Cats a $30 Billion Niche Idea

If you love cats and you’re looking to start an online business, your cat might be willing to share with you its best kept secrets.

Cats, a $30 billion niche idea.

Many people love them and some people not so much, but I won’t focus on the negative side of these lovely animals.

Since I was a young girl, I always wanted to have a cat, in a family where before I was born dogs had a privilege place, I introduced the first cat to my family, since then we have had a few of them, and all of them I might say they were great pets and shared with us lots of funny and great moments.

cats a $30 billion niche idea

One or two months ago I noticed the presence of a gray and white cat in my back yard, since that day this cat has chosen to stay there and we (my husband and I) have adopted it, even if this cat prefers to keep its distance but at least it has a place to sleep and two times a day some cat food on its plate.

I have known for a long time cats are great companion pets if you like them, and I know once you get a kitty to live with you, you will spending some money on it, which leads me to think about all the business you can find on this niche.

Why Cats are so popular?

Cats a $30 Billion Niche IdeaI wont say “everyone loves cats”, but I can say if you Google to know what is the most loved pet to have at home, you might get the surprise to know that cats have more fans than dogs in the States and in Europe, in Latin America dogs are the most popular pets to have at home, but by number on this Google search, cats take the lead.

If you take a moment to look for some funny videos on YouTube I’m sure you will find lots of videos where you can see cats doing all kind of funny stuff.

Cat videos can go viral in just a few minutes, you can find also a few already famous cats on YouTube, so their owners might not see any problem to take care of their cats and take their time to be ready to record the next video.

Simon’s Cat cartoon has over 5M followers on his Facebook Fans Page and over 4.5M followers on YouTube, people love to know about living with a cat adventures!

Cats Fan Pages on Social Media

Nobody can’t say cats are beautiful and they come in a wide variety of shape and color, people will not get tired to look at them.

Young, adults, short and long hair, one or mixed color, stray or pure breed… all cats are beautiful, and people know it, cats will help you to get as many followers as you want to on your Social Media, it doesn’t matter if you get your account on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, your account will be followed for many people in a couple of days.

It doesn’t matter if you share your cat’s life just because you want to light up other people’s life or because you already have a money making plan, your bet here might be a success story.

Cats as online business.

If you stop to read this article it is because you might be interested to start your own online business but you haven’t found your niche yet, well today you might take a look to your cat a little bit different.

Yes, that pet that is right now sleeping on your bed or right next to you, might be your best inspiration for your website.

In just a couple of weeks since the gray and white cat is living in our back yard, we already had spend some money on it, food and a dish for it, but I know there might be more bills to come soon.

If you own a cat you might know you need to spend some money on it every year:

  • You might have to spend on various equipment for your cat around $265.00
  • Around $ 60.00 for spraying/neutering
  • From $800 to over $1000 for food, cat litter, worming, flee and ticks treatment, vet’s fees, insurance and extras.

Starting your own Cat’s website.

You can think about starting your own website on this niche will be easy, but you need to take on consideration this niche might be already saturated and you will need to work hard to get your place and rank your website on the first places to get some traffic to your online business.

You will need to take your time to find the right micro niche for your online business.

  • Your cat can provide you with excellent material for funny videos so you will have no problem to share those videos on YouTube and get millions of views in short period of time.
  • Your cat might be the next Social Media start and you will get some traffic to your website.
  • You might know by now how to take care of your cat and your friends, family and other people ask you for some advises to look after their cats, your website could take this thread and you might write about some tips to take care of cats.

Find the right keywords for your site.

If you want to start your Cat’s website to make money from it sharing tips and advice to take care of cats, you might have no problem to find keywords for your site.

  • Cats behavior
  • Welcome home your new kitty
  • Kitty care
  • Train your kitty to use its litter box
  • Cat food
  • Cat care
  • Cat health
  • etc.

You won’t have any problem to find some keywords long tail for your website on this niche:

  • Cats behavior indoors
  • Cats behavior living with children
  • Cat food for kitties
  • Cat food for young cat
  • Cat food for adult cat
  • Cat food for keep a healthy weight
  • How to take your cat to the vet
  • When to take your cat to the vet


Affiliate Marketing for your Cats website.

If you’re looking to work on your website about cats, writing content about how to take care of cats you will have no problems to find cats related products on Amazon.

Amazon has over 165.000 products for this niche, the most popular product people use to buy on Amazon are books.

  • Cats Books
  • Cat care books
  • Cat care supplies
  • Cat beds
  • Cat toys

Some Amazon Best Sellers on this Niche:

Bergan 70128 Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy 

Ethical Pet Wide Durable Heavy Gauge Plastic Colorful Springs Cat Toy, with over 500 customer reviews

PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack Grey, a bed any cat will love to have.

You won’t have any problem to find some great products to get for your cat or to make a review so cat owners will get valuable information about those products.

Cats a $30 Billion Niche IdeaCats a $30 Billion Niche Idea – Closing Thoughts

Whether you want to start your own website sharing your cat’s adventures, your cats beauty or some valuable information about cats, you might find this niche has lots to offer.

People are interested to know and learn more about cats, from what food is best for a particular cat or in general, and to know about when it’s time to take a cat to the vet.

You won’t have problems to find great information to write your articles for your website and drive traffic to it. And if we talk about driving traffic to your website from Social Media, cats are the most popular on it!

If you’re interested on this niche and you think this will be a good way to start making money on the internet, but you don’t know yet much about how to start a website to promote affiliate products, my No. 1 recommendation is to sign up for the 10 free lesson on Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn the ABC of affiliate marketing and you can start your own free website with

start your own website

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6 thoughts on “Cats a $30 Billion Niche Idea”

  1. Brilliant idea! Many people are too specific or they just can’t have an idea. Having a cat page is n amazing idea! If anyone feels passionate about cats, you can create content or blog about cats and make passive income from it!

    My question is that do you believe that a dog niche would be successful too? I hope to see your response, thanks!

    • Hi Marques Pizarro,

      I’m sure a dog niche will do great, there’s many dog’s website already, but there’s also some bloggers who have found the “micro niche” for them and if you have a dog, you can pay attention to it, your dog might have already what you’re looking for, something particular, it might be so cute, it might be a everyday hero, it might be the perfect pet.

      There’s so many “dogs” on the internet that are already a star! making lots of money for their owners, if you have a dog, you might give it a try, you and your dog could be the next internet stars!

  2. Thank you for this delightful and informative article on cats. I’m a big cat lover and I must say my cat rules the household.

    With what seems to be a dog obsessed world out there it’s great to see all the wonderful options available for the cat lover. Cats rule! Dog’s drool!

    When starting an online cat business, is it best to zero in on one particular aspect about cats like cat toys?

  3. I LOVE CATS! and dogs, too. I think both of them are cute and are great companions. I have never really thought of cats as a niche to start an online business.

    I think focusing on identifying problems with cats or simply cat product reviews would be a great idea. Thanks for this informative article! Meow

  4. nice post, and eye-opening ideas. I personally have a cat. He has been with us for almost 2 years now, and you are right, the cat needs a lot of stuff and people pay on average between 1000 – 1500 in USD per year on their cats. I know because I do. I never thought about taking it online, but why not. It could be something to consider in the future. Thanks!

    • Hi Fadi,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to stop to read my article about cats niche and commenting, it’s good to know your opinion about having a cat at home, let me know if you decide to start your own website on cat’s niche, it might help you out to pay your cat’s bills.

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