7 Habits To Improve Your Life


Change your life for the lifestyle you have been dreaming of today, it’s not impossible, it will require some work to change old habits into new habits to start living your dram life.

One of the most common problems today among people is everyone, or should I say many people wish they could live a better life!

Life goes by so fast, it’s almost imposible to pay attention to what we do as a daily routine, but one thing is for sure, if you’re not happy with your life, nobody will help you to change your life, the God mother with the magic wand doesn’t exist, so if you’re waiting for that magic moment when you wake up one day and your life had change and you live now in that house you always wanted and you have that perfect life, you need to start do something about it.

I won’t say anymore that wishing for a better life and get it is impossible, because it is possible, but it’s you who needs to start working on it.

The 7 habits of highly effective people, by Stephen R. Covey.

I guess I got your attention, and you continue reading my post, and I’m sure you got to a point where you wish your life could be better, the good news is you can make it happen.

How long will it take to improve my life?

I won’t say that the same day you decide to make something to improve your life you will be living in your dream house, driving your dream car and your life will be perfect, but the day you decide you change your life, and you get at it day by day, making those small changes that will lead you to a life that  you dream about, that same day you will see some difference in your life.

Let’s talk about the 7 habits that will help you to change your life.

1 You need to be proactive.

You might have heard about the law of Attraction, I must say I believe on it, whatever you think of you can have it, or ask and you will get!

I wish that could be that easy, everyone would be living in big mansions and living their perfect lives, no problems and no worries at all.

But the same law of Attraction has on it something that we have been missing, Attr-ACTION, it’s good to know what you would love to have in your life, but wishing and asking is one thing, but you need to act to get in your life every thing you wish for.

The first thing you need to work it’s to know exactly what you want to achieve in your life, take a moment and write it on a paper, once you write it on a paper, it will be more that just a thought in your mind.

You can go back and read it as many times as you want during the day, in a week, in a  month and even in a year.

Once you know that you want to achieve that, you need to work to get it.

Surround yourself with whatever you need to work to get it, are you tired to listen to so many bad news about the world? turn off the radio, tv and don’t visit Twitter anymore, or just follow positive people who shares ideas that will help you to work on your project.

Write on a paper everything you need to work on to get this project done, and look for a way to know how you can work on it,

This is how you need to be proactive on whatever you want to improve in your life.

One example would be: you would love to live in a organized house, no more clutter in your life, it doesn’t matter if you have a full time job, 10 minutes every day to place something in its place will make a huge difference in a month.

2 Start with an end in your life.

Remember that moment when you were a teenager and your parents and teacher asked you what would you want to be in your adult life? a doctor, a lawyer, a farmer, an entrepreneur?

Anything that you said in that moment was the right answer! you might achieved it or you might not.

But I wanted to make you to focus some attention to this point. At the moment you might want to change something in your life to live that dream life.

This time you have no parents or teacher in front of you asking that question, it’s yourself the one that will ask that question. Once again your answer will be the right one.

Many people and maybe you too would love to work from home and have an online business and make a full income from home, that will be great, and many people are doing it right now, It’s my dream too.

So you need to give this information to your brain. Be clear and be specific on what you want to achieve.

The more information you give to your brain, the idea will be more clear for it.

Your brain will work exactly the right way to find the way to work to get it, to make that possibility into something you will achieve. It will find the right tools, the information and the best way you can work on it.

3 First things come first.

The idea to live the perfect life today might be the dream for many people, but when you pay more attention to what you do on your daily routine and to other people daily routine, you can see what people used to do won’t help much to achieve their goals.

Go to work, go back home, get some fast food and sit down to watch some TV!

If your dream life includes to work from home with an online business, you might need to find the way to learn what you need to know, to know the ropes of any online business.

You might need to go to work every morning and when you get back home you might need to attend a webinar or to watch the next lesson on an online course, you might need to read a new book and you will need to work on your website.

To help you to achieve your goals, this new habit will help you, you need to remember “first things come first”.

You want to watch TV, you might need to ask yourself if you have written new content for your website, or is there a new webinar you need to listen to or try something new for your website, maybe you want to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Humans tend to work for periods of 90 minutes, so now you know how you can plan your activities, read for one hour everyday to learn a new skill that will help you to quit soon your job and start making a full income from home, then you can watch some TV.

So next time you work on a new project, and you know you need to work on something new, but all you want to do is to watch some TV or do something different, a question to yourself that might help you to focus on what is more important would be: have I read today?, have I written new content for my website?, etc.

4 Think Win-Win.

On today’s business the idea to work with other people or business is more common that you might think, if you’re working to build up your own online business, you might know by now one important thing for your online business is to get traffic to your website or to reach to your clients.

You might have the best website on your niche, but if you don’t get traffic or you don’t reach your clients, your website will look like an island in the biggest ocean you can picture in your mind.

Humans are social, we love to talk to each others, and we love to work together, well to reach success here you need to create situations where you and the people that work with you, both will find a win-win situation every single time you work together.

You find a website where you can get a guest post, you need to offer something in exchange to the owner of that online business.

