How To Become A SEO Expert

With many people starting to work on an online business, many will manage to get some visitors to their websites, and many won’t, the difference between the ones that will have success depends on much you know about How To Become A Seo Expert.

Many will try to work on their websites as they think they can do it by themselves, and many will be lucky enough to learn on their way, and their website will start to rank good on Google and they will manage to rank their content on page 1.

Well known by many is that this can mabey take you weeks, months and even years of learning. And I could add here a few headaches as you can try to find out what websites ranking # 1 on Google do!

  • Tired of blogging and nobody reads your posts?
  • Tired of asking for help to other blogs and no one is willing to share their secrets with you?
  • Are you about to quit blogging because you can’t make a single post from your blog rank No 1 on Google?

How To Become A SEO Expert - SEO Sign And A HandA few months ago, I was in your shoes, but I decided that was enough, I like blogging and I wanted to discover the way to do it right.

Today I’m happy to share that my website is getting steady traffic and my post are now on page # 1, # 2, some other post are ranking lower, but week after week I see how my post improve their ranking!

My SEO secret? – I decided that was enough and I want to make it right, so I started to look for accurate information about how to do it.

How To Become A SEO Specialist

There’s nothing better that signing up with someone who knows how to rank each post from his website on page #1 on Google and many of his website post are ranking # 1!

As the first step I signed up to an online course (paid) to learn the basic of SEO, so I started to follow the steps and I could see how my website traffic started to improve.

On the second step, as I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to do the FREE training again, and I discovered a few steps I didn’t follow when I was publishing new content for my website!

Why To Become A SEO Specialist ?

As you might know SEO is for Search Engine Optimization, and as a blogger or as an online business, you might know you will be working to create content for your website, as you create a new post, you need to know what steps to follow to be sure each post is ready to answer the questions Google wants to know about your content

  • Is this post related to this niche?
  • Is this post written for people?
  • Will this post help people to solve a problem?
  • Is anyone looking for this information?

And I could add a few more questions about what Google wants to know about your content to help others to solve a problem or to have a better life.

After all, you need to think helping people when you write new content for your website.

Write new content ====> Help Many ===== Better Ranking

When you learn about SEO and the steps to follow, you will see how well your website starts to rank and you will see steady traffic to your website, it will work like magic!

Who Can Be A SEO Expert ?

Anyone who is interested to create and work on a website can become a SEO expert! And the best way to do it, it’s from learning with another expert!

Whether you are a newbie and you don’t know much about what is SEO and how does it work, or if you have been blogging and working on your own website with poor results, you can become a SEO specialist and you can be amazed by the good results you can get!

From zero visits to your website ===== a few people visiting your website ====> hundreds of people reading your website!

Why Learning SEO Is Important For Your Website ?

If you like to blog with poor results, it will become an expensive hobby!

Today, when many are looking to start working from home and get good results from it, and by this means starting to make money from it, you want to have a website that will be read by many!

An online business is like any other type of business, you need people visiting your business to make money from it, and the best way to let people know about your online business is the SEO.

SEO Expert Course

You can sign up today for the 10 FREE lesson course with Wealthy Affiliate to learn the basic of creating a website, you will in the course # 6 “Getting Your Website Ready For Search Engines” the basic of SEO

But if you are interested to watch a SEO expert, then I suggest to you to sign up for a paid membership and watch the full SEO course that will help you to learn the secrets of SEO that will help your content to rank on page # 1

  • $ 19.00 US the first month
  • $ 49.00 US The second and following months.

The same two courses I did to help me to work on my website and rank my content on the first pages on Google!

How To Become A SEO Expert

SEO Expert Salary

How To Become A SEO Expert - SEO Sign And A HandToday, more than never, people around the globe will be looking to create an online business, whether a crisis or not, people that are learning to start working from home could be a good idea.

Whether you’re interested on creating your own online business (which I recommend) or working for others, learning about SEO could be a good job opportunity.

People will be willing to hire a SEO expert from any other part of the world, after all, you will learn how to work on your computer.

You can be working on your own online business, or you can be hired to help others to get as much traffic as their websites need!

How much a SEO expert can make… you can tell me, how much are other people willing to pay you to help them to drive all the traffic they need to make money from their website.

  • By the hour
  • By fixing SEO on a website – put your own price here
  • Helping entrepreneurs to get all the traffic they need to make a profitable online business – put your own price!

How To Start Your SEO Expert Business

Begin where you are, being a newbie or knowing something about it, and start with your own website, when you learn to rank your content on page one, then you can help others with their websites. Start with your family members or friends, they will recommend you.

Then you will be known as a good SEO expert, and more people will get in touch with you!

Are You Ready To Start? Click On The Green Button, and Create Your Free Accont

How To Become A SEO Expert

Want to learn more about the 4 steps system I use to create my own online business?

