Make Money On Any Niche 2023

More and more people want to start an online business and stay at home and make a full income, today it is possible!

Yes, you can start your own online business and make a full income from home! today I have a few ways for you to start working at it!

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Online courses:

As you find your passion and  pick your website niche and write content you will see you already know your niche and you’re an authority on your niche, your blog will gain visitors and some of them will write comments on your blog asking to know more about your niche from you.

You might want to work on your first course to sell it on the internet.

Offline courses:

You can work on your agenda and set up some dates to make an offline courses for your clients, some bloggers work on this to make some money and travel at the same time.


As you gain authority on your niche, you might get contacted by people who would like to invite or hire you to give a talk or a conference on your niche.


On any niche there’s always people who will be interested to learn from you, as you grow your e-mail list you will get more people interested to learn from you.

You can work to build up a course or a workshop so your website and visitors can sign up to a list to take a workshop or course.

You can work on a set of courses depending on the niche and different levels of knowledge.

This way to make money is good but it has a “con” on it, you need to be there every time you give the course or the workshop.

Workshop/courses on video:

As people will visit and read your content on your website, there will be people interested to learn from you but they might live far from you.

Workshop and courses online opens the possibility for more people to learn from you without the need to travel.

This is a great way to make some money from your website.

It has a big “pro”, as you will be making the videos for the workshop and for the courses, you will be working hard to build up the online course, once you get it ready to share it on a platform where your students can sign up with a payment, you will be making money from it over and over again.

Online and offline coaching:

make money with your blog

As you keep working on your website, you will earn more knowledge and your authority will be well known on your niche, your visitors will become your clients, they will ask you for a mentorship and you can work to set up a mentorship program online or offline.


Webinars are so popular today, it’s well known webinars are the best way to share some of your knowledge with your visitors, as they sign up for a webinar you can share on it an offer to sign up for a course or a workshop.

More Benefits:


Some bloggers take the decision to make money from their blogs on donations, and it works.

make money with your blog

This way to make money will work if you share relevant information for your visitors for free, to make money this way you will need to have lots of traffic to your blog.

I have seen this way of making money from a blog works great on “DIY” websites and website where you can learn a language.

Some of this bloggers had a special CTA (call to action) as they don’t ask directly for a donation, they use to say “Buy me a coffee”, and it works great!

I’m sure you would love to pay a coffee for someone who will share there knowledge with you!

Job opportunities:

As you work on your blog, you will be sharing valuable content on it and your readers will come, more than one might get interested to hire you, so if one of your goals is to get hired, keep on blogging and share relevant content you will get hired.


If you’re a new blogger, you might find out by now you will need to drive some traffic to your blog before you start thinking about making some money from it.

No traffic to your blog = no money!

One of the best ways to grow your blog and drive some traffic to it is to work on your network.

You will find some bloggers with old blogs on your niche who are doing great, you will need to get in touch with them and build up a relationship.

Don’t ask for this and that, this will never work good for you!

You will need to work on each one of your relationship with other bloggers step by step, and always offer something for them also, this relationship should be based on a win-win situation.

Blogs and domains sales:

Some bloggers are making money by doing this, you can think about starting a blog, write some content and sell your blog.

The price you will get will depend on the niche and the relevant of your content.

Some bloggers are making good amount of money this way, so I won’t discourage you to go for it, but you will need to learn the ropes of this way to make money online.

Support to your own offline business:

If you have already an offline business, and you want to grow it to the next level: make more money and get more clients.

You might need to start a website with a blog, so more people on your niche or in your area if you own a local business, can get to know more about your business and buy from you.

Learn how you can make money with your blog with this 10 free lesson course!


Blog adds:

A few years ago, this was the way to make money from a blog, you could sign up to get some ads for your blog, and as people click on them you could make money.

You can sign up for some ads for your blog today also, it doesn’t work as good as it was, but you need to understand that to make good money this way you need to get huge amount of traffic to your blog.

Ads on your videos:

Have you hear about some YouTubers making huge amount of money on YouTube, well you can make also some money this way, you can make your videos and upload them on YouTube and set up your account to display some ads on your videos.

