DoTerra MLM Review

If you like the idea to use natural products and you have been talking with your friends and they also agree on the use of these products, you might be wondering if you could make money selling essential oils. DoTerra is a company that stands out selling essential oils and other products, you might have used their products and you want to get more information about this company and to know if they have a business opportunity for you, so let’s take a look to my DoTerra MLM Review.

What Is DoTerra?

DoTerra MLM Review - Essential OilsDoTerra is an MLM company that sells essential oils and other products with the MLM business model, the name DoTerra means Gift From The Earth.

This company was founded in 2008 by David Stirling, Gregory Cook, Robert Young, Mark Wolfert, David Hill, and Emily Wright. Four of them were Young Living former employees, (another MLM company in the same niche) of course this idea was not well-received by Young Living and he started a lawsuit, this issue was resolved in 2014.

DoTerra sells their products in the United States, Canada, Australia and in some countries in Latin America.

The company has grown well, today they have over 17 million wellness advocates in over 100 countries.

Are DoTerra Products Worth The Price?

The company sells essential oils that the pure essence of various flowers and herbs, among their products you can find also packages of set of essential oils that are grouped for a specific purpose.

What makes this companies products to stand out from the other companies in this niche is they have some products (oils) that can be taken orally, the Lifelong Vitality Pack, comes with three supplements that will give you the daily dose of vitamins, minerals, omega-3, antioxidants and oils, plus a blend for energy support.

When its time to talk about these products price, you can see they are not cheap, the price will not help you to get many sales as you need to make a full income selling these products, unless you live in an area where people are more into wellness and they can afford to pay these product prices.

The DoTerra Business Opportunity

You are here because you want to know if this company has a business opportunity for you and you also want to know if you can really make money selling these essential oils and other products.

When you decide to join this company, you don’t need to get the invitation from a Wellness Advocate, you can go directly to DoTerra website and join the company, pay the fee to join and buy your starter kit.

As a Wellness Advocate, the company will provide you with a monthly training and social events, so you can keep up with the company.

How Much Does It Cost To Join DoTerra?

When you join this company, you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of $35, and for the next years you will pay $25 yearly fee.

You will also need to buy a starter kit, the prices can go from $150 to purchase a starter kit, to $2750 if you decide to buy the Diamond Enrollment Kit.

How Can You Make Money Selling DoTerra Products?

When you join an MLM company to make money selling their products there are two well-known ways to sell the products to make money.

1 – Direct Sales

You can carry a set of these products all the time with you in your purse and anytime you meet someone, you can start a conversation about them and highlight the benefits of using them, don’t miss your chance to share these products with your friends at the time to stop for a coffee, or when you meet them at the grocery store or even when you attend to your dentist next appointment.

When your friends test the products and see the good results, they might get interested to make a purchase from you and talk about these products to their own friends.

2 – Build Up Your Team

Invite your friends and people interested to sell these products to join the company to build you own team.

Today, wellness advocates also get a free website where they can share and talk about DoTerra products and get online sales.

Wellness Advocates get 25% commission from their personal sales when they join the company.

As you sell the products and grow your own team, the chances for you to get a better % commission will grow, you’ll get the chance to get better bonuses through a variety of different point systems.


  • The products are well-known for their quality and organic sourced
  • People like to use organic products today
  • You can built a loyal client list and get repeated purchases


  • Products are expensive
  • It can take long time to get back your initial investment
  • It’s important to build up your own team to keep your wellness advocate removed and become a wholesale customer instead.

Is DoTerra A Scam?

DoTerra is a legit company that works with the MLM business model, it has a good reputation and some people like their products.

But at the time to take a decision if this is a good business opportunity for you, you need to keep in mind that joining to an MLM company, there are good points and bad points.

To make money selling this company products you will need to work hard to make enough sales to get a good % from your total sales, and don’t forget that you also need to get as many recruits to build up a strong team to help you to make the money you need.

DoTerra MLM Review - Essential OilsFinal Thoughts.

After working with a couple of MLM companies, I know it’s hard to make the numbers of sales to make enough money, when you only get a % from those sales.

You might have a regular job and you get the invitation to start your own business with this company, but to be honest, been there and done that and it didn’t work for me, after a while I couldn’t find more friends or family member to invite to join this company!

A Better Business Opportunity

When you like the wellness niche, and you would love as many as you can to help them to live a better life, you might want to start your own business by creating your own website and share your tips and knowledge in this niche.

You can create your own website to share your knowledge with everyone everywhere around the globe to help them to live a better life.

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