Best questions to know your client 2023

Best questions to know your client in 2023

Why it is important for you to know your client and there needs.

It’s well known that everyday people like you and me are looking for a new way to make a better income and why not to start working from home.

So I can say, there’s hundreds of new business that will be open today, but most of them will face hard times before they get to their first year operating as business and a big per cent of them will close.

The big reason for most of these failures of there business is because there’s a tendency to think that anyone can open a business to make a big amount of money without taking the time to think first about the most important point for any business:

Who will be my client and what are there needs?

Michael Gerber on his book “The E-Myth: why most business don’t work and what to do about it”

The author tells you that most business are started on the basis of the idea on a product, without taking the time to think who is your client and how you can help them to solve out a problem or a need.

According to Michael Gerber most of the new business will be a failure within the next 5 years.

In order to start your own business from home and have more chances to be a success story you need to take your time to think about how your idea of a product or a service and help that person who has a problem today and how you can help them.

To help you to know more about if your product/service idea can help your future client you need to question yourself these questions:

Question #1: On this year, what is your main goal to achieve?

If you’re a coach or you want to help people to live better you need to make a specific question related to your niche.

Let’s think your website is on the health niche, and you can ask your client:

How many pound (kilos) do you want to lose this year?

You will make this question to your client if you’re a health coach and when you know how many pounds your client wants to lose, then you can think about what product/service you can create to help your client to lose those pounds in one year.

The same thing you can work on if your website is about starting to work at home:

How much money do you need to make this year?

Your product or service needs to be made by thinking on the goals that your client needs to achieve, how about a progam to help your client to start working from home and reach there goals in 6 months.

How about a program from where your client can learn to build up there own website to start working from home.

You’re not promising your client will be making 10 K every month, your business promise is to teach your client to build up there own website, to start working from home, and I think there will be more than one person interested to learn how to do it.

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Question #2: What do you want to learn this year?

When you make this specific question to your client, you will get more specific information, to work more to get the product/service your client is currently looking for.

Let’s think about it more:

You’re business or website is about health, and we go back to that person who wants to lose some weight this year, and his or her answer to this question is:

Your client wants to learn how to set up a 6 weeks menu to reach there goals.

You can create a menu for the next 6 weeks under X calories ready for your client.

But you also can create an online course, to learn how to know more about the right food for people interested to learn to create a low calories menu.

The more information you get from your client about what he or she wants to learn to help them to lose weight, you will be in a better position to create a product your client will be willing to buy from you.

Let’s think about your business is to help people to start working from home and they answer to this question.

Your client wants to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Then you can create the product they are looking for right now:

How to build up a website and start working on affiliate marketing.

How to build up your own website on affiliate marketing for busy moms.

How to start your website on affiliate marketing for single parents.

It can be an online course, it can be an e-book, or you can sell memberships to learn how to work with affiliate marketing, and make your income based on an affiliate system like Wealthy Affiliate.

Question # 3: What are you afraid of or what gives you more problems?

What gives you the most problems to stop you to reach your goal to lose weight?

What gives you the most problems to start cooking the meals to help you to lose weight?

What is the biggest problem you have to start making some exercise to help you to lose weight?

The more answers you get from your client, the better for your business it is, as you get more information about why your client can’t reach there goals to lose the weight they want to, you will get more information about there fears and you can create a better product or service to help them to reach their goals.

The same happens to any other type of business.

When I started to build up my own website, little I knew about it, and I was afraid to even click here and there, and it might happen the same to many people.

The first time you heard about URL, HTML, WordPress, build up your own website, hosting, Social Media and affiliate marketing!!

Many people will not start their own website just because they don’t know anything about it and they are afraid to ask, (been there, done that)

Luckily for me, I found very kind persons willing to listen to my most beginners questions (dummy questions) and had the patience to help and teach me to follow a step by step, to start my own website.

If your website is about teaching people how to start working from home, you can ask some questions like this:

– What does stop you to start your own website today?

– What is the biggest problem you had when you wanted to start your own website?

– What would you want to learn to start your website this year?

– What do you need to learn to start your own online business this year?

Your product or service could be:

Start your own website this year for beginners.

Start working from home guide for beginners.

Start your affiliate business for beginners, a six weeks online course.

Question # 4: Tell me what have you tried and it didn’t work?