You need to get lots of views on your videos to make money here.

Ads on your Newsletter:

Do you have already your e-mail list? your clients are loyal to you?

Then you could add some ads on your Newsletter.

How much money can you make this way, well I should say not much!

As many bloggers know people don’t like to open a newsletter to find some ads on it, and these bloggers know already they can make more money selling their own products or services than making just a few cents on ads.

Write a guess post for a product or company:

Google ads.

Your blog is on a popular niche and it gets tons of visits, well you might think about getting some ads from Google.

Sale banners place on your blog:

Your blog is doing good and it gets tons of visits, and your visitors are loyal to you, and your niche is good to share some places where your visitors can get some supplies to make something on your niche, then you might want to sell some banners to other bloggers.

Write product review for a sponsor:

When your blog is doing good, and it gets good traffic, your blog will get noticed by some companies, they will approach to you to ask you if you would be interested to write a blog post using one of their products.

You can decide whether go or not for it, everything will depend on your goals with your blog and your niche. Some companies will make a good offer for you and it will be a win-win situation for you as a blogger and the company.

Your network:

As you write content on your blog, you will get noticed by other bloggers and you will start a good relationship with them. Your network will grow for everyone of you.

You might do some campaigns on your blog hand in hand with other bloggers, so every blog will get more traffic and more sales.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the favorites ways to make money on the internet right now, you will need to have a website with a blog on a niche.

As you write content on your blog, you can talk about some products or services with a link to the seller website, as this company or seller make a sale, you will get a % of the sale.

You will learn the ropes of writing good content and get traffic to your site.

make money with your blog

Digital Products:

Write your own E-books:

You might start a blog because you already know a lot on your niche, one way to make money from your blog is to write an e-book and sell it on the internet.

If you just started your blog, but you don’t know much about your niche, don’t worry, keep at it, as you write content on your blog, you’ll gain more knowledge and soon you’ll be writing an e-book to sell on the internet.

Website themes and plugins:

If you know how to code, you can work on developing some themes and plugins and sell them on the internet.

Blogs and domains:

Some times you start a blog because you have some interest on the niche, as you write content and you learn how to blog, you might get interested on another niche, or just another angle of that niche.

Don’t delete that blog, someone might be interested to buy it from you. There’s already some platforms where you can get an account and place that blog for sale.

You might have been working hard on your blog and someone could get interested on your blog, you might get a good offer that you can’t refuse.

Well, same happens with domains, sometimes you get your domain .com but at the same time you buy .net and .org, if someone gets interested on those domains, well you can set your price.


Well, to be honest, I don’t know much about coding and how to build up some software, but if you do, you’re lucky, a good idea will lead you to work and get a new software product, I’m sure you can sell it on the internet.


Some websites become really good on their niche in time, then you might want to open a part of it open only for members, then you can make money selling memberships.

Photography and videos:

A good website with great content will do good sharing relevant content with their visitors, but every website needs great images to keep their visitors on it.

Videos will be the tool number one on 2018 to get traffic to a website and keep it on it.

You’re good at it, you can make some money on the internet offering your services as photographer or video recorder to bloggers.

Your good at teaching to aspiring photographers, you can work on an online course so other bloggers learn from you.


There’s is a great demand for printable, any kind of printable, you know how to make them you can sell them over and over again.


More and more people are getting used to buying on the internet, you produce something, well it’s the time to open your own website and sell it on the internet.

Some people already know there is a demand for their products, you can sign up to start selling your products on or start selling your products with affiliate marketing so other bloggers can make some money selling your products.


You’re a writer, you can learn how to self publish your own book and start get some sales on the internet.

Handcrafted products:

Crafters and artist are making money on the internet today, they have learn how to run an online business and they can sell their products to any country.


Make money with your blog



Great information is all over the internet, it doesn’t matter what kind of information you need, I’m sure you will get it.

You have been working on your website, it might be time you give the go to your services, there’s many ways to make money offering your coaching services.

