Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog

People are spending more time at home no matter in what country they live, we all are looking for ideas to make our lives better and easier.

A lifestyle blog will share different tips to help people around the world to know how to do different things and how to build up a better life for themselves and their families.

Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog

What is a Lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog will create and share content inspired on blogger’s regular life and their interests. On these blogs you will find different types of content from their best cooking recipes to how to get more organized or how to live better in the country or in the city.

A lifestyle blog might need to be a blog with lots of post as you can talk about many different topics, you can decide whether or not to share some personal photos from your family or keep it from the point of just talking about yourself.

Lifestyle blogs tend to be popular as many are looking for new ideas to decorate their homes and also to get new ideas on what to do with their family on weekends or vacations, visiting a new place, or at home.

A lifestyle blog can also share some good tips about how to start all over again or how to build up a good life when your readers are facing some hard times. We all need some inspiration and a helping hand from time to time, and reading a blog is like having a good friend who can give you some good tips.


How To Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog?

There are many ways to help you to start making money if you decide to create a lifestyle blog, so let’s take a look to the more common ways to start monetizing your blog:

  • Ads – As soon as your blog starts to get some good amount of traffic, you can add some ads on it, just remember you need to check on how many visits your blog needs to get monthly to apply for it. (30,000 to even up to 50,000)
  • Sponsorship – As you keep work on your blog and you get followed by a good number of people, they will start talking about you on Social Media and some companies will get interested to contact you and they will offer you to sponsor your blog or a new post, you can start slow, but as your website grows in numbers of visits and followers your price can go higher, some bloggers make a good income just on sponsorship from different companies.
  • Create your own products to sell them online – When your website gets known by many, they will love to get some products from you, you can start your own print on demand store online and sell some products like coffee mugs or t-shirts with your logo or some quotes printed.
  • YouTube channel – When thinking about creating new content for your blog, sharing your own videos will be a great option, you can create your own YouTube channel and as it gets big enough, you can monetize it.
  • Affiliate Marketing – As you will be talking about many different topics, you can share on your blog what products and tools you use in your regular day, let’s think about kitchen supplies or a new pair of jogging shoes, and the new toys for your children, then you share an affiliate link to help your readers to find the best tool or anything you talk about on your blog, and as your readers make a purchase online using your links, you will get a small per cent without the need of your clients to pay more.

How Long Does It Take To A Lifestyle Blog To Start Making Money?

There is no rule here, some blogs will take from one year to two years to start making money and some blogs will start making money in a few months and even in a few weeks, and some blogs will never make any money.

New bloggers will need to work hard the first weeks and months to create new content for their blogs, it’s said a new blog will need at least 30 blog post to start getting some traffic, and let’s not forget that when you create a new blog, it will take about six months to get our from the Google sand box.

When your new blog gets a good number of blog post and it gets our from the sand box, you will see how your blog posts start ranking on page 4, then page 3, then page 2 and finally you will see your blog post ranking on page 1, then it’s when your blog will start getting a good number of traffic.

How You Can Create New Blog Posts That Rank # 1?


If you’re new to blogging or if you have been blogging for sometime with poor results, you might not know much about SEO and how to work on it.

SEO (Search Engines Optimization) is about how to find the best keywords to write your blog content to rank on page 1 on Google, so your readers can find you.

If you get interested to know more about SEO and become your own SEO expert, you can sign up for your FREE account at Wealthy Affiliate and learn the basic of SEO and how to write content for your blog that will rank # 1.

Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog

Can I Start With A Small Blog?

Yes, you can, every big and well-known blog on the internet started as a small and new blog, nobody knew about them one day!

But as you learn about SEO, keywords and more about your readers, you will learn how to write new content to help your blog to grow well, and one day before you notice, your blog will be ranking on page 1 on Goggle right next to the big blogs!

Lifestyle Blog VS Niche Site?

A lifestyle blog as I mentioned before is a blog where you can talk about many different topics, and it can grow big, really big as you will have endless topics to talk about.


  • Many different topics to talk about
  • You will be sharing what you do on your regular day or what are your interest (cooking, sewing, hiking, etc.)
  • Your blog will grow as you and your family will grow.


  • Competence is huge – There are already some huge blogs that are well-known and rank pretty well.
  • Talking about many different topics is not good to create your own tribe who will follow you to know more about a specific niche.

Niche Site

A niche site is created to talk about a specific topic or niche.

A niche site is easy to create and build it up as you will work on a niche you might know well to share some tips and secrets to help your audience to solve a problem or to help them to be better at it. Let’s think about a niche like: cooking, hiking, painting, work at home, and many more.


  • Easy to work on them – As you already know about the niche, it will be easier for you to create new content
  • Blog posts are easier to rank on page 1 – As you will be talking about same niche, Google and other search engines will recognize your content and it will be easier for your blog to rank better in a short time.
  • You can build a good audience that will be willing to follow you to learn from you.
  • Your audience will trust on you.
  • Easier to monetize.


  • Not knowing much about SEO and keywords – It might take some time (weeks) to learn how to write new content that will rank good.
  • Not knowing much about your niche – Some people will create a niche site because they have read that niche is profitable, but it’s always better to create a website which you know well and you feel comfortable talking about.

Closing Thoughts

A lifestyle blog can be a nice way to start working from home in your free time to make a change of career, but it will take time and you will need to work hard at the beginning and you need to keep working at it as it grows.

Once you learn how to do it, you will be glad you did it.

What would I do, you might ask? I will start with a niche site, there are more opportunities for any blogger to learn how to work on SEO and find the best keywords as you will be work on a niche.

And when we talk about the opportunities to make money with a niche site – The sky is the limit!

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  1. Don’t you think lifestyle blogs are harder to get traction since it’s not going to be an authority in any particular niche?

    • Yes Grace, I don’t recommend to work on a lifestyle blog, it’s always better to work on a niche site, as it is easier to create content on a niche and you can help better to your readers.

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