Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

When you have been working on your hobby for some time, you’re ready to share your best tips and secrets, Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea.

Building Miniature Dollhouses is a hobby that many are doing for years, many will start working on it and they are looking for the best tips and secrets to help them to achieve their goal to build the most beautiful miniature dollhouse for themselves or for a little one.

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site IdeaMiniature Dollhouse is a hobby that has been in the market for years and it will stay for many years more. Spending more time at home nowadays, people around the world are looking for a hobby to get creative and to help them to stay busy and have some fun as they stay at home.

Follow the steps to build a miniature dollhouse exactly as a tutorial or as the kit they bought or getting creative and build up one by their own idea, is a niche where you can share some tips and secrets to help many to achieve their goals, and at the same time build up an online business from home.

So let’s take a look to know more about how to build a profitable niche site on this niche.

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Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

What Is A Miniature DollHouse?

A dollhouse is a toy home made in miniature, it can be made within a box or a few boxes stacked together or building a structure following a blueprint that can be valued in a good amount of money.

Some Miniature dollhouses are built as a toy for children, so they can play with it, and some will be built as a valuable item for a private collection.

Some people are interested to build up one of these dollhouses as part of their private collection and some people get interested to build these dollhouses on a topic.

  • Victorian miniature dollhouses
  • Provence Villa
  • Country house
  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • And many more!

It’s often to find these miniature dollhouse in a scale of 1:12 but you can also find different types of these miniature houses that don’t follow this rule.

It will be easier for you to follow the scale of 1:12 to build a niche site, and there is huge interest from people interested to build a new miniature dollhouse as part of their private collection and they will be interested to know more about how to do it and they are willing to put some money into their hobby.

Can You Really Make Money With A Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site?

There are a few different ways to make money with a niche site:

  • Add ads on your website – You need to get a good number of visits on your website to make money this way.
  • Sell your own products – You can make some products on this niche as people are already used to buying some products online: miniature furniture, miniature rugs, miniature dolls and many more.
  • Create your own online courses – You can create an online course to help people to learn how to build their own miniature dollhouse or some furniture for it.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to monetize a Niche Site is by working on Affiliate Marketing, as you create your new website on this niche, you can create content to help your readers to know how to build their first miniature house and how to build up some furniture for it.

People will visit your website to learn more from you, when you create new content for your website, you will be sharing some tips that will help your readers to get the best results:

  • What is the best Miniature Dollhouse to build for beginners
  • What is the best paint to use?
  • What to tell any beginner that want to build a Miniature house?
  • How to protect a Miniature house?
  • What is the real value of a Miniature house?

As your readers find more information that will help them to know more on this niche, they will become your followers and they will be purchasing some new tools, kits and other products or services that you recommend to them with affiliate links, this way every time they make a new purchase you will be making a % of each sale.

The more content (articles and tutorials) you share on your website, it will get known as an authority site and people will be linking to your website, this way it will grow and get more traffic, then your income will also grow.

One rule I like to follow is: If there are people already working on this niche then it is because this niche is profitable, and we know this niche has been here for many years and I think it will keep growing more each year.

I checked for you on Google Trends and this niche is a steady niche to work on, it’s not a seasonal niche that only grows during the Holidays, there is interest to keep working on this niche all year round.

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

How To Make Money With A Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site?

When you decide to work on a Niche Site, the best recommendation I can give you is to get the best Affiliate Marketing training you can get, you can create a FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate, and get a 7 days free training to learn how to create your own free website and learn the basic of affiliate marketing.

On this free training you will be introduced to keywords and to SEO (Search Engines Optimization) with the training you will learn how to write new content for your website that people interested on this niche can find and read on your blog.

As you keep working to create more content, your website will get more traffic and you’ll be helping your readers to find the best kits, tools and everything they need to build up their own miniature houses.

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

Best Keywords For Your Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site

One way to work on a Niche Site and make it profitable, is by working to create new content with the best Keywords on your niche. As you can see Google will give you some ideas to create new content your readers are currently looking to know more about.

I use Jaxxy as a Keyword tool to help me find the best keywords for my niche site, when you create your free account with Wealthy Affiliate you will get 30 free searches on Jaxxy to find the best keywords for your niche site.

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

Jaxxy is one of the best keywords tools you can use to find keywords to create new content for your website to help your readers to find you.

As you can see on the picture above, Jaxxy will give you the Average search for each keyword and also the traffic and will help you to know if each keyword will rank good or not on the Search Engines.

As you keep working to create new content for your website, you can learn more about SEO with Wealthy Affiliate (Premium Membership). You don’t need to hire someone else to do the SEO for your website when you learn how to do it.

Learn some easy steps to work on every new article you will be publishing and you will be happy to see your website ranking on page 1 on Google soon!

What Affiliate Programs To Use On This Niche?

There are a few affiliate programs to work with on this niche, but as a beginner you can start working with Amazon, there are plenty of products you can link to as you create content for your website

Miniature furniture and miniature furniture kits.

There are plenty of miniature furniture kits to write new content for your website, you won’t have any problem to find kits for beginners and some kits for people who already have done a few and they want to make more complicated furniture or with better finish.

You can write new content with some tags in mind like: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and others.

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

Miniature House Kits

There is a good selection of Miniature House Kits on Amazon where you can find enough inspiration to write your first blog post and you might get surprised to get a good list of blog post ideas to write about for your first six months or even for your first year.

Some ideas could be: Victorian Miniature Houses, modern, country, green house, miniature houses for children, for private collections and more!

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea Closing Thoughts

Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site IdeaWhen I was working on the research to see if there is enough material for a niche site on Miniature Dollhouses niche, I was amazed by the number of searches on this niche on Google and other Search Engines, this will help you to know there is people interested to know more about this niche around the world.

If you have been working on this niche and you have some good tips and secrets to help others to achieve their goal to build up a miniature dollhouse for their children or as a start for their private collection, I’m sure with your good work and time, your website will do great.

Working on a niche site to make it profitable will require good work from you and time, if you’re new to niche sites and how to make money on the internet with a website, my best recommendation for you is to create your FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate and get the 10 lessons online course to create your free website.

You will be welcomed by the amazing community and you will get help from everyone there so you can start working on your free website.

Find more ideas to create a profitable Niche Site here:


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3 thoughts on “Miniature Dollhouses Niche Site Idea”

  1. Great idea for a niche site. 

    It had not occurred to me, despite having a niece who builds amazing dollhouses because she collects them. The possibilities are endless really as she not only buys furniture but miniature accessories for every room, adds lighting etc to make it as realistic as possible. There are so many different styles of house, they can be made from kits or from plans. 

    Its an interesting hobby and seems to be a growing niche too.

    Thank you, an interesting and informative read.

  2. A miniature doll house was one of my favorite when I was a child and I still love them now. I was so upset when my parents donated mine. But hey it is for a good cause. Anyways, I totally think that it is a great niche. Look at that social media platform where that person is cooking in the miniature kitchen and I love it! This is a great niche that you can keep selling the parts and also share the tips on how you install something. I will check out the community that you mentioned. 

  3. Well, having to focus on a niche that has to miniature dollhouses is not a bad idea, and neither is the miniature dollhouses niche a bad niche. Such a niche can quite profitable and lucrative if the right steps are taken. Pulling traffic for a site that deals on such niche sounds a bit hard. But thanks to you for making it seem easy with these great ideas you have highlighted in this article.

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