20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home is a guide for ideas to create a blog to help others to solve out a problem and live better.

Today we all have new opportunities to try as we learn how to write a blog to share tips, ideas, and our secrets at the time we work on our jobs or on our hobbies.

20 Ideas To Make Money From HomePeople around the globe are currently looking to learn a new skill to get a better job or looking for a helping hand to help them to make their dream come true, whether it is painting a new picture, making a beautiful cake or learning a new skill to help them to get a better job.

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

If you’re one of them, today I will share 20+ ideas to find the perfect business idea for you to work from home, whether you start as a part time job or full time, if you work on your business idea you will be making a full income soon.

With the Internet we all have the opportunity to create a profitable website to help others, many are currently working to write a website to make an income from it.

Let’s take a look to a few ways to monetize a website.

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

1 – Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, let’s take a look to how it works, this is a system that works in 4 steps.

You might be good at something others are currently looking for some information about to help them to solve a problem or to be better at it.

As you share some tips or secrets to help people to know more about it or how to be better at it, they will read your blog where you share your articles and they will learn from you.

As people read your website, they will learn from you how to be better at it and what products or services they can buy on the internet to solve out a particular problem or to be better at it.

On your blog you will be sharing helpful and accurate information and you can also share some links to products or services.

When your readers make a purchase with your links, you will get a per cent of each purchase without the need for your reader to pay more.

The more you help your readers, the more they will trust on you and they will buy more using your affiliate links. Soon your website will get more traffic and more sales.

Everyday more people are learning more about how affiliate marketing works and how anyone can start making money from home with this system.

How good you are to find the right niche for your website and how well you know the product or the service and the needs of your client, the better your business will be, and you will be making money from it.

If you get interested to know more about this business model and you might get interested to give it a try, I will recommend you Wealthy Affiliate to learn all you need to start your new online business from home.


2  – How To Make Money From Home As An Artist?

20 business ideas to make money from home

Do you like to draw, paint or illustrate? are you good at it?

You might find a good opportunity to work on what you love to do and make money from home.

Graphics are in high demand nowadays, most of the websites need great quality and uniqueness, you can start your business sharing your work on a website and on sites made for illustrators or artist so your clients can see your work and they might get interested to hire you.

When any artist learns how to work with affiliate marketing, you can turn your art into a way to make money as you share some tips to help anyone to be better artist as you share tutorials and guides where you can talk about the products you use and share affiliate links on your website, your readers will know what are the best products they can use to get better results.

3 – How To Make Money From Home Being A Writer

You like to write and your good at it, there are many ways you can start making money from home, sharing your writing talent with your client.

More and more websites owners are looking for qualified writers to write website content for them.

As more people are starting to write a blog around the world, some might feel the need to learn how to write an article everyone would love to read.

Some have born with that gift, some will need to learn it, but as a writer you can help many to learn the art to write an article for a website everyone would love to read.

Writing a good article will need a catching title, and introduction and how to solve a problem, (yes, I just take an online course to learn how to write, and it has helped me a lot)

Have you thought about writing a website to help others to learn the art of writing?

There is a huge demand of writers in any language, so if you’re reading this article with the hope of learning how to make some money from home being an artist, you might want to learn how to create your own website and make a living from it!

4 – How To Make Money Being A Party Planner

Do you love to throw parties, and every time you have one, your friends and family tell you that you’re really good at it, and your parties are the best!

Why not start a business doing what you love to do?

Many parents would love to get as much help on this topic, more and more parents are hiring party planners to have a party and to be able to enjoy the party.

On this niche you can even find the right micro niche for you.

  • Children parties
  • Baby showers
  • Bride to be shower
  • Business parties, Christmas time is the best time for this niche, the company can hire you to have a Christmas party for the staff and employees while they can focus on their work.
  • Wedding planner

5 – How To Make Money As A Blogger

Almost everybody knows that if you start a blog you have many chances to make money from it working from home no matter where you live.

Starting a blog is not hard and anyone can start one in less than 30 seconds.

You will need to pick the niche or the topic you want to write about, and you will need to learn how to make money from it.

Not all the blogs will make money, not because you write a blog the money will flow into your pocket, but there’s many ways to make money from it.

Become an authority on your niche and it will be easier for you to make money from it.

  • Sell your product
  • Sell your service
  • Write an e-book
  • Sell e-courses

5 – How To Make Money As A Baker

You love to bake cakes, cup cakes, pies, breads and cookies, there’s a good niche here to start your own business as you keep baking the most delicious treats.

You can start selling your cakes and goods to anyone who is interested to buy from you and the possibilities to get more clients are endless.

  • Children parties
  • Baby showers
  • Bride to be showers
  • Weddings
  • Companies offer different types of parties and they will require your services as a baker.

Today, there is a better way to start making money as a baker!

Starting your own blog as a baker and share there some of your best recipes and you can write a baking e-book or a book with a theme recipes.

