Tips To Make Your Readers Love Your Blog

If you started your blog with the idea to write it as your new career project, you might be looking for a way to get readers and keep them longer on your blog.

As the time goes by you might be checking every morning on Google analytics and Search console and your blog numbers stay the same or even worst, someday it looks like a desert, your blog has no visitors at all.

How can you build up a business if nobody reads your blog?

As you start writing your blog, you had to follow a few steps to find the right niche for it, once you found it, you got a WordPress theme and you began to write content for your blog, some people say you should be writing every day a blog post, and some people will advice you to do it three times per week.

You followed this instructions and the change you hoped for, isn’t there yet, so what can you do to wirte content to make your readers love your blog and stay longer reading your post and even more, come back everyday to read more about you and your content.

So, what is that, that makes some blogs so successful than the other bloggers and what you should do to reach the same success?

1 Write for your audience

When you start writing a blog you need to find your passion everyone says, but you need to go a little bit futher, if you start writing about things you love to do but nobody is interested on that, you can keep blogging as a personal diary and that is ok, but if you want to blog as a way to build up a business, then you need to be sure that you will get some readers. tips to write for your readers

Before you start writing your blog , you can check if there’s any people interested on the topic you’re passionate about, and if they want to read, know more, and learn more about it.

When you know the results about how many people are interested on your topic, then you have the first step done, no matter if you get 1 million people interested about your passion or only 100 people, you always can start with those 100 people followers and then you can keep growing your audience.

It’s more important to find 10 to 100 people interested on your passion and willing to learn and to buy your product, or service, than 1 million people interested just to click on LIKE and jump to the next blog.

But one important thing here is, every time you write content for you blog, you write it for your audience.

Every time you sit down in front of your laptop to write a new blog post think you’re having a cup of coffee with a friend who is interested to know more about the topic, listen to him/her, answer the questions he or she is asking you, get him or her more interested in the topic.

Make them feel they are at home and you write for them.

2 Write the best catchy headlines for your content.

Every day millions and millions of people are looking to find some information on the internet, as they type a question, Google will show them a few options on page 1, if you have been working on writing great content for your audience you might be already on page 1, 2 or maybe 3; and you have more possibilites that your next follower will read your article.

How your next follower will pick your blog to read among those options Google brought to him or her?

Yes! because you have a “Catchy Headline” on your blog post!

Take some time to thing about how to write a catchy headlinefor every post you write for your blog. When you master the art of writing them, you’ll get more chances and people will find your blog and read your post and they then become one of your followers.

tips to write for your readers

3. Write quality content.

Ok, you have been working hard to know who your client is and how to write catchy headlines for your blog post, and you’re getting more readers for your blog.

But what will happens if you did a good job to get to this point, but you don’t write great value content for your post… yes, your readers will get disappointed and will jump to the next blogger in the next 5 seconds, puff your readers are no longer on your blog and they might not come back ever.

Yes, I know that’s hard to say! but it’s true… you need to write content for your blog that gives great value information to your readers everytime they come to read your blog.

If you think you’re not a good writer, don’t worry; you just need to start writing, the practice makes the master, and there’s so many resources to learn to write great post that your audience will love to read them.

If you want to learn more about the art of writing a blog post that your client will love to read, you can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for your  free 10 lessons course.

4. Keep adding content to your blog

Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither is a great blog.

Building a great blog will take some time, the more you write great content for your audience, then your blog will gain more reputation as a blog that is worth to visit and to read.

Keep adding content to your blog, 3 times per week when you start to build a solid platform, then you can slow down to 2 times per week, learn the art of crafting a great blog, by doing this you’ll get better on writing articles that your audience will love.

Links to your blog will come, people will start writing about you and your options to grow more and faster will come, so keep at it.

Avoid content block. 

Content block can happen to anyone, even to professional bloggers, take a breath of fresh air if this happens to you, count to 10 and go back to your laptop and write the next blog post.

Keep a notebook right next to your laptop, this old fashion tool can become your next best friend for blogging, write down any idea that comes up to you for a new blog post, write a sentence or two about this idea and keep at it, the more ideas you get on the notebook the better.

Anytime you have a problem to write a new blog post, go back to the notebook and read some of the ideas, I’m sure you’ll find the next blog post for your audience.

5. Have a user friendly design

There’s more probabilities that your reader is reading your blog on a cell phone, you need to get for your blog a theme that is designed to any type of advice your reader will use to read your blog.

Get a friendly design theme, and help your readers to follow you.

6. Add some related post to your content

Add on all your post some internal links to older post on your blog, by doing this you’ll help your reader to know more about your niche, your readers wont to know as much as possible from you, help them to find more information on your blog.

Open a new window for your links, when you share a link to an older post on your content be sure to set it up to open in a new window, this way your reader will find the way to go back to read more on the blog post that they wanted to read.

If you don’t do this, when your reader clicks on a link and it opens on the same window, when your reader reads that post, the possibilities that they forgot to go back to the original post are higher and they will jump to the next blog to look for more information and your chance to keep that reader on your blog is gone!

7. Improve your site speed.

8. Share your most popular posts.

Another good way to keep your readers on your blog is by sharing your most popular post in a widget on the sidebar, but you can also list a few posts to read at the beginning or at the bottom of your post.

Give your reader some options to keep reading from your blog, as you keep adding more content on your blog you will get more post to share with your readers.

9. Add blog categories.

Your blog is set up already to add some categories, by doing this you will help your reader to find the information they are looking for.

When a reader is looking for some information on any search engine, the categories you add on your blog will make it easier for them to find your blog and post.

10. Add a subcribers options.

When a first time reader stops to read your blog and finds great information they will love your blog and they’ll want to get  to read every single post you add to your blog, they will become your subcribers.

Be ready for this to happen on your blog, you can set this option to give them the opportunity to become your subcribers.

There’s a few options to set a subcribers option on your blog:



11. Don’t be too salesy

Yes, your readers don’t want to buy from you the first time they visit your blog … unless they found what they have been looking for.

There are more probabilities they wil stop to read your blog for the first time to look for some information, as they read your post they will decide whether they will read more or not on your blog.

You need to build up a trust about you and your blog first, sales will come later.

start your own website

12. Add a CTA

CTA (call to action) will be your most powerful tool on your blog.

Don’t let your reader go from your blog without telling him or her what to do:

  • Write a comment.
  • Write a question.
  • Suscribe to your newletter
  • Follow you on Social Media

The more information you get from your readers you wil know more about them and you wil write content for them, their questions will let you know what their problems are and by knowing this, then you wil know what content to write to answer their questions and how to help them to solve their problems.

The more suscribers you get to your newsletter, you will then know you are on the right path, keep at it, your readers will be happier to read more on your content, as their lives get better with your tips and advice they will come back to you and they will talk about you and your blog, then you will see your blog will get known by everyone out there, time to make some business!



Here you have a few ideas to work on when you write content for your blog and make your readers to love you and your blog.

I’m sure you have been following a blog or a blogger for sometime and you can’t stop to visit there blog to read more, well you can be like him/her, within time you’ll learn how to write a great blog content that your reader will love to read.

Start your blog today and don’t worry it will get better and better as you work on it, remember this:

Every great blog out there, started as a small blog one day!

If you have any question, please leave a comment.

If you want to start your blog today, or if you want to learn how to grow your blog more and start working from home, sign up to Wealthy Affiliate University and learn from Kyle and Carson, they know how to do it!

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