Coding and design of websites and blogs:

Anyone can start a blog and write content, but one thing that will make people notice your blog from the rest is your website or blog design.

If you know how to work on coding and you know about design you might want to start making money offering your services to other bloggers.

Make other bloggers websites with unique blogs you can help them to get traffic to their sites and you will get mouth to mouth referrals.

Virtual Assistant:

As bloggers grow their online business, they get more tasks to do and they will need someone to help them to run their business, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can help them and get hired as a virtual assistant.

Translator or Editor:

A blog needs to be well written, you might get bright ideas and your content is great but you might have some grammar problems.

If you’re good with grammar, and you love to read, you might get hired by other bloggers to edit their content.

Some bloggers as they keep working on their blogs find out there’s some people interested in their content but they can’t read it because they speak another language.

If you know more than one language and you’re good at it, you might get interested to do some translator work for other bloggers.


You can get hired by other bloggers to do some work for them, writing, editing, create some images for their blogs etc.


Today on the internet you can find all kinds of different trainings, you can work to build up your own and start making money with it.

Copywriting / content writer:

You write the content for your blog and you don’t get any sales?

You might have a problem to engage with your clients, you might need a copywriter!

Well, as you can read here, if you know something for copywriting and you love to do it, you can teach other bloggers to write copywriting for their blogs and get more sales, that is any bloggers main goal… to make sales on their websites.

You can write for them or you can teach them to write copywriting.

Bookkeeping / Finances:

As more and more bloggers are making money from their blogs, they need to keep track of their sales and on their expenses.

You’re an accountant or know about finances, well the good news for you is not only bloggers might need your help, anyone will need your help and learn from you or hire you to help them to keep track of every cent in their businesses.

Legal coaching:

As the bookkeeper if you know about laws, everyone should learn from you, so you can start a website with a blog to share some knowledge and give some advice to other bloggers or to anyone who wants to learn from you or have a question for you.

Learn how you too can start making money with your blog!


Whether you started your blog just because you wanted to share what you do or you started your blog with an online business on your mind, any blogger will find out sooner or later they can learn how to make money from it and then work from home.

If you have been blogging for some time you might have an idea about what to do and how to do it, and you might be making some good money now.

But if you have been blogging for some time and you get to the moment to think that you might want to give it a try and see if you can make some money with your blog, this guide will help you to see there’s more than one way to start making money with your blog.

My advice:

I share here with you a few ways to make money with your blog, but you don’t need to work on everyone of them!

Some niches to start your own website and make money from home:

How to grow orchids business idea

Cats a $30 billion niche idea

Teach a language – niche idea

Niche idea Knitting

If you have any questions, write a comment and I will reply to it.

I took the Wealthy Affiliate 10 free lesson course to build up this website, today I’m starting to make money sharing what I have learned, and I’m sure you can also learn how to do it.


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  1. Lots of great ideas on getting an online business up and running. Donate now is a great idea with the proper amount of traffic Networking is also a wonderfull idea. I like the idea of placing outside ads on ones site. What great way to ad a revenue stream,but again you need traffic and this is where I am at now. Just a wealth packed article form the author. Lots of informative article for any beginner or a veteran as well. I will be stopping back!!.

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes, there’s more than just one idea to make some money from a website, not all websites are the same, but you can start making money trying one of this idea, and if you see it works ok for you keep at it, and try a second, one at the time, so you can see how it works, keep at it and in time you will be making money from your website.

  2. Wow! The list you have provided is awesome and I am so happy to have been able to visit your site to get this great information.

    Several ideas you have provided, I had never thought to do with the site I am currently building. So, thank you so much for being such as inspiration!

    You are absolutely correct when you talk about networking. People don’t always understand the importance of networking and how it can help you become more successful.

    Once again, thank you so very much for inspiring me with these great ideas. Keep up the great work on your site.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Yvette,
      I’m glad I could give you some ideas to make money from home with the website you’re building up, keep at it, write valuable content for your audience and you will have more visitors and in time you’ll be doing great!

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