Image SEO Optimize

Image SEO Optimize will help you to know the steps to optimize your niche site images and your website will rank better on search engines.

As an affiliate marketer your job is to write articles to rank on page 1 on Google and if it is possible to rank as many posts from your website on position # 1!

Image SEO OptimizeThere are a few things you need to pay attention to when writing a new post, the main idea, the keyword and help your audience, as you don’t write a new post to rank better, you should be writing a new post to help others to find a solution to a particular problem or to live a better life.

Images are an important part on your website, 20 % of the people who are looking to find a solution for a particular problem on Google or on a different search engine like Bing, or Yahoo or even Pinterest or YouTube, will look for an image, so you need to be sure your website images are SEO optimized to be found.

Image SEO Optimize

Today on this article, I will share a few tips that will help you to get all the images on your website, SEO optimized!

Why SEO Is Important For A Niche Site?

As you have made the decision to work on your own niche site to make a living from it, learning about SEO and how to do it on each post of your website is important as you can assure your website will be ranking on page one on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, and your client will find you.

It’s well-known by affiliate marketers, our goal is to work on each post to make them to rank on Page 1 and on the first position on this page.

When you learn how to do SEO on page, you’ll know the importance to find the best keyword and how to write a new post.

On each post for your website, you should add at least one image, this will help your reader to understand better what is about your new article and how it will help you to retain the readers on your website.

Image SEO Optimize

Why To Add Images To Your Niche Site?

Most of the people will search on Google and on other search engines for an answer for a problem or for a better way to do something.

Most people will type out the question, but some people will look at images to find the one they are looking for. People looking at images on Search engines might be the 20 % of the searches, and you want to be on top of the images so you get as many visits to your niche site to get more sales!

It’s said Google will rank better any website that has images to help people to find the solution to a particular problem, that is why marketers know well why a good image is important on each post on their websites.

Why Images Are Important For A Niche Site?

As you keep working on your niche site, you will be writing new articles to help your client to find more solutions to a particular problem on your niche or to help them to live a better life.

When you write a new article for your niche site, you need to take your time to make an image as a feature image, by doing this, it will help your clients to find you when they make a new search on Google or on another different search engine.

If a feature image is not optimized for SEO, your client will never see it on Google images and your niche site won’t get the visits it needs to make you some money.

On the image below, you can see one of the featured images for my website “A Day With Coffee” on position 7, not bad and it could be even better and rank in first position.

By working on the feature image and on any image on your niche site, you will help your clients to find you! That should be your goal when you work on the SEO on every new post on your website. (You can also update each old post to help them to rank better on search engines)

Image SEO Optimize

How To Add Title and Alt Text To Your Niche Site Images

a – Write Descriptive Image Title and Alt Text

Every time you upload a new image to your niche site (blog), be sure to add your Keyword on the image title and Alt Text.

After the keyword on the Alt Text, you can add a description for each image.

Image SEO Optimize

Add a Keyword On Advanced Options

As you keep writing a new post for your niche site, you will add your post images, take your time to add your keyword on the advanced options on the title. By doing this, you will be assured your new post keyword will be ready for the search engines to find each one of your new post images and as people write a phrase or a question, search engines will find your images to show them to anyone who is looking for an article to read on every topic.

After you add the keyword on the image title, click on update.

Image SEO Optimize

Add a Your Keyword On The Feature Image

Be sure you add also the keyword on the feature image, it will help it to rank better and to be found by anyone who is looking to read about your new post topic.

Image SEO Optimize

Follow Same Steps On Every Image On Your Niche Site

Whether you’re a beginner or a blogger who has been blogging for some time, you might want to take a look to old post on your niche site, to be sure you have at least one image on each post and this image has the keyword of each post.

By doing this, you will see how your traffic will increase and your niche site will get more visits.

Updating Old Images On Your Niche Site

If you have been writing your niche site for sometime and you never pay attention to images’ SEO, you can work on it anytime, you can go post by post and add the post main keyword on the image, in a few weeks you can check how better your posts are ranking.

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Image SEO Optimize – Final Thoughts

Image SEO OptimizeLearning more about how to write your niche site, will help you to know how important is to learn about every part that is in each post.

Images are important as some people are visual and they look at images to find what they are looking for on search engines like Google.

Working on the SEO optimize for each image for your niche site will take you a few minutes only, but it is worth the work!

Your niche site will be ranking better and it will get more traffic and you will get more sales.

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If you decide to take the step, I’ll be welcoming you to the amazing community and I’ll be there to help you to create your first free website!

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  1. As an affiliate marketer, I have always used pictures to enhance my posts.  However, your article has helped me to realize that I need to be more intentional about the SEO related to the pictures.  I do not always add the keyword or phrase in all of the places you have suggested.  Most of my pictures are original so the picture relates very specificaly to the content it represents.  However, it just makes sense for me to boost the SEO of the pictures doing the straightforward things you have suggested.  My new year’s resolution…. intentionally work on the SEO or each image used.  Thanks!  Happy New Year!

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