  • Recipes for children parties
  • Recipes for the Holidays
  • No gluten recipes
  • Sugar free recipes

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

6 – Day Care or Baby Sitter

Do you like to work with children?

New moms with young children get so busy sometimes, and they need to get working, they might be looking for a good day care service or a good baby sitter.

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

7 – Learn How To Create A Profitable Website With Handmade Products

You love to make stuff, and you’re good at it.

You can start your business selling what you do, many crafters and artist get stuck with their items, sometimes they wish there would be more chances for them.

There are a few ways to show your work as a crafter or artist on line, you won’t get stuck on your place to be able to show your work with more clients.

Etsy.com is the best known online plataform to share your work and sell it.

Pinterest and Instagram and even Facebook are the places to be if you want to show your work and get some sales.

8 – How To Make Money With Fantasy Make Up

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

You love make up and you’re good at it?

You might want to start your business as a fantasy make up selling your services at children parties, or restaurants, some places as restaurants hire this kind of services, to get children amused while their parents enjoy their meal.

There are a few make up artists who have found the way to make a full income from home making videos to teach people how to get amazing fantasy make up by themselves, you might find a good opportunity here for you.

9 – How To Make Money As A Fashion Consulting

Are you passionate about fashion?

You love to dress well and you know how to do it, lots of people would love to get coached by you to get the look!

Have you thought about starting your business helping your friends to dress well for a special occasion, you might be surprised to know there’s many people wishing to get some help at the time to choose their clothing for special occasions or to develop their personal style.

Websites that give good tips about what piece of clothing should buy to look better for any occasion do great, there is a good business opportunity for you here by sharing your best tips to help many as you work on an affiliate marketing website!

10 – How To Make Money Cooking.

20 business ideas to start from home

Niche opportunities here are endless!

You’re good at cooking and you love to cook! well the good news about it, it’s not everyone that loves to cook and not everyone is good at cooking!!

You might have here your own opportunity to grow a good business for yourself.

From cooking for your family to cooking for others.

People might be looking for a meal cooking services in your town.

You can start cooking for parties and for special occasions for your friends and family, soon you will get some referrals to cook for more people.

You know to cook something great, well you can start your business just cooking that, people love to buy that special jam or ketchup made just once a year in your town.

Great food business have started in a kitchen.

11 – How To Make Money As Hair Dresser.

You know how to make everyone to look great, your friends always ask you for tips on how to comb their hair or what shampoo or what hair dye to use!

Today there is a need to learn about how to do a hair cut at home and look great. If you’re good at it and you love to share good tips, you might want to create your own website to help many, you could be sharing good tips about any hair products to help everyone to look great and at the same time you can make a full income from it when you share affiliate links to those products!

12 – How To Make Money Sharing Cleaning Services Tips

20 Ideas To Make Money From Home

You love clean houses, you just can’t stand a messy place, and you’re good at it.

Well, the good news about this business is many people will love to hire you and get back home and find the place nice and clean.

You can work doing this business on your free time, but you always can start making some money by sharing your tips and secrets to keep a house clean and pretty on a website.

You want to start your online business on this business, hard to believe it, but now there’s people doing money from home teaching other people how to clean their homes and save time or not to get to tired by doing it.

You can develop a cleaning routine to keep a home clean and nice, people will love your e-book and they will love to learn from you.

Some ideas for your e-book:

  • How to clean and keep a window clean
  • How to prepare and storage a weekly menu
  • How to organize a closet
  • How to Spring Cleaning
  • How to clean your house for the Holidays
  • How to keep clean your kitchen and bathroom
  • How to teach your children to keep a house clean

13 House keeping.

I know, it sounds like… What, become a house keeper?

But, give me the chance to explain it, no you won’t be house keeping like at ……..

More and more people like to spend winter in a better weather place and they leave their home unattended, why not to offer your services as a house keeper and look after a place while its owner are away?

Winter is coming!

Some of the services you can offer here are:

  • Collect mail and news paper, so the house look like someone lives there
  • In some cases you can take care of plants and pets
  • Keep the yard clean
  • Pay some bills like power and others that need to be paid at the bank

14 Tourist guide

You love the place where you live and you feel proud of it and you know a lot about it.

Many people would love to hire you as a tourist guide.

You might find this could be a great niche to work at, tourist is one of the main money making for many countries, why not to take part of it?

If you’re looking for a micro niche here, you might find some ideas like:

  • Historic monuments tours
  • Gastronomic tours
  • Music events in your town
  • Shopping tours in your town

15 Interior Designer

Many people struggler on how to make a house look like a home,

People wish they could afford to get better stuff to make their home better.

To decorate a home sometimes it’s not a matter of buying expensive things, but it’s a matter of good taste.

It doesn’t matter what style you love, if you do it right it will look great, from country style to classic, a nice decoration will look amazing when it’s done properly and with a good taste

You’re good at it, your business idea it’s here.

