to start creating high value content for free on your website.

You will need to work to get a podcast to share with your visitors free lessons, or you can start your own YouTube channel to start sharing free videos.

Earn a pay check from home teaching a language.

You will need to work on your business plan from the beginning, and it might be different from one entrepreneur to another.

Some will work just creating high value content videos and they will make money from people watching their videos, and this could be a good way to get a pay check.

Some teachers will look for a way to work on their website and on their YouTube channel at the same time.

  • You will need to create high value content on your website and on your YouTube channel.
  • You will need to have free content, and you will have some pay content, so students will need sign up for pay courses.

A few examples are of teachers who are working to teach French from their homes, who share free content but they also share pay content, their numbers are impressive.

I share here these French teachers as I’m currently working on my own to learn to speak French, if you don’t speak or understand French, please don’t focus on try to understand it on these examples, I just want to share with you some people who are running a successful online business sharing their knowledge of their mother’s tongue.

Francaise Avec Pierre.

teach a new language

Facebook Fan Page: almost 165.000 followers

YouTube Channel: almost 240.000 followers.

Francaise Avec Pierre.com, Pierre shares on his blog free content, you can find excellent lessons for free where you will learn to speak French as good as you want to.



teach a new language

Francaise Autentique.

Facebook Fan Page: almost 330.000 followers

YouTube channel: almost 252.000 followers

Francaise Autentique.com where he shares free content but he has some great content pay courses. He speaks only in French.



teach a new language

Comme un Francaise.

She is great and she speaks in English. In her videos she will share many ways you can learn from her to speak the right way as a French person.

YouTube channel: almost 89,000 followers.

Facebook Fan Page: almost 28,000 followers

Comme une Francaise.com website, where she shares free content on her blog, but she has her own French school with pay courses where you can sign up to learn to speak French as a French person.


teach a new language

One Thing In a French Day.

You need to visit this site to meet Leticia, a French young mother, who found the way to get a paycheck working from home sharing to anyone who wants to learn French things about her daily life, she shares things she does as a mother of three young girls.

On her website you can listen to her Podcast, so anyone who is interested to get better in French will find two new podcast every week here.

If you’re interested to learn more about French, you can sign up to get in your mail a full lesson for every Podcast, the price is very low, what makes quite interesting to sign up to get it, and she gets visitors on her site from all over the world with great reviews about her job as a French teacher.

On her site you can read she has already 1,390 podcast with almost 6M downloads.


It doesn’t matter what language you speak as your mother tongue, there might be someone waiting to learn from you right now.

I just shared here with you some ideas about this niche, you will need to work a little bit more to have your own business plan and your own strategy, you will need to find your own micro niche for your online business.

Teaching a new language and affiliate marketing program for your business.

I think there are good chances for you here, you can find many good books to share on your site from Amazon so your website visitors can buy from it and you will get your %.

I’m sure you might know one or more online entrepreneurs who are working on the niche to teach a new language, get inspired by them and you can start your own online business from home.

A Bonus,

It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have a good internet conection and you’ll willing to work hard to build up your own line business, on this niche there might be the business opportunity you’re looking for.

Something I like of this niche is as long as you’re good on your mother tongue and you’re good teaching and explain things clearly to students, age is not problem, you can find on this niche very young people teaching their mother tongue and they are so good, and you can find here young adults and seniors teaching on this niche, and all of them are great teachers.

But more important here is to point every language teacher on the internet have found the way to get a good or huge number of followers, why? because there’s a need!

Any time you find a problem to solve or a need… you can work to get the product your client is looking for and it’s willing to pay for it.

If your looking for a different niche idea to start your online business, you can read about knitting business as a niche business idea.

I would love to hear from you, will you start your online business on this niche? leave a comment!

If you want to learn how you can start your own website, you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for a free 100 lesson course.