How To Grow Orchids Business Idea


Growing orchids at home is a love story, and it might have a happy ending everyday!

Many people can think owning an orchid plant is only for rich people, but day by day this might change as orchid plants price is not as high as it used to be.

Prices can go from very affordable to some how a “little expensive” according to the type of the plant and in which country you live.

I used to live in Mexico, and I always wanted to own my own orchid plant but the price was a little high for me, I could find an adult plant with flowers for the price of almost 50 US dollars, when I moved to Canada I found out an adult plant with flowers is only 13 US dollars, so I got myself my first orchid plant… and it almost died.

How to grow successfully your orchid plant at home.

Sometimes you need in live  to learn how to do it the right way.

As my orchid plant was having problems to survive in my hands, I didn’t want this to happen to it, so I had to look for some tips on how to grow it indoors and grow a beautiful orchid plant at home.

It was not a surprise for me to find a few website where I could read about the “how to” so my plant had a second chance and it worked.

Today, as I write this article, I have three healthy orchid plants at home and no problem at all, they are healthy and one of them is growing three branches that will bloom soon.

Like me, there’re so many people interested to get an orchid plant and learn about how to take care of them the right way.

People love orchid plants and people buy them.

This is a fact, whenever it’s an important event during the year, people love to buy flowers and living plants to give them as a present or to get them for themselves.

If you visit a grocery store during Mother’s day or even on Christmas, you can see they offer orchid plants for sale, one day after and all orchid plants are gone.

If you have a green thumb and you know how to grow orchid plants at home you have a business opportunity in your hands.

How to grow an orchid plants business at home and make some extra money from it.

There’s two ways to make money on this business. how to grow orchids at home

If you got your first orchid plant, and you learned how to take care of it, in a year or a couple of years you will know how to grow more plants from it, soon your house will look like a green house.

Plants grows easily at home when you know how to take care of them, and soon you will own a dozen extra plants and you might want to make some extra money from it.

You can go and talk to the flower store owner in your neighbourhood and find if the owner is interested to get some plants from you. You might get surprised that most of the time, flower store owners are willing to support home based entrepreneurs and they will get your plants in their stores under commission.

You also can sign up to the farmers market in your area and bring your orchid plants there to sell, this will be a direct sale from the producer (you) and your client.

By doing the second idea to sell by yourself the extra orchid plants you have, it will give you the chance to talk directly with your clients, they will get an extra bonus to ask you some questions about how to take care of the plant and you might get to know more people interested on this hobby.

By doing this is a win-win situation!

how to grow orchids business idea


How to grow orchid plants at home online business idea.

Now that you have some experience growing orchid plants at home and you have learned a few tips on this hobby you might want to share your knowledge and make some extra money from home.

As I was interested to learn about this hobby, I had to do some rearch on the internet, it was good to find out there’s a few good places where I could read about how to succeed on this new hobby for me.

It doesn’t matter there’s already a few websites and YouTube channels that talk about this hobby, this is a good sign that people is interested on this hobby and there’s a place for you to jump in on this business from home.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, around the world there’s people interested to learn from you.

If you want to jump in on this online business, there’s a place for you.

You will need to find out what is the best way to do it and what works for you.

You can start your YouTube channel and start sharing your videos and share your own tips of this hobby.

If you want to watch a few videos on YouTube about how to grow orchids at home, this will be a good idea to know who are the influencers on this niche and how they do their videos, what tips they give and check also how many sucriptions they have on their channels, you might get surprised on how many people follow them, some of their followers will be interested to follow you as well.

To make money from your YouTube videos remember you need to set up your videos according to YouTube, follow their rules and get social on Social Media, the more followers you get the more times your videos will be watched and you will might be making money from it.

Start your own website and share your knowledge about “how to grow orchids at home”

Why to start your own website on this niche if you can make money on YouTube? how to grow orchids at home

I know YouTube videos is a good business idea and you might be making money from it soon, but your YouTube channel is not yours, you don’t own it, and it could go good, but you never know if something goes wrong you might lose your channel.

When you start your own website, your business is yours, you own it.

When you start your own website on this niche, it’s you who will decide the way to make money from it.

Then your YouTube channel will be part of your business, and you will have more than one way to make money from it.

How can you make money from your Orchid business idea.

Your YouTube channel sharing videos of your knowledge:

  • How to pick your first orchid plant.
  • How to know a plant is sick or healthy
  • Why to buy a healthy plant at the store.
  • How to water the plant at home
  • What kind of substrate is the best for orchid plants.
  • Talk about different kinds of orchid plants

Grow your audience on your website.

As you share great value content on your website, people will read it and will follow you.

The more success people have growing orchid plants at home following your advice and tips they will become your best clients and they will visit your website.

As you grow your audience and your traffic, then is the moment to start making money from your website.

  • Write an e-book for beginners (how I wish I could have had read an e-book like this with my first orchid plant)
  • Write and sell an e-book about this topic
  • Work to get some passive income ideas on this niche: online courses, people will love to follow an online course where you share your knowledge and help them to grow healthy orchid plants at home.

The ideas on this niche will have no end, as you keep going on your hobby, you will find more ways to grow a healthy orchid plant at home, and you will get more material and knowledge to write different kinds of e-books or online courses for your clients.

Affiliate Marketing.

Don’t forget you can make some extra money working from home on this niche on affiliate marketing.

As you’re working on your website writing blog post on your niche, you can share links to Amazon so people can read some books to learn more about this hobby and you will be making some money from it.

The more traffic you get on your website the more sales you will get from Amazon and this income will grow too, one day you might notice that this source of income will be important to you.

You won’t have any problem to find products on “how to grow your orchid plants at home” on this affiliate niche:

So don’t miss this opportunity. If you want to know more about how to succeed making money on affiliate marketing, my recommendation number one is to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate for the 10 free lesson and learn how you too can start making money from home sharing your knowledge on your passion (growing orchids at home)

start your own website

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