How To Write A Comment On A Blog

How to write a comment on a blog, the blogger’s guide.

Why is important to comment on a blog.

As you work on writing your blog content, you’ll spend a lots of hours to create the best content for it, after you publish your new blog post you might be waiting to get some results, like getting some comments or getting some sales from your blog post, but nothing happens.

It’s normal to think that as soon as you publish a new blog post, you’ll get some results from it in the next hour, next day or even maybe next week.

A main reason for this is just a few people know about your blog and maybe that is your partner, your mom and dad, your children or your best friends. But they might not be your target client.

Everyone who has been blogging from some time too, now knows what this can mean for your blog, nobody will visit it unless they know that you’re there!

Your client wants to know about you and your blog but they don’t even know you exist!

There are a few ways to let everyone know that you have a blog (website) and you’re open for business!

Some of these ways are for you to open your blog account on Social Media and share there great value content for your client, they will find you, and they will come to read your blog.

One way that works pretty good is to let your client know that your blog is open for business is by commenting on other blogs that are relevant for your client.

If your business is about how to grow the back yard family garden, you need to comment on a few blogs that talks about the same niche or at least to blogs that talk on related niches. This way your client can read your comments and they will get to know you and they will visit your blog.

This is what is called ” Backlinks ” , every time you coment on a blog, while you write the comment you need to add your blog’s URL and you’re creating a link to your blog. But don’t confuse this to do spam, any blogger will not like you leave a spam comment on their blog.

You might have read that you can buy backlinks on the internet, I wouldn’t recommend it, as you don’t know exactly what links these companies will create for you and for your blog.

The best way to create backlinks that will work for your business and for your blog is taking the time to comment on other blogs to get traffic to your blog. Be personal, be you, and most of all; write comments that you really want to write and show some real interest on the topic of the blog post.

Craft the comment that will get noticed.

“Hi, I’m happy to be here”, “thanks for sharing”, “Love it” ; no these kind of comments on other blogs will not work for you or for your online business at all.

To write a comment that will get some interest from your client and will drive them to visit your blog, you need to get smarter that just “thanks for sharing” comment.

You’re writing a blog for your online business, and everyday you spend hours working to write great value content on your blog, you know a lot about your niche and you’re an authority by now on it.

You can write comments on other people’s blog that will add value to those blogs and their visitors, write a comment that stands out from the rest. The blogger will notice you and he or she will visit your blog.

While you write comments with great value on other blogs you will create people’s interest to read yours and to learn from you.

People will start giving your comments some replies and you can go back and answer to them.

By doing this you will help the blogger where you left a comment to improve their blog content value, they will be happy about it, as more value a blog can have, Google will rank better those blogs.

A few years ago, there was an illustration that bloggers used to have on their blogs: My blog loves comments. Because they knew how important comments were and are for blogs.

A blog where nobody comments, Google will be hard on it; no comments, poor ranking = poor visits on that blog.

Commenting on blogs is a win – win situation, the blog where you leave a comment will get better rankins on Google and you will get backlinks for your own blog or online business.

How to write a comment.

A good way to write a comment that will be good for you and for the blog where you leave a comment, it’s to read the full blog first.

You need to know its content is relevant for you and for your online business, think about something to write that will help to add value to that blog.

Read the title and pay attention to the Keyword (s) on it.

On your comment you can write again that keyword you found on the title, and write more than 50 words on it, there’s no limit of words to write, but at least shold be 50 words, no less.

Be the first one to comment.

When a blog gets comments, it will rank better on Google and more visitors will find it and will comment on it, it’ll be hard to write a comment on a blog where you can read 200 + comments already!

What is the purpose to write the comment number 200 +, nobody will read it!!

Don’t worry, I have you covered on this one: Reply to the first comment, write the reply to that comment adding value to it and to the blog post. The blogger, the person who wrote that comment and all the readers will appreciate your time to write a reply! And your reply counts like one comment, you’ll get a backlink to your blog and everyone who stop to read that blog will get to know you!!

So now you know, anytime you stop to read a blog, it’s important to read the full blog, to comment and it’s also important to read the comments, valuable people takes their time to add value on the comments, you’ll learn more about the topic from the blogger and from the people who write comments.

Why to write a comment is good for you as a blogger.

The reason is simple, you’ll get all the backlinks you want to for your own blog,

People will get to know you!

You stop on one blog that is relevant for you one day, and you leave a comment = you get that backlink and that’s good for you and your blog.

You stop on that same blog the next week, and leave a comment on the newest blog post = ah, the blogger who wrote that blog post will notice that you wrote a second comment on her blog that is an important comment.

By the third time you do write a comment, that blogger will know your name already, and might take his or her time to visit your blog to read your content on your blog.

If this blogger finds your blog relevant to his or hers, they might get in touch with you, and they might ask you to write a guest post for their blog.

This is something that can bring to your blog and your business more traffic that is relevant for you.

This is a way to connect with relevant bloggers and get to be known by your target client.

What kind of blogs you should be commenting on.

The answer might surprise you, any blog that is relevant or connected in a way with your own blog or your own niche.

If the blog is a well known blog that will help you a lot to grow your own blog. But if the blog in question is young and small, leave a comment there.

Don’t worry if you leave a comment on young blogs, every important blog started that way, every blog was born with the first blog post their owner wrote for it.

Keep an eye on them, one day you’ll see how those blogs grow to be the No. 1 on their niche, your niche.

Now… don’t forget my blog loves comments!

Leave a comment here.

If you find this blog post have some value for you to help you write comments to get your blog know by your client and by everyone on the internet, Pin It, so you can find it later.

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4 thoughts on “How To Write A Comment On A Blog”

  1. Haha, I like how I am giving a comment on how to write a comment on a blog! Anyways, I can see you put a lot of thought into this article because it gives so much detail and content about writing comments for blogs. I knew that being unique is important, but making friends, adding value to the blog, even using their title to help them gain visitors, I never thought of comments like that! It is really important, and I want to thank you. I will come back for more tips like this one!

    • Hi Marques Pizarro,
      Yes, that’s a good moment to think about commenting on a blog about comments on blogs!
      Many people don’t see the point on doing it, and they might think it will require lots of time to do it, but the benefits are big for a blog and more important if the blog owner wants to run an online business.
      By getting comments on a blog, this blog will get more traffic and business will pick up soon!
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hey Alejandra!

    I think it’s ironic that I’m writing a comment on your post about how to comment. Hopefully I do a good job! I’m definitely pinning this one to come back to later.

    I recently started my own blog, so I’m in that “young blog” category you talked about. I definitely see the impact of every comment that I get, and each comment is new and exciting! I wonder if you have any tips about soliciting comments that are on-topic and not just the “great work” or “loved this post” type of comment. I see a mix awesome thought-provoking ones and fluff comments, and I would love to get more interaction on my comments since I know Google loves them.

    Thanks for all your insight

    • Hi Lizzie,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and write down a comment.
      I’m glad you’re also working on building up your own website, I would love to stop there to pay you a visit and leave you a comment.
      Take care.

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