Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website

The Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website will help you to know why you should have your own YouTube channel and get your client to know about you and your product and service.

As you start to work on your new website or maybe in your not so new website but low in traffic and sales, you might be wondering how to reach to more people who are looking for your product or service.

Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website - Smart PhoneWhen you start the training with Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to create and build up a Niche Site, you learn about keywords and SEO, you will know you have doing everything right when you create new content for your website, but you wish you could get more traffic and see your online business start to take off and make money from you.

You have two ways to work on these steps, both are important and you need to learn about how to work on each one of them, so let’s take a look at them:

  1. Keep working on creating new content with the best keywords for your niche and keep working on the SEO, this is a good way that will work great as you keep working on your website and as it gets known by your clients and you get known as an authority website on your niche.
  2. Help your website to get known faster by promoting it on Social Media.

Today, let’s talk about why you should create your own YouTube Channel for your business and the benefits for your website.

Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website

1 – It’s a Great Way To Get Traffic To Your Website

It’s well-known YouTube has grown huge in the last years, it has become the second way people around the world look for any information, from how to cook dinner for a small or a big family, to how to visit any place on this planet.

Let’s not forget that this platform has also become one of the best platforms that has helped many to learn a new skill, from how to knit a pair of shoes for a newborn to how to build a new home by yourself, you can find everything there, and most of the times for free!

By this means, when you create a channel for your website, you will be there sharing good tips and advice for your readers and clients on your niche.

Many times people use YouTube to find some information about how to do something or a good reason why to buy anything, if your business is not there, your client will watch the video from your competitor!

Your client will be buying from your competitor!

Another good reason for you to create a channel for your business is when people start following your channel, you can link your videos to your website and your website will get more traffic, Google will see this as a good sign and will understand people trust on you and on your website and it will be ranking better and better as you get more traffic on it.

You can also read: How to create YouTube Videos for your website.

Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website

2 – Teach Your Client About Your Product or Service

When a business has a channel on this platform to share some tips about their products, your client can watch your videos to learn more about your products or service and they will learn also how your product or service can help them with a particular problem.

Everytime you share a new video, you can write a description box for the video and you can write about why your client should get your product.

You will be writing the video description using your best keywords to help your client to find you, this is how it works and with Wealthy Affiliate you have the best training to learn more about keywords and SEO for your business.

As you watch your channel grows, you will get more confident to create new videos to share more tips and benefits about your product.

If you are currently working on a Niche Site, this is a great way to share tips about new products on your niche and you can share affiliate links to Amazon on the description box on each video, your client can watch your video to learn more about the product and they can buy through your links.

3 – Monetize Your YouTube Channel

You’re here because you are interested to learn how to build up an online business, and you know one of the best ways to do it is by creating a niche site.

But anyone who is interested to create a business, will love to know how the same business can create a few streams of income.

YouTube will allow you to monetize your business channel, this means when your channel reaches a certain growth (over 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours view in a year) you can add some ads on each video and make some money from your videos as they reach a good number of views.

Not a bad idea to have two good ways to make money from your niche site.

Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website4 – Learn More About Your Business

As you keep working to create new videos, you will see how your channel starts to grow and how your videos start to get views and likes, and yes I need to add here your videos will get some dislikes too, along with comments.

YouTube also is a great source of get some feedback about your business, have you wondered if you’re working on the right path for your business?

You can get valuable information about your business on this platform.

  • What are the videos with more views and likes – This will let you know what products or information your client is interested on, this will help you to create new content for your website and keep helping your clients.
  • What are the keywords your client is using to get some information about your niche and your products or service – As you keep an eye on your videos statistics, you will learn more about what keywords get more views and which ones it is better to quit using, as you get more feedback you can create new content for your website that will get more traffic.
  • Create New Content For Your Website – Each video has its own analytics on YouTube, as you take a look, you will notice some videos start great and then people lose interest and quit watching it, some videos do the opposite, they start good and then you can see people keep watching them to the end, and some videos you will notice a spike on the views on certain moment ( you can follow all the analytics for each video and see at what moment people get more interested on your video) – What words did you say at that moment? That word could be a good keyword to try for your new video or content for your website.

You Can Create a YouTube For Your Business For Free

Many business are using ads to get more traffic to their business, but they need to pay for that.

YouTube offers you a great way to get your business in front of your clients for free!

You will learn how to create a video and what type of videos people watch on your niche, as you work on it you will get better at it, believe me, I still have my first videos I created a few years ago, with only a couple of views, lol, nobody was interested to watch them.

Today my channels is growing good and some videos are getting a good number of views, my best videos has reached over 52 K views and growing!

Are you shy to be on your videos? Me too, I’m a very shy person and I don’t show myself on the videos and they are doing good, why? because I share good videos with tips and tutorials to help my clients.

If you love to be on your videos, good, you will be doing also good! Each one of us will find the way to make videos for our clients and feel comfortable with them, whether you’re on the videos or not.

What Not To Do On Your YouTube Channel

Well, this is my point of view, but when you’re interested to work to build up a business with a niche site, you’re working on your own business, and you need to treat your business like that.

Many people have found the way to make money by sharing videos with the thought of becoming a celebrity, and this is OK, don’t get me wrong, but a business is different from being a celebrity.

You’ll be working on your channel to help your client to solve out a problem or to build up a better life, you will not be there to get millions of views and likes to get noticed by brands who will offer you a sponsorship as you talk about their brand.

Keep working on your niche site as a business, it will grow good and it will make enough money for you with your good work and with time.

Be serious about your business and it will do great!

Remember, your business is your website and YouTube is a platform to help you to grow your business.

How To Build Up An Online Business With Wealthy Affiliate

Reasons Of Using A YouTube Channel For Your Website - Smart PhoneAs closing thoughts I will say if you’re ready to create your own website and work with affiliate marketing to build up your own online business, you can sign up for your FREE membership to learn how to create your website in less than 30 seconds and start creating content to share with your readers in your niche.

If you’re new to blogging and to create content for a niche site, don’t worry you will learn from the experts, Kyle and Carson and I will be there also to welcome you to the amazing community where everyone will happy to welcome you and give a hand to build up your own online business.

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  3. Having a youtube channel is a very good thing and it helps your business a lot, I got to realize this some time ago when my wife started here online business and she needed to get her products known by people, her sister helped her by allowing her make videos of her products and post on her youtube channel which helped her business a lot, she now has hers and with a lot for subscribers too. Thanks

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    The importance of having a YouTube channel to advertise your website is paramount. YouTube is a video search engine and we all literally have to go to it when researching anything, in the same way as we go to Google for our text research.

    I have made a youtube channel for my website and am developing both together. Of course, I also have many other Social Media channels.

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  5. Thank you for this article, many people don’t see the need to open a YouTube channel and most online business almost always neglect You tube not knowing YouTube has limitless possibilities. It’s also very amazing that it cost nothing to create a YouTube channel. A YouTube channel is really a great thing to do for a business 

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