How Women Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you’re interested to know More about How Women Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, I will explain you today why this is a good way to monetize your blog

Women around the world are looking for a better way to make money, today the internet has brought many options for us to start a home based business (or from anywhere) and start making an income from an online business.

It’s not new that you might read almost every day a story about women making a full income in different niches. Women are discovering the huge potential of learning how to create a website with a blog and share their own story.

No matter if your story is about being a young mum and looking for a way to make some extra money at the same time as you take care of your family.

It can happen that the story could be about a woman traveling around the work and discovering new cities or different cultures.

But it also can be about a retired woman who is sharing her knowledge with younger generations to help them to build a better life.

Women around the world have something in common, we all want to do better in life!

How Women Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How Women Can Make Money With Affiliate MarketingA few years ago, people started to write blogs to share their lives and their passion, many bloggers discover the steps to turn their blogging into a business, some of them weren’t lucky at all and they had to quit.

Some bloggers kept working on their new adventure and each one of them discovered the steps to follow to start making an income from their blogs and from their websites.

A new opportunity of creating an online business was open to everyone who wanted to work hard and smart to create their own online business.

This opportunity was open for men and women!

Today we all might know about someone who has succeeded in this new adventure.

As this new opportunity to create an online business has grown in the last years, it has also diversified on the ways anyone can create their own online business.

  • Create your own business to sell your products or services
  • Create an online school to sell your online courses
  • Create info-products – To share with others the steps to follow to get a new skill or to do something.

As people were working on growing their online business, the opportunity to invite other people to promote their products or services and sharing a % of the price, started to be often shared by these business owners.

The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity was open for everyone!

The Basic Of Affiliate Marketing

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, let me explain you how it works, let’s say you have a blog about cooking and you share great cooking recipes and at the same time as you write how to make your recipes, you write about some tips of what cooking ware to use on each recipe.

You give a brief explanation about why using a type of pan is better so you get better results for that recipe, and you share a link from that pan to Amazon.

Let’s say Jane is new at cooking and she wants to learn some new recipes and she is reading your new recipe and she follows your step by step and she notices you recommend one type of pan to get better results while making this recipe.

As Jane is happy with the results after cooking your recipe, she decides to get the pan from Amazon, as she made the purchase, you’ll get a % of that purchase.

And your blog will make some money for you as more people read your recipes and they decides to follow your recommendations on cooking tools, and they make some purchases by clicking your links to Amazon from your blog.

At the end of each month, Amazon will let you know how much money you made each month and you’ll get paid.

Amazon is not the only affiliate company you can work with, but it’s the best known and you can make a full income from it!

As you keep working on your website to write more content on it, you’ll be adding more links to Amazon on it. The more links you share on your blog, there will be more opportunities for you to have more people read your blog and they make a purchase using your affiliate links.

I shared an example about a cooking blog, but you can write a blog on anything, share your passion with the world and they will follow you.

You just need to find your niche and create a website to write content on your blog!

3 Good Reason Why Affiliate Marketing Works Great For Women

1 – Priorities

You know you might have your own life and you as a woman might have a complicated life already, working hard on your job, if you’re single, you might need to take care of your house, your social life and you might still be at school.

But if you’re married and a young mum, you might have many things on your hands, your job, your family, taking care of your children, and looking after your house.

You know if you could find a better option to make some money that allows you to set up your priorities and be able to have more time to take care of your family and of yourself.

Creating and building an affiliate marketing will require from you to learn the ropes of the business at the beginning, you will also be able to learn how to work on it.

You’ll be busy at the beginning learning and working on your website, but as you learn how to work on it, things will be easier and you will start seeing some results from it.

As you keep working on your website, and the results start being better, you’ll get more comfortable working on it, and you’ll be able to set up your priorities and you’ll get more time to take care of your family and getting more free time.

An affiliate marketing business will require from you lots of work and learning at the beginning, but later, you can work a few hours per week and see some good results from it.

2 – Share Your Story

Successful online businesses on the internet are about sharing a story, and as a woman you have a story to share!

  • You’re a chef and you love cooking and you have some good recipes to share!
  • You’re a writer and you love to help other people to start writing their story!
  • You have found your way to make your dream a reality, you can share the steps you did to become great!

Women around the world have their own story to share, and at the same time you can create your own online business!

3 – Women Don’t Quit

You might have heard a story about one mum raising her children at the same time as attending her job and learning a new skill to do better in life!

We don’t quilt, we just need to learn how to do it. And learning to create a website to share our passion is something many women around the world are doing right now and many of them are a success story!

Affiliate Programs For Women To Work With

How Women Can Make Money With Affiliate MarketingI’m working with Wealthy Affiliate to learn and to build up my own online business, I’ve been working on it for the last 5 years and today I have my own website and I’m making an income from it. So I work with this company as an affiliate.

You can sign up with this company or with others like LinkShare, and then you can sign up with a few companies as an affiliate, and instead that those different companies paying you directly, LinkShare will make a direct payment to you.

Amazon is another good affiliate program you can work with, you might know already that many companies offer their products to Amazon, so you can write product reviews on your niche on your website.

When you sign up to work with Amazon, you will get paid by Amazon and no need to get paid by all those companies that your write a review of their products for on your blog.

As you keep working to write your blog, you’ll learn what products are relevant for your niche and you will create content for your audience.

Are Women Really Making Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, they are, there are many success stories of women around the world making money with Affiliate Marketing

Grace (Littlemama) is making a full income and in just one year she won her first trip to Las Vegas on 2019, on 2020 she made it on her second trip to Las Vegas! And she is happy to build her $ 80+ K online business

Jessica is amazed how well her website is doing!

Both are member of the Wealthy Affiliate community as I am, and if you join us on this community, you will be working to create your own website and you will get all the help you need from other women and from men as well, this is one of the best community you can find online that is always willing to give you a hand so you can reach your goals.

Are you ready to learn more about Affiliate Marketing?

If you decide to sign up, I’ll be there to welcome you to the community and I’ll be there also to help you to build up your own website.

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  1. Well, to an extent, I am going to subscribe to this post right here. Affiliate marketing is often great option for women who likes to stay in door and get things running. Since they can all stay at home and enjoy their work without having to stress too much. Another thing is the relentless nature of women too as that can help to put pressure until results starts showing

  2. Thank you for sharing such an informative post! Us women have to stick together and support each other. We have to take care of our families and sometimes that prevent us from getting a regular job. Getting extra income will help us solve some of the financial situation in our families and also we can save some as an extra precaution, you never know what is going to happen right? When it comes down to I feel that affiliate marketing is the way to go like you mentioned. It is the most flexible and there are a lot of opportunities for us to make from it. 

    Good luck ladies! 

  3. Very nice website, as a newcomer to the world of affiliate marketing I found your article very good. It broke down the reasons why it will work very well. It will surely help people who want to start out on the road to extra income from home. Nice use of images especially the one across the top of the post.

  4. Great and amazing article. I really appreciate your effort and creating to educated women more on how to make money through affiliate marketing. This has article has helped learn and also teach my spouse how affiliate marketing works. She’s earning alot commission on wealthy affiliate and that has been able to sort out here personal problems. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. 

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