Best Crochet Business Ideas

The 10 Best Crochet Business Ideas will help you to start making money from what you love to make, it’s time for you to share your best tips to anyone who wants to learn to crochet.

Far is that day when everybody used to think crochet was just for grandmothers, today many are discovering the art of crochet and starting to make many products that make their lives better.

Best Crochet Business Ideas - Baby SweaterCrochet is most known by many as the art of making the granny square blankets, but many known that crochet can help anyone to create anything you want from those tiny and cute shoes for a newborn, to any size sweater to keep your warm and cozy during winter.

But I should also mention that many are discovering the art to crochet to create the most amazing dolls and toys, and this is because you can create almost anything you want with crochet.

Can You Build Up A Business On Crochet?

If you have been wondering if you can stay at home and crochet all the time? But how can you turn your passion for crochet into a business so you can make money from it?

No matter in what country you live and no matter what you love to crochet, out there, there are many people looking to learn to crochet and you can help them.

Internet has opened the doors to anyone who is willing to work hard and smart to create an online business, many are running their successful business sharing their best tips to crochet right now!

I’m glad you’re here, as I’m going to tell you about how you too can create your own online business by helping others to crochet!

The 10 Best Crochet Business Ideas

Best Crochet Business Ideas

1 – Sell Your Finished Products


  • Gives you the opportunity to crochet everything you want to make – When you love to crochet, you might like to keep crocheting to make as many products as you can, with an off or online store you known you can crochet anything you want as you will sell everything you make.


  • It can take a lot of time – No matter if you can crochet fast, making a finished product can take a few to many hours working on an item to finish it, you will need to think about how much your work-hour value is to make it profitable.
  • You need to invest in materials – To make a production of finished items, you need to buy yarn to make them and storage for the finished items until you sell them.

2 – Take Custom Orders

As you keep working on your Crochet business, people will start talking about you and your products and you might get contacted by them and before you notice you will get a good list of items to make.


  • You can known in advance what products to make – Getting custom orders will help you to known in advance what items to make and you can ask for a down payment in advance to buy the material you need.
  • You can charge more – When you get commissions, your client might want you to crochet for them unique items, with specific colors of yarn and measurements, you need to take in consideration some orders will take longer to make so you can tell your client in advance the right price for each item.


  • Finish each order in time to be delivered – When you get each order your client will want to known when the item will be ready, you need to provide a day and you’ll be working with deadline, which can be hard to meet often.
  • Clients can change their mind and can be rude – Many times, clients can change their minds about some stitches or color or even size, you will need to be very patient with them and you also need to set up business policies in advance. But many times you will meet not happy clients who can turn into a rude client.

Best Crochet Business Ideas

3 – Open An Online Store

When you open an online store to sell your finished products, you can list your products and write each product description to help your client to known in advance what is the product, size, shape, weight, and the benefits of buying from you.


  • Your online store will help you to known what products your client wants to buy from you – You can list on your online store the products you will be only making.
  • You can decide how big or small your store will be – Many crafters who work with an online store let their clients to known what day they will be uploading new products to their stores, this way their clients will show up to buy from you your products.
  • You can create collections – Crochet can be seasonal and you will known what products your client wants to buy from you on each season.


  • Start can be slow – Any new business will need the good work from its owner to help it to become a success, opening an online crochet business is not the exception. It might take some time for you to learn what crochet items your client is currently looking for before you start getting your first sales.
  • You need to learn SEO – Your online store will become a success story if you known what keyword to use on your product titles and descriptions.

You can become a SEO expert when you sign up for a Premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate and follow SEO training for $49.00 USA dollars/ month.

4 – Sell Your Products On Social Media

Many crafters are using Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to sell their products, many have learned to join a group to tell other what they do and get some sales, in many cases it works great!


  • You can get viral – People love to see finished items on Social Media, you can create your own account and set up your own page, it will take some time for people to find you, but if they love what you do, you can get some sales and make some extra money on those platforms
  • Selling on Social Media Is Free – Social Media platforms can be a way to start your business for free, if you don’t want to pay for ads, you can share good photos of your products and your followers will help you to share your products.


