Wildtree MLM Review

When looking for an opportunity to start working on your own business, you might want to work in a field you know well, if you love cooking and create tasty and healthy meals, Wildtree might look like the company you were looking for to start working with, but it’s always better to know more about the company, the product, and the business opportunity, so let’s take a look to the Wildtree MLM Review

Wildtree is a Multi-Level-Marketing with products

Product name : Wildtree

Founder: Leslie Montie

Product type: Healthy Meals Preparation Products

Price: $129 – For a new representative business kit that comes with products and marketing materials

Best For: People who like to create tasty and healthy meals, and want to make some extra money.

Wildtree MLM Review - Meal Dishes

What Is Wildtree

This company was founded by Leslie Montie as she was looking for a way to create a stream line of healthy meals products and at the same time to keep all the good taste and flavor in the meals. As she started to use these products to prepare her own meals, her family and friends loved them and this way she started her own company.

The company is based in the USA.

Wild tree will provide you with various mixes for creating meals, sauces, spice blends and dressing.

For the company is important to help anyone to prepare high quality healthy meals, with this they focus on organic ingredients and keeping the process to the minimum

Are Wildtree Products Worth The Price?

Wildtree MLM Review - Pasta MealWhen you take a look to the list of products from this company, you might be surprised by the short list, but you can be sure each product is made with high quality and providing only the best ingredients to help you to prepare healthy and tasty meals.

You can be sure none of their products contain any of those nastie GMO’s or MSG artificial colors either, as they focus to bring the best selection of organic products.

The main goal from this company is to help you to prepare healthy, natural and easy to make meals.

You can find this company will help you to get creative in the kitchen as you only need to get some raw ingredients and follow one of their recipes to create a tasty meal for you and your family!

When you work to create a meal with this companies products, you can be sure it will help you to create a meal in less time than if you were to cook from scratch, and this way to create a meal for your family is much better than giving them a frozen meal.

Wildtree MLM Review - Spices Herbs Products

Wildtree Business Opportunity

When you decide to sign up to be a member with this company, you get the chance to start making between 25% to 40% commission on all sales. As this company uses catalog ordering, it will help you to get some sales in advance ordering the products.

As other MLM companies, this company also offers you some extra bonus, as you work to get some people interested to sign up and become part of your team, you will get 3% from the sales from people you recruit, without the need to become a team leader, this way this company helps you to grow your income in a better way.

As many other companies, this company is interested on you to grow your business, this way it will give you a bigger bonus when you work hard to build a strong team and your % of commissions from your team members sales will increase up to 12% which is quite attractive.

You need to keep in mind that you will need to meet some sales points with this company, you need to sell or buy at least $350 of products every four months, this is to keep you in business if you’re only interested to sell the products, but if you’re interested to build up a team, you will need to reach a goal of at least $350 in sales every month.

Workshops – For what I read when I was doing some research about Wildtree, the best options to get sales and recruits is by organizing workshops.

You get someone interested to host a workshop and this person will invite 10 people interested to attend the workshop, in advance each person who will attend the workshop needs to buy a kit of products plus some raw ingredients, during the workshop you will show how to prepare 10 meals.

This is a nice way to get some sales in advance while you help people to learn to create healthy meals for their families. As these meals can be frozen, it is a good way to help people to be good at cooking and save tons of time.

Today, you can create online workshops too, this way it will be easier for people to attend the workshops to be able to do it from home and you can organize as many workshops from home,

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wildtree?

$49.95 There is a four-month quota of $350

Pros Of Wildtree

Good Quality Food Products

This company will give you the opportunity to grow your business as most of the people are interested on getting high quality products to create meals for their families.

Good % On Comissions

Compare this company with other MLM companies, it looks like the commissions are higher here, this will help you to make more money from your sales.

Cooking Workshops

Who doesnt’t like to learn how to prepare some meals and keep them frozen, by learning this you can help many people to get some ready to serve meals in their freezers

Cons Of Wildtree

Remaining Active

In order to make an income from this company, you need to be remaining active, by this means, whether you make sales or not you need to buy or sell $350 every four months. In case you’re interested to build up your team, than you will need to keep your selling or buying the products from this company to $350 every month.

The Cost Of Making A Workshop

It’s a different name but is the same, other MLM companies call it hosting parties, and with this company you need to organize cooking or freezing workshops, you need to keep in your mind that every workshop has a cost in money and time.

Selling The Products

As any other MLM company, you will need to get some sales from your family, friends and get recruits to your team and motivate them to make product sales in order to make money.

Is Wildtree A Scam?

Wildtree MLM Review - Pasta MealAfter reviewing Wildtree I can say this company is NOT a scam, it works with good principles to help anyone to create healthy and tasty meals, and it has a good % for you to make from your sales and it also helps you to build a strong team.

I would think this is a good company for people who are interested on making some extra money working on cooking and helping people to create healthy meals.

Final Thoughts

When you take a look to Wildtree, it might look like a good opportunity for many, but the truth is that working on a MLM company it requires staying active, to get sales, and to work hard to build your team in order to make an income from it.

Some will do it right and will make an income from it, but many will fail, as it requires lots of work and being active, it will get to the moment when you don’t want to ask your family or friends for another sale.

When looking for a way to start your own business, I will recommend the same 4 steps system I use to build up my online business, you get the training, one website, 24/7 support and you can work on something you love to do!