You might write something on your niche that will help the other persons website clients to improve their lives, so those clients will be happy to read what you have written and will be happy to visit the site where you write as a guest blogger.

Once you decide to work on your own business, off or online, you need to create situations where everyone win, not only you.

7 Synergy.

(I know, I jumped to number 7… I will come back to number 5 later)

I want to write about number 7 synergy now, because it goes hand in hand with number 4 Win-Win.

As a entrepreneur you need to know you don’t need to do everything for your business, on your daily work on your own business you will find moments when you will realize you don’t know much or enough about something, then you will need to look for the best way to work on it.

You might get to the idea that one of your friends is an expert on it or he/she knows a lot about it, find the way how you can help your friend on something you’re good at and ask your friend for help.

Does this sounds familiar to you as a blogger or as an entrepreur?

You might know much about how to write a good article for your website, but you’re not too good finding the right picture for your post, but you know a blogger who is pretty good with images for there site but he or she is not too good at copy writing, well you can get in contact with him or her and talk about how you both can help each other.

Always look for a way on how you can help other to achieve their goals or dreams and you can look for people to help you to achieve yours.

5 Try to understand before you get understood.

As you work on your online business, you might get to the point you need to listen to your client to help them to solve a problem, once you know what problem you can solve for them you will find your product or service to make a business.

Walk a mile in other peoples shoes.

You need to listen other people before you think about your next business model, to reach success and to achieve your dream life, you’ll need to walk a long road before you reach success, but if you walk this road withour listening to  others you might not find the right way to work on your business.

Some people go in life like just go, go, go, they don’t pay attention to anything, well I guess you’re here today, because your already interested to find the way to work on your dream.

Try to understand others so you know what you need to work on to reach your own success.

6 Sharp your saw.

If you were living in the country, right next to a forest, and you need to cut some wood to cook your food and to keep your house warm during the winter, but every time you go to the forest you just get your saw and you go there to cut the wood with your old saw, do you think you can cut a tree in record time?

I’m pretty sure you won’t. It will take you days and maybe weeks if not months to get a tree down.

Well, now let’s think that you take your saw and you sharpen it up before you go out to cut a tree, you might get that job done in record time, with no problems at all, you will succeed!

Same thing happens with us, you want to try to work from home but you might have no idea what to do first, you’d heard you can write a blog and you can make lots of money from it. Fantastic!

Well, it did happen to me, I start a blog a few years ago, and I wrote and wrote on it and my blog never was a success!

Why did I fail on my first try?

Because I didn’t know what to do to write a blog for my business. I had no clue at all! And I’m not shy to say it today, I have learned my lesson.

As the farmer needs to take care for there saw to cut a tree in one day, anyone who wants to start a website to make a business and make a full income and work from home, needs to learn the ropes for it.

Your brain need to get the knowledge to do something and to reach success.

Picture for a moment a person who is watching TV all the time and he or she wants to reach success in life (live well, build up a passive income, and support his or her family) Do you think being watching TV all the time will help this person to reach success, well I don’t think so, and I don’t want to be hard on it, but if you don’t work on what you want to achive, you might not reach success ever, same thing goes for myself.

So now you know, if you know what you want for yourself or for your family for a “dream life”… it won’t happen as magic.

But today you have more knowledge about how you can achieve anything you want to.

I share today these 7 habits to improve your life, but if you want to know more about it you might want to invest a little in yourself and read the book.

As entrepreneur reading is a good habit that will help you to achieve anything you want in life!, now you know about 7 habits that will help you to start living the life you’d had been dreaming about.

What would be the new habit to start with to build your dream life for yourself?





4 thoughts on “7 Habits To Improve Your Life”

  1. Hi Alejandra, I read the book quite a long time ago but it’s always good to go back to review things that made an impact and that was certainly a book that did that for me. I love the fact that you spoke about synergy right after win-win because I agree, they do go hand in hand. I also think your best advice is to walk in other people’s shoes because if we can go through life trying to see things from the other person’s perspective, I think that makes us more compassionate people. Thanks for the great reminders! Blessings, Jim M

  2. I even agree with you friend,

    As you rightly said, no one can change your lifestyle for you. So if you dream to leave a BIG life in this world, then you surely need to work toward it.

    When we were in school we all had teachers who will always ask what will you when you grow. However, now we have our lives in our own hands we need to make our dreams come true.

    I surely like the idea of building my own online business and I’m definitely going to take your advice, thank you.

  3. Hello there! Hey there! This is really great tips to improve someone’s life. My life isn’t that great and I think this 7 habits will surely help me improve my life. I’m not perfect and no one is perfect. Following these 7 habits of your s will not harm anyone when trying it. Thank you for sharing this information and hope that everyone improves their life.

  4. Hi Alejandra, Thanks for a fabulous post. Like Jim, I also read this book many years ago, when it first came out so it was great to have all the habits outlined in one quick read. What really jumped out at me today was the 5th habit, as I have been learning on a new way of doing customer research at the moment. Instead of just sending out or posting a quick survey to my blog visitors, I’m actually setting up calls with them and having a real live conversation. That way I can go much deeper into their wants and needs and uncover their pain points and challenges. It takes a lot longer but it’s also way more effective.

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