Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

When you decide to start your own niche site and when you love gardening, the Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea could be the best way to start your online business.

Bonsai Trees Niche Site IdeaGardening is something many people around the world love to do, but when people live in a small place with no yard at all or when they live in a department, it’s hard to grow a garden, but they don’t give up to the idea to work on something they love, they have discovered that growing a Bonsai tree is the perfect way to work on what they love to do.

Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

Why People Love To Grow Bonsai Trees?

If you have been lucky to see a Bonsai tree in person, you might understand why people love to grow them, I’ve always loved nature in everyway, from the front garden at my place to the beautiful evergreen forest I can see when I drive from my home to the city.

But I still remember the first time I saw a Bonsai tree, it was like magic, I fell in love with it, it was a friend who loved to grow them who showed me his collection, he told me about how much work it takes to grow one and how many years it can take to grow it.

Then, one day I visited a Bonsai exhibition that was showing some private collection of Bonsai trees from Japan, it was like entering to a magic world, every tree was a beauty!

I’m sure I can say I’m not the only one who has fell in love with them, I’m sure there’s many people around the world who are starting to grow Bonsai trees as their new hobby.

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Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

Is Bonsai Trees A Good Niche To Do Business?

If you love Bonsai trees and if you know how to grow them, you might want to know more about if this could be the niche site idea you’re looking for.

Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

I would say, if we take a look to Google trends you can see this is a niche that goes up and down but there is a good number of searchs that will help you to create an online business for yourself.

If you keep looking for more information, you will see that there is interest from people to know more about some ideas like:

  • How to grow a wisteria bonsai tree
  • Bonsai tree starting kit
  • How to revive a bonsai tree
  • And many more questions about these trees and how to grow them at home

Can You Make Money On The Bonsai Trees Niche?

The answer to this question is “yes, you can make money on this niche”, you will be working on a very specific niche and there is already people interested to get some information that will help them to grow a Bonsai tree at home with success.

When you look on the internet, you can see some people already working on this niche and that is a good sign for you, if people already put their bets on this niche it is because they are already making money on this niche.

You will start your niche site as a young website but with good work and with the best keywords and SEO for your content, you will see your site ranking on the first pages of Google and why not think that soon you will be ranking number 1.

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Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

Bonsai Trees Keywords Ideas: Bonsai trees +

There are plenty of keywords on this niche that will help you to write new content for your website to help beginners on this niche.

  • tools
  • books
  • pots
  • soil
  • for beginners
  • for indoors
  • clippers
  • from Japan
  • pruning
  • starter kit

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Different Ways To Make Money With A Bonsai Trees Niche Site


Adding adds to your website is a way to start making money with a niche site, it might take sometime before you can do it as some companies will ask for your website to make a good number of visits before you can be approved to add ads on your website.

Sell Your Info Products

This is a great way to start making some money from a young website and it will become a better business idea as your website gets known by many and you build up a good number of followers.

You can create an e-book to give the best tips for beginners, or you can write an e-book to share your tips on how to grow any type of Bonsai tree at home.

Pros: You will work on writing an e-book and then you can sell it over and over again, this is a great way to create passive income system.

Create An Online Course

There is always interest from people who will love to learn from an expert how to grow a Bonsai tree at home, you can create a series of videos where you can share the secrets and tips of growing a Bonsai tree.

You can find more ideas to create a few videos: best tools, the best Bonsai pots, best soil to grow a bonsai, how to prune a bonsai tree and more.

Pros: You work hard for a few days or weeks as you work to create an online course and it will make money for you over and over as people buy it from you.

Create A YouTube Channel

There is a huge interest from people to learn the basic of growing a Bonsai Tree at home no matter where they live, YouTube gives you the opportunity to create for free your own channel where you can share some tips and some secrets with your followers.

This is a good way to help your website to get more traffic and to let your followers know about your e-books and your online courses.

Share some tips and secrets on videos you share on YouTube, keep your best tips and secrets for your info-products or your online courses.

Pro: As your channel grows, you can monetize it and you will be making some money from it.

Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

Start Your Bonsai Trees Niche Site With Affiliate Marketing

I always leave Affiliate Marketing at the last, as I know this is the best way to create an online business for any beginner and for people who have some experience also.

You can start working on affiliate marketing on your website from day 1

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, I will tell you how it works, as you create your new website on the Bonsai tress niche, you will be creating new content (blog posts) to share some tips about how you grow your own Bonsai trees.

One blog post will be about Best Bonsai Tree Tools, and you will share your best tips to buy the best set of tools that will help any beginner to grow a beautiful bonsai tree at home.

When you talk about the benefits of these tools, people will get interested to buy the same tool kit and you will add an affiliate link on your blog post and people will click on it to buy them.

As your readers purchase the tool kit from an affiliate program you provide on your post (Amazon or another affiliate program) you will get a commission from each sale, and your reader will get the regular price, they don’t need to pay any extra at all.

As you keep working to create more content for your niche site, you will get more readers and they will buy everything they need to grow beautiful Bonsai trees at home using your affiliate links, then you will see how your website will make money for you.

Pros: This is a great way to create a passive income.

Note: This is not a magical promise that will work by itself, you will need to learn how to do it and you will need to work hard to create new content for your website almost every day and every week, with your good work and with time, your website can become a success story on the internet.

Bonsai Trees Niche Site Idea

How Long Does It Take For A Niche Site To Make Money?

Bonsai Trees Niche Site IdeaThis is a hard question and the answer is any new niche site requires hard work and time to start making money from you.

There’s no rule here, some sites will start making money in a few weeks and some site will need a good number of months before they start to make any money from you. And some sites will never do any money at all.

But I will say, any niche site with good work, will be making money in one or two years.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money With A Niche Site?

The best way to work on a Niche Site to become a success business is to learn from experts who are currently working on it, as they are willing to share some good tips and secrets on how to write content for your website and how to look for the best content ideas and keywords, you will have more tools to write a successful website!

Don’t go on your own on this new adventure, you don’t need to take many months and years to find how to write a blog post that will rank #1 on Search Engines to get traffic. Learn from the best mentors.

My # 1 Recommendation To Write A Niche Site

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    My opinion and experience about the topic bonsai trees niche site idea is a relatively small, but very popular, subset of the gardening industry. So there are going to be some overlap with more general gardening affiliate programs. They even have artificial bonsai trees if you just are looking at them as home decor instead of something for the gardening niche.

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  2. Unrelated side comment: I love the coffee logo design, gives me an unconscious sense of comfort upon coming to read on the site.

    Bonsai trees are such a good idea! As a a niche and a metaphor, Bonsai trees in my experience, have added an element of peace to any setting and shown a sign of growth. As the tree grows and evolves, so do you and your business and creativity and ideas. If I were looking for something to do for a niche and saw this post, I’d certainly like to try to make a niche about bonsai trees!

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