  • Not all Facebook Groups Will Allow You To Sell Your Products – You need to learn and follow each group policies to stay in the groups.
  • You might need to create your own group to promote your products – To work to get sales on a Social Media group can be an endless work.

Best Crochet Business Ideas

5 – Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Crochet is very popular, if you want to share a few DIY or tutorials to help others to make some crochet products on their own, you might grow your channel fast and before you known you will be allowed to monetize it and you will start making money from it.


  • Crochet is so popular – I have no doubt people love to crochet, and if you share tutorials and DIY people are looking for right now, your channel will grow fast and you can become so well-known and your channel will get tons of views.
  • You can create a video as you work on a product – The good thing about growing your own channel on YouTube is that you’ll be working to crochet a product once and the video can be viral and will make money for you over and over again.
  • Learn about SEO – Yes, it’s SEO again, your YouTube channel needs a good work on SEO to be found and to grow your audience! If you do it right, your channel will grow nice and fast!


  • Learn to make videos – If you’re new to this, it will take some time to learn how to make a good video.
  • Buy all the equipment you need – A good camera, tripod, microphone and lights, but hey, you can start making your first videos with your smart phone, just start and you’ll get better!

6 – Create Your Own Website

Nowadays the best way to get known by your clients is by creating your own website where you can publish your own blog telling your clients about your products.

Today, when you take your time and money to create your own website and to learn how to write it, you are investing on yourself and on your own business.

I will never to stop telling everyone who is looking to start its own business, to do it write with its own website.

When you own your own website, it’s your own, nobody else’s, if one day Social Media decides to change their policies, your business can vanish with new rules, when you write your own website, you’re the boss and you will be running your own business.

If you do it right, the sky is the limit!


  • Websites are open 24/7 – Anytime your client is looking for some information about your products your website will be open for them, they can read about you and they can follow your online store links to buy from you.
  • Websites are open worldwide – You won’t be stuck for local clients only, you can get orders from different cities in your country or you can even get sales from other countries, you will need to set up your policies and let your clients known if your business is open worldwide or just local.
  • A website will help you to get different products.


  • Creating and building up a website can take time – If you’re new to blogging and own your own website, it might take you some weeks and even a few months to get it running. But once you learn how to do it, you will love how good it can work.

If you think that keeping your self crocheting all the time can be tired, I agree with you and today there are many different ways to make money from your love of crocheting and we will talk about a few of them.

Owning your own website will open for you more new business opportunities, so let’s take a look.

7 – Write and Sell Your Own Crochet Patterns

As you love to crochet, you might be very skilled and people will ask you how they can make one by themselves, internet is full of people selling right now different crochet patters.

  • Baby clothing
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Amiguries
  • Dolls
  • Curtains, pillows, and many more


  • Work once and sell over and over again – Learning to write a pattern might take some time, and you might be good at it already, this is a great way to start making some money from what you love to make.
  • There are a few platforms on the internet where you can sell your own crochet patterns, each platform has its own policies and fees.
  • Learn SEO and write the best descriptions for your patterns and you’ll be doing great.


  • Some online platforms to sell PDF patterns are high – You need to take this into consideration before you set up your prices, another good idea is to check prices from other patterns so you can set up the right prices for your patterns.

8 – Create Online Courses

Many people are looking to learn to crochet, but I known reading a pattern can be hard for beginners, if you create some online courses to make your products you can create a passive income by selling your courses many times.


  • You work hard one time and you can be making money from an online course many times.- This is a great way to create a passive income many crocheters are working on these days. There are a few platforms where you can host your online classes to sell them to anyone who is looking to crochet.
  • Learn SEO to write great descriptions for your online courses so your clients can find you.

9 – Write A Book

Once you grow a good number of clients and they talk with their friends about you, your patterns and online courses, it’s time to think about writing a book.

Whether you write a book with your best-selling patterns or writing new patterns, you can sell it as an e-book or you can sell it self-publishing.


  • Whether you sell it as an e-book or self-publishing book, this is another great way to create a passive income!


  • It might take time to write a book, but it is worth all the work, – the more you known about your client and what patterns they want to buy from you, your book can become a bestseller!

