Close To My Heart MLM Review

When you love to make scrap booking and cards, or any other craft using paper, stamps, or other tools for paper, you might be looking for a way to turn your hobby into your own business and start making money from what you love to make, you might have gotten the invitation to join to Close to My Heart to make some money as you share your tips on this hobby with your friends and family, so let’s take a look to my Close To My Heart MLM Review.

Close To My Heart MLM Review - Scrapbooking PageScrapbooking and handmade cards is a huge niche where people are sharing their tips to make some money from it, many crafters who love to work on this hobby have discovered the art of making money while they do what they love to make!

There is a business opportunity for you on this niche, and I want to congratulate you for spending some time looking for more information about this company to know more about whether it is a good business opportunity for you or not.

As I will share with you some information about this MLM company, at the end I will share what I think is a better business opportunity for you.

Close To My Heart Overview

Company name: Close To My Heart

Founder: Jeanette Lynton

Price to join: $75

Recommended: No!

What Is Close To My Heart?

Close To My Heart is an MLM company (Multi-Level Marketing) that offers papercrafting products for scrap booking and other crafts made with paper and it was founded by Jeanette Lynton.

If you love to make crafts with paper, you’ll love this company as it offers you and your clients everything you need to make different crafts with paper like scrap booking, book ideas and more.

Is Close To My Heart Products Worth The Price?

When you love to make crafts with paper, stamps and other tools you need for scrap booking, you will love to find everything you need in one place.

But, when you can find everything you need by attending a craft or scrap booking party along with getting some good tips from a pro who knows the products and new techniques to be the best on your craft, you will love to buy the Close To My Heart products.

When I was looking for some information about this company products, I visited their website and I was please to see how many products they have to help anyone to get the best results when working on this craft, product prices might seem higher from other products you can find in stores, but you might need to think about the benefit of being able to find everything you need for your crafts in one place.

As I was looking for some information about the quality of this products, I found comments from people who use these products and most of them are good.

Close To My Heart Business Opportunity

Scrapbooking is a huge niche where people love to work to create beautiful memory books from their children and family, which I think is a good niche for anyone interested to work on.

Close To My Heart is a company that works with the MLM business system and anyone who is interested to start working selling their products can join them by buying a starter kit.

As I was looking for information to make this review, I was happy to find a page in their website where they share some good information that will help anyone want to sign up with them to get some more information to know whether it is a good business opportunity for you.

When you sign up to work selling the products of a MLM company, you need to keep in your mind that you’ll be making only a % from your sales and you might need to make a minimum purchase to keep your rank in the company.

When you sign up to Close To My Heart you’ll be making a minimum commission of 22 %, which can increase up to 35 % depending of your monthly sales.

Your earnings will grow depending on your monthly sales, when you sell up to $3000 + , you’ll be earning up to 35 % plus $75 on CTMH Cash Commission.

To keep your rank as an active consultant, you are required to make a minimum of $300 in sales per calendar quarter, which I think is not bad.

Ways To Make Money With Close To My Heart

As you might know, when you join a MLM company, you have different ways to start making money selling their products:

  • Direct sales of their products – As you let your family and friends to know that you have become a consultant for this companies products, you can start selling the products and built your clients list.
  • Host Craft Parties – One of the best way to get more sales is by hosting a craft party where you can share some tips to people interested on these crafts. You might want to promote with the people invited to the party to host a party on their homes, this way more people will get to know about you as a consultant for this brand.

Close To My Heart also is open to welcome anyone who wants to join to purchase their products for their crafts without the need to sell any products or to host a party, however you need to keep the minimum volume of purchase to keep yourself as an active member.

You can read the FAQ on this page, as I found they share good information, easy to read and it will help you to know more about this company and to know if this is the business opportunity you want to work on.

Close To My Heart Pros

Good product quality in most cases

Focus more on selling the products – It looks like you can make money selling the products and it doesn’t ask much for recruiting new people to your team.

Close To My Heart Cons

Low earning in most cases – Working selling a MLM company products, you need to remember you only make a % from your total sales.

Product prices are high– Anyone can find the same type of product to work on this craft with better prices in stores.

No guarantee of making a full income selling their products.

Is Close To My Heart A Scam?

Close To My Heart is not a scam, it’s a legit company with the MLM business model, as you can see after reading my review, this company is marketing products to help many to work on their craft of scrap booking and any other craft using decorated paper and stamps.

This company offers an option of starting to make some money selling their products with your family and friends, but it’s far from being the best option to start your own business.

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Final Thoughts

Close To My Heart MLM Review - Scrapbooking PageWhen you love to make scrap booking and cards, you might become one of the best in your niche and your friends and family ask for your tips to get better results.

Scrapbooking and cards making is a huge niche where many are making good money from it, as you are here looking for more information to know if you can make money from it and quit your job, I will suggest for you to start your own website and work on affiliate marketing.

You can share with people around the globe your tips on these crafts to get better results and not only with your friends and family.

When you work on your own website, you can talk about all the products on this craft and not only about this brand, you’ll have a better way to make money from what you love to make!

You can create your own website (or improve the one you already have) with the FREE 10 lesson online course, get your own free website and 24/7 support.

Follow the same 4 steps to build your own online business, the same system I follow to make a full income from what I love to make.