Vida Divina MLM Review

You might want to help others to live a better life, and you might want to know if working on the health and wellness sub niche is a good opportunity for you to make an income, you might also get the invitation to join to sell this companies products and you want to know if is it a good business opportunity or not, so let’s take a look to the Vida Divina MLM Review.

Vida Divina MLM Review - Tea PackageThe health and wellness is a sub niche with a huge potential for making money from it, whether you work to sell some products with your friends and family or with your own website.

I guess you might be invited to join Vida Divina company to sell their products, I want to congratulate you for taking the time to look for more information that will help you to know more about this MLM company and how people working to sell their products earn an income from it.

Product Name: Vida Divina

Founder: Armand Puyoult

Price to join: Starter kits from $135 to $1,360

Scam or Legit: Legit

Recommended? No!

What is Vida Divina?

Vida Divina was founded by Armand Puyoult in 2016 along with Esther Romos, who wanted to offer their clients a good selection of health and wellness products, focusing on weight loss, brain function, boosting immune system, and better sleep quality.

This company adopted the MLM business model, which allows you to purchase their products and also join the company to start your own business selling their products.

If you decide to sign up to be a member with this company, you’ll get some benefits that will help you to start your own business and make a commission from your sales.

Vida Divina has been in the market for a few years, its based in Ontario, California, and its registered in the Better Business Bureau, where it maintains an A+ rating.

Is Vida Divina Products Worth The Price?

This company has a good selection of products where you can find one that will meet your needs, from the long list of products I will mention a few of their best-sellers.

TeDivina Tea

This tea was developed by the Dr. Ester Romos, and has become one of their bestsellers, this tea contains herbs and other ingredients that will help you to detoxify your body and mind.

Cafe Divina is their coffee line and you can find it like Cappuccino, black, hazelnut, Latte, Mocha, Scult, Hot Chocolate.

Lean is a meal replacement shake that will help you to keep your weight. You can find it in different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Various Supplements is a line of products claims to give all the nutrients everyone needs that helps in caloric control and promotes a healthy life.

You can get all these products at discounted price when you become a member, but you can also buy these products even if you don’t sign up as distributor, but you also can purchase these products at Amazon.

Vida Divina MLM Review - Man Jogging

Vida Divina Business Opportunity

Vida Divina is another company that works with the Multi-Level Marketing model, when you decide to work selling this company products, you need to buy a starter kit to become an independent distributor.

There are different starting kits you can buy.

  • The basic package – It comes with a cost of $135
  • The popular package – it comes with a cost of $340
  • The Premium package, it comes with a cost of $680
  • The Supreme package, it has a cost of $1,360

Vida Divina Compensation Plan

As you might know every MLM company has its own compensation plan and Vida Divina is not the exception to this. You can get all the information about it when you sign up to be an independent distributor, so I will only share some information about it, to help you to know what you can expect.

Retail Sales Commissions

When you sign up to become an independent distributor, you can promote and sell this company products with your family and friends, to start building up your client’s list. The way you make some money selling their products is when you buy the products on a wholesale price and you sell them on the retail price.

But as many other MLM companies, when you work to sell Vida Divina products you can increase the money you’re making when you work to build up your team as you get people interested to join your team.

Vida Divina Affiliate Opportunity

One thing I like of this company is they have an affiliate opportunity if someone is interested to market their products, you can read the affiliate agreetment here to know more about it.

Vida Divina Pros

Vida Divina is another company that works with the MLM business model, its legit, and it offers some good points to anyone who wants to try to make money with them.

  • Base commissions are good.
  • You can be making more money when you get people interested to join your team.
  • Every rank level has more bonus that will help you to earn more.
  • Good ratings on BBB
  • Be honest, as this company makes clear that their products are not the cure for any diseas or any health problem.

If you have some experience working on this type of business with good results, you might want to add some new products to your business.

Vida Divina Cons

This company also have some cons, and if you’re looking to work selling their products, it is better to know everything about it before you sign up.

  • Starter kits cost are higher than other MLM companies.
  • To reach a new rank, you will need to work harder.
  • Product prices are not shown on the website, so its hard to know in advance the potential income you could be making.
  • No income disclosure.
  • Saturated market.

Is Vida Divina A Scam?

Vida Divina MLM Review - Tea PackageThe Vida Divina is a legit company with an extensive health and wellness product line, so this is not a scam at all, but its on you to decide whether or not to join this company to start your own business.

As many other MLM companies, what I don’t like of this business model is that this company doesn’t guarantee an income when you decide to start marketing their products, you’ll be working hard to get as many sales as you can every month to get only a % from the sales you make.

Another point to have in mind is when you work to sell health and wellness products you’re making a promise to your clients that their life will change for better, but there’s no guarantee this will happen as different people will get different results and with this type of products it is always better to recommend seeing their family doctor to get better results.

Final Thoughts

Create your own online business is possible, if you like the health and wellness niche, and you have some expertise to share to help other to live a better life, I would recommend you to follow the same 4 steps to create an income with your own website, you can get a 10 lesson FREE training, one free website and 24/7 support.

Learn how to work on your own online business while you help many to have a better life!