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15 thoughts on “How To Become A SEO Expert”

  1. You are absolutely right!  I had a website design business about 15 years ago, and the way we did SEO then was very different than what we do now.  It was a very time consuming process involving constant submission to search engine crawlers.  The internet has grown exponentially since then, and I would say that SEO is even more important now than it was then.  Competition is insane, and content is most important in getting your site in front of the right people.  Proper SEO should be part of every step of the web publishing process in order to get your site, products, or services to a profitable audience.

    I also have some experience with Wealthy Affiliate’s free SEO course information.  Even as an experienced web designer, it made me a better writer and improved the marketability of my site. 

    Good information here!  Nice work!

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks so much for sharing with us your story about how SEO is important for a website or an online business, I’m happy to hear you have learned Wealthy Affiliate basic training has helped your website to do better, keep at it, you’ll be better results as you keep working on your new content SEO.

  2. Aloha and great post.

    I’ve been working online now since October 2016 and the very first platform I got started on was SEO and Affiliate Marketing!

    There’s a reason why I’m still utilizing SEO to this day because I do believe it is the number 1 form of Traffic, but ONLY once you have learned to master it both on Google and on YouTube as well.

    I found that with SEO, if you want to scale even more, people should step their game up and move to YouTube because everyone loves videos and more people would rather watch something than read something.

    What is your thoughts on this?

    Thank you again.

    I have bookmarked your page as a reference.

    • Hi Lorenz Valdez

      SEO is important for everything you want to work on the internet, for your website it will become the best tool to work with to get traffic, but it will also work great when you work hand in hand with SEO on your YouTube channel, this platform is the second place where people is looking for anything, from learning a new skill to have a good laugh or to pass the time watching a movie.

      If you have a YouTube channel use the same steps you follow to find the best keyword for your new blog post, but this time for your new video, as people use to look for something here a keyword. 

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post that is filled with so much information as this. Becoming an seo expert would definitely guarantee success for any website owner because one would play their card to fit in perfectly to what the search engines wants thereby, getting highly ranked which will invariably rate the website beyond the norms. Thanks for this post here

    • Hi Ella

      Thanks so much for reading my blog today, SEO is important for everyone who is interested to write a blog, keep at it!

  4. Hi Alex,

    today more than ever, these SEO skills are valuable. I have always wanted to work online but up to this point I have only researched about it but haven’t taken any actions to accomplish this. I have read quite a bit about how to optimize a site for search engines, about hosting and about ads.

    I think it’s time to get started on this online journey. Hope this stay at home situation helps me build my online business.

    Thanks for this little push.

    • Hi Ann

      Good for you, you will do great as you have taken your time to learn, start where you are and keep learning, your website will do great!

  5. I know there are many people like myself who just got started in the first online business career. SEO ranking can be a tough one on some people especially when you don’t know the basics.

    But I couldn’t agree with you more, Wealthy Affiliate does have an excellent course. The training is great and the experiencing is engaging. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Lots of people will definitely benefit from understanding how SEO works and how  to improve in rankings. Slowly but surely we all with get the hang of it. Helpful content equals visitors.

    • Hi Anna,

      You’re in the best place to learn SEO, as you keep woking in your website, it will get better rankings!

  6. Thanks for the awesome article about SEO on how to become an SEO expert. Search Engine Optimization is so important, and as you mentioned, sometimes people blog for a long time but nobody reads their writings. 
    As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to testify that I learned there all that I know about online marketing business, affiliate marketing, and SEO. Kuddos to your article, website, and such a great lead for us, your audience! 


  7. I am signed up to Wealthy Affiliates and am just learning the value of SEO. When I started I thought that with my writing background and experience as a teacher I could ace this. As you described, I was not seeing the results I had hoped for. I realise that SEO is not only important, but it is essential. Getting noticed and responded to positively is not due to luck, it is a science. I am working my way through the science and I am glad to have you endorse my path. Thank you.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this post. You have really outlined all the reasons why bloggers need to focus in on SEO to get actual traffic on their site. I have been thinking a lot about it lately, and i see how being an SEO expert will really drive my online business to new levels.  

  9. Understanding SEO is at the heart of having online success, the right keywords must be used in order to drive traffic. You can have a pretty website with well-written content but if you are not using SEO because you do not understand it your website will be a ghost town that has discourage so many persons. What you have shared is great information and I have booked marked your page.

  10. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for a very important article!

    Traffic is an absolute necessity in any type of business. Failure or delay to attend to generating traffic, as you say, is very costly.

    I personally have had quite good success with getting my articles to Page 1 of the major search engines. And I am one of those who learnt as I went along. I am yet to go through some of the instructional materials you mention; thanks for the reminder!

    I am glad you mentioned the issue, “is this post related to the website niche?” When I had topics that I was passionate about, and which I knew would rank well though not really fitting into my website, I created a new one for the purpose. And the Page 1 Ranking for that new website is more than 60%. So it’s all good – I am not jeopardising my main website with irrelevant content. But I have also not abandoned my passions. 


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