10 – Affiliate Marketing.

I left affiliate marketing to last not because it is the less or the more important, it’s because I might take more time to talk about it.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you need to known this the best way to start creating a passive income for beginners, as you work to crochet your own items or products for yourself and for your family, you can create articles or blog post to talk about how you make them.

As people come to your website to read from you, they will be interested to get the same crochet needle you use and the same yarn you use to make your items.

As you write your new articles to share them on your website (blog) you can share some affiliate links so your readers can buy from Amazon or from another affiliate program with the same products you use to crochet your items. This way you will be making a per cent of what your client pays for what they buy to crochet without the need to pay more for it.

Affiliate marketing is a win – win – win, as you help your readers to known how to crochet and where to buy the same needles and yarn, your client wins as they can crochet a similar item like you, and the seller also wins as they sell everything your reader needs to crochet!

What Crochet Products To Sell As An Affiliate?

Everything you use to create or to make your crochet items:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hooks
  • Scissors
  • Books
  • Patterns
  • Online courses
  • And anything more that you use to crochet!

How Fast Can a Crochet Website Take To Start Making Money?

Best Crochet Business Ideas - Baby SweaterI’m glad you asked this question, it can take some time, and it’s important for you to known it before you start working on it.

A Niche Site or a website that shares content on a topic, like a crochet site, will take some work, time and money before it starts to make money for you.

If you already known something about blogging, the use of keywords and SEO, your website can soon be making money for you.

Another thing to take into consideration is if you already have a group of followers who are ready to buy from you or to follow your tips about some products, your website will soon be making money for you.

If you’re a beginner about writing content for a website, and you don’t known anything about keyword and how to work on SEO for a website, it might take from 12 to even 24 months before you see your website making money for you.

But once your website starts working the way a niche site should do, the sky is the limit!

Where Is The Best Place To Learn To Create A Crochet Website?

If you got interested to learn how to create a niche site where you can share your knowledge to crochet with your readers, I will recommend for you to create your FREE starter account with Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn the first steps to create your free website at the same time you learn how to use Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best training you can find today to learn how to create a niche site, it’s the same training I did a few years ago when I learned to create my own niche site, today it works great and it makes money for me as I share what I love to do (crafts).

If you want to give it a try, I’ll be there to welcome you to the amazing Wealthy Affiliate community and to help you with the first steps to create your first website.

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  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing this intersting ideas! Long time ago I learned how to corchet. It was so much fun, I learned many thing in the area of creativity. Not easy to learn tho and need a lot of patient. Well I guess for a pro they can do very fast but I am not a pro, I just a noob. But corcheting is nice! It is ver calm, relaxing and you can do anywhere.

  2. Hello Alex, this is very interesting article. I have to admit that I don’t know how to crochet, but you got me interested in learning. I love creativity and now you’ve shown me that I can make money from it, which is really great. Combining beautifully and usefully is of inestimable importance. Build up a business on crochet is my new professional goal.

  3. Wow Alex! This brings back a lot of pleasant memories as my mom crochet, knitted and sewed a lot as well as teaching others how to do it. Thanks! Mel

    • Hi Mel
      I agree with you, I learned how to crochet from my grandmother and from my great grandmother, it was always nice to see them to crochet so good and fast and they were always willing to teach me!
      Thanks for reading my blog today!


  4. Crochet is such a beautiful art form, I am very happy that it’s back!
    Thank you for sharing these great business ideas with crochet. In South Africa many ladies crochet and sell on the side of the road and at markets – from small doilies to huge table coverings. I see macrame is also back, another really gorgeous artform – more boho that crochet but beautiful too.
    The opportunity to take a business online is something we are so fortunate to have. Wealthy Affiliate training is topnotch when it comes to creating an online business, thank you for sharing.
    Blessings always

    • Thanks so much for sharing how some women keep crocheting in South Africa Luise, I hope they are doing good business and they can make a good income from crochet to support their families!
      I agree with you when someone decides to take what they love to do into a business, there is a better opportunity to have a better life for themselves and for their families.
      Take care

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