You can promote your decoration services on a website and help people to get a nice decoration for their home, you can also buy that perfect piece of furniture they are looking for.

You can write your own e-book with your best tips on this topic, and you can also teach people the ABC of home decoration on an e-course.

16 Internet Research.

Do you like to spend your time searching on the internet?, you could turn this “hobby” into your own business, everyday companies, bloggers and marketers need to get some information to work with.

You could turn your passion to read articles on internet into a well paid home based business.

17 Jewelry

Women love jewelry (men also), everyone is looking to find that jewelry piece that will make them unique, if you’re good making jewelry from home, this might be a good niche for you.

You can develop your own business selling your home made and unique pieces of jewelry on the internet, or you can make e-courses teaching what you know to do to people interested to start their own business.

18 Personal Shopper

You love to go shopping, you would love to spend your time visiting malls and all kind of stores, this might be the right niche for you to start your own business.

As people are busier more and more, many people find hard to find some free time to go shopping, you can develop your skills to find the right item for your clients and save them the time to go shopping.

19 Personal trainer

You love to exercise and you’re good at it, you can help other to keep on track and guide them to find the right exercise for them.

You need to check if you need any certification to do this job.

20 Photographer

20 business ideas to start from home

You’re good at it and you love to take photos all the time, you could start your own business on this niche, locally, and on line.

Many bloggers wish they could get good photos for their blogs or products, you might want to promote your service and get hired by them.

You’re good taking photos and you love to teach others, how to take good photos e-courses have great demand, this might be your opportunity to find a business idea to work from home.



Here you have 20 ideas for you to think about your own business from home.

You might be good at something you love to do, but you thought nobody will be interested in it.

We are so lucky to live in the time of the internet, where everyday more opportunities open for each one of us.

If you don’t find something is right for you as a business idea or a niche for your website here, don’t worry, there’s many good ideas more, hard to write them all here, but I’m sure you will find one right for you.


20 Ideas To Make Money From HomeHere you have 20 ideas to start your own business working from home.

Many people will love to read this article, if you’re here it’s because you’re ready to start your business at home or you might know about someone who would love to get more information about this topic.

Many business from home will be open today!

Once you find the business idea for you, the time to start working on it it’s right now.

You will get more chances to success at it, if you work on your business on a personal point of view, many business reach success because owners have found the way to stand out.

Find the way to give added value to your product or service and you will find the client!

Product or service with added value + client willing to buy from you = Money in your pocket!


Are you ready to start your own home business website? You might want to try my recommendation No. 1


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  1. I have a friend who likes to help out in wedding planning during the weekends and recently develop a great interest of wanting to take this hobby and turn it into a side business.

    How can she do this online while meeting local clients at the same time? Any tips from you would be appreciated.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Your friend can start her business on wedding planning starting a website and write content related on the topic, sharing some good advices to people who are planning a wedding, at the same time on her website she can offer her services to plan the wedding.

      A good tip for your friend is, she can work on planning a wedding planning pack, where she can offer her services, from the smaller pack to a I can plan everything for your wedding.

      Another way to start making some money with her wedding planning business could be to work on a wedding planning planner that she could sell a PDF file from her website or on Etsy, this is a low price item (from 7 dollars to 47 dollars) but this could be the open door for your friend, as she offers great value item to people she can turn these first time buyers into a clients for a second buy or a whole package.

      The benefits of a low price wedding planner PDF file is, your friend will work on it only one time and she can sell it many times.

      I hope these ideas will help your friend to take the first step on her new business, if you and your friend want a few more ideas, let me know.

      Have a great day!

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for putting together a great to-do list with ideas of how to make money online and at the same time be able to work from home.
    There are some great interesting and varied niche ideas to get our hands into, especially the topic of affiliate marketing.
    Some of the other ideas, I would not be able to do such as Artistry and Cooking topics, unfortunately.
    That said, I am sure if we put our minds to it, there is no end to the possibilities that we are capable of.
    You have some great ideas in your post and I am confident that this article will be very popular with a lot of people.
    Thanks again and continued success
    Cheers PB

  3. You know I have seen many get rich quick scams online, I’ve even been apart of one lol. But so far I like a lot of the ideas you have and also trust them because you don’t make any false promises. Everything is going to take time, and it’s going to be a lot of hard work. These are realistic expectations and give me good goals to set.

    I read your review on wealthy affiliate and it really makes sense, I think I’m almost ready to commit but I have one question. Let’s say I do signup and go premium, what would happen to my website if canceled my membership?

    • Hi Gabe,
      I thank you for making the time to read my blog about 20 ideas to make money from home and my Wealthy Affiliate review.
      If you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate and start working on your website, if one day you decide to cancel your membership, your site is maintained for 30 days During that time you can either reinstate your membership and all is well or you can transfer you domain to another hosting service.

      I hope I answer your question, if you have another question I’ll be glad to answer to it.
      Take care.

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