When someone has tried something and it didn’t work, they might not be willing to try it again.

Some people do not want to lose some weight, because they have tried and it didn’t work, the more information you can get from this question the better you will be prepared to create a product/service to help your client.

– A diet might not work because the client wasn’t motivated enough to keep at it.

– A client didn’t reach there goal because the diet was not for that person, some diets will work for some people and some diets will work for others, the more information you know about your client, then you can work better to set a plan to help him or her to reach there goals.

– Some tools work perfectly for some people but other tools might work better for others.

– The more information you get from your client, you will know what tools will work better for each one and you will be a better coach for your clients.

A product by itself wont work good just by thinking “I’m going to create a diet to lose some weight”

You need to know many things from your client first, as you work with your website from home, you might get clients from different parts of the world.

The more information you get from your clients you will know more about their eating habits, their exercise habits, the food they can get, and cultural and more information, then you can create a better product to sell from your website, or write the content to keep your readers coming back to read your content.

The same will happen with other kinds of websites.

You can ask your client, if your online business is about helping people to start working from home:

– What platform they used before to create their websites?

– What problems they face that stop them to reach their goals?

– What kind of product/service they have tried to sell from their website that didn’t work?

– How much do they know about promoting a website on the internet to get traffic?

– What tools they tried and it didn’t work for their business?

Now it’s your turn to go back to your website and think again on your client, but this time you can think what questions will you ask your clients.

The questions you need to work on to ask your clients, will need to be related to your niche. Don’t be afraid to ask them, write a post on your website to ask them.

If you already have a “List”, write a newsletter to ask them those 4 questions,

As you get comments on your website, you can write down the answers on a notebook or create a file on Excel so you can read the answers and work to create a product that you will know your client is looking for right now.


Don’t forget that the success of any online and offline business is to help as many people to solve their problems.

The more people you help to solve a problem today, this month, or this year, they will be happy clients and they will be talking about you and your product/service and how you have helped them to reach their goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions, you will get some answers that you might be surprised you didn’t think about that problem on your niche.

To build up a successful business is not a work of one day or two, you’ll be working on it day after day, and once you reach the success you wanted to, you’ll need to keep at it.

But one thing that will help you to reach the goal you set for yourself and your business is how much you know about your client, and how much you know about how your product can help your client to solve a problem.

Some problems can be small and some can be big, but each problem can be solved.

Do you have any particular problem about building your own online business?

Do you have any problem with an online tool or resource you tried, and it didn’t work for your business, or you didn’t know how to set it up?

Four years ago, I used to have many questions and problems about how to start my own website, today I can work from home and I’m building up my own online business, if I have any problem related ot it, I know I can get help anytime as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

If you want to learn more about it and start your own website, you can sign up today here.

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4 thoughts on “Best questions to know your client 2023”

  1. Thanks for writing the Best questions to know your client. I really appreciate this article. It really helped me. I am new to internet marketing and I must admit that I am guilty of the first point you raised – I simply created my website before REALLY considering who is my client and what are their needs? I did deliver quality content / information, but I am not sure what problems I was actually solving. And I only made a few modest sales as a result.

    So I moved onto my second website. Now I am working towards refining the needs of my client, with every blog post my niche is getting narrower and narrower.
    You are right of course, the purpose of a very successful website is to solve all their clients problems.
    Thank you for reminding me of this. I was just wondering what tools or tips you use to overcome your biggest challenges?

    • Thanks GBIG for your visit and comment, 

      I’m glad this article about how to know more about your client is helping you to write more content knowing more about your client and what needs they need so they can read your blog.

      For your first website, if you want to keep working on it, it doesn’t matter the first blogs you wrote on them are written in a different way, as you create more content on it with your client in your mind, this website will rank better on Google and your client will find you.

      For the second website, keep at it, add more valuable content for your client and you’ll get more traffic and more sales from it.


  2. I think your opening paragraphs stating the importance of knowing who your client is and what their needs are is great as this is an essential part of any business success, not only an affiliate marketing site.
    Breaking down the questions of what your client needs and answering them with what you can provide is a good strategy to make sure you are on the right path.

    • Hi Ann,

      Thanks so much for making the time to stop and read my blog, I’m glad you found this article interesting to read and it will help you to keep working on your website and be sure you’re working on the right path. 

      Keep at it, it’ll get better. 


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