Write An About Me Page

Write An About Me Page, and let your readers know who you are and why you write your blog, it will build up trust and will help you to get more readers.

About me page, about us, or who we are is a page that will be one of the most read pages in your website, and you need to make a good job here as it will help your readers to know more about you and why they should come back to read more on your blog.

How To Write An About Me Page

Write An About Me PageYou don’t need to spend two days working on the SEO on this page, as this is not a page you will write to get traffic or sales on your website, this is a page that will get many reads from your readers once they find your website and after they read one or two articles from you, your readers will want to know who you are, how much experience you have on this niche and why they need to trust on your reviews to make a purchase.

No matter in what niche you are, you need to tell your readers you know your niche, you have been working or doing it for a few years and you love to help others to find the best supplies, tools, or item on your niche.

We all love to make a purchase from a person, not from a company.

  • I’ve been working on this niche for 10 years
  • Our service is the best
  • We have an amazing product
  • And more

You might want to read from people who have been on the niche you’re searching for some help to find the best tool, supplies or item you need for a specific use. You don’t need to read from someone who tells you they have the best tool and you don’t know if they really know how to use it or if they have ever used it!

People read and come back to read more articles from websites that are written by a person, they want to know something about you and why you share some tips and secrets on your website.

Write An About Me Page

So let’s take a look to what parts should you keep in mind when you write your About Me page.

1 – Make a short introduction

With a few sentences share who you are and how long have you been working on this niche and why you love to do it.

2 – Write Your Mission Statement

Write in a brief description why you love to help your readers and why you love to share your best tips and secrets. It will help your readers to know why you decided to write a website on this niche.

In this part it’s when you can let your reader to know, what you can do for them.

  • This website is dedicate to share the best tips to help you to become the best Affiliate Marketer and create a passive income as you work from home.

Add a couple of sentences more to let them know how you will help them to achieve their goals.

  • On this website I will share the steps you need to follow to make homemade dishes your children will love to have every single day!

Yes, this page is also a sales page and you don’t need to miss this opportunity.

3 – Why You?

Now it’s time to let your readers know why they should follow you and not one of the thousand other websites on the same niche on the internet right now.

You need to highlight why you are their best option, why they should learn or buy from you and not others.

Be yourself, and use your personal tone, they want to know you’re a real person and like them you have faced the same real problems on your niche and you know how to get the best results.

Your readers will trust more on your website, once they know you’re a real person and you know your niche.

4 – It’s Time To Tell Your Readers More About You

You might want to share a brief story about you and how you started to work on your niche and why you love to work on it.

It’s ok if you don’t want to share too much about you and you like to keep personal stuff off your blog, you just need to share why you love to work on what you do.

5 – Share Some Photos

If you have some photos to share on this page from you or your team, it will help your readers to know you and your team are real and like them you are looking to know more on this niche. This will help you to build more trust in you and on your website.

Don’t use stock photos on this page, you might be using them when you write new content for your website and it’s ok, but when you write your About Me page, don’t use stock photos as it will lead to get the wrong idea about whether or not you’re a real person.

6 – Closing and Make An Action Call

Don’t forget this is one page on your website that will get many visits, you took your time to write the best introduction and how you can help your readers to achieve their goals, now it’s time to add one or two sentences to let your reader to join the club and follow your website.

If you have already a News Letter List, you can share it to get your reader’s e-mail so they don’t miss any new post from you!

How Often You Need To Re-write Your About Me Page?

Your website will evolve as you keep working on it, you will learn more about your niche as you keep writing new content for your website, this is why you need to go back to read your About Me page at least once every six months.

You might get more confident to share a photo of yourself or you might have attended an exhibition on your niche and you got a picture of yourself while you were visiting it,

You website mission might be more clear for you and as you re-write it, it will be more helpful for your readers.

Write An About Me Page

Do You Need To Do The Best SEO On Your About Me Page?

No, this page is not written to rank number 1, you need this page on your website to help your readers to know who you are and why you are willing to help them on your niche.

This page will get a good number of visits, not because you did a good SEO work, it will get many visits because your readers want to know who you are and why they should follow you.

Do You Need To Add Some Photos On Your About Page?

Yes you do, internet has become visual and more people are looking to find some visual points as they read your website. You can share some photos from you working on your niche, or a photo of your place or from your workshop, any photo that will help you to build a trust with your readers will be good on this page.

Do You Need To Inter-Linking To This Page?

Only when you need to do it, for example when you write new content telling your readers you have been doing it for some time and you know how to do it, you can link to your about me page, so your readers can know more about you.

You can read my About Page here!

Closing Thoughts

Write An About Me PageAs you work hard to build up your niche site to make an income from it, there are a few pages your website needs to have, one of them is the About Me page.

A profitable website needs to assure their readers you know about your niche and you are the right person that can help them to solve out their problem and build up a better life.

How to write a profitable website is something you can learn how to do it, if you’re interested to start working from home and build up a website to make a full income from it, you can learn more about Affiliate Marketing on this 7 days FREE course and create your own FREE website.

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4 thoughts on “Write An About Me Page”

  1. Hi,

    From my research your about me page is the soul of your site, and while there’s no perfect recipe for success, there are certain elements that all winning about me pages share and that you need to consider if you want to write a good one, example are show samples of social proof about yourself, make the page grab attention, paint an honest picture in your template, it’s called an About Me page, but it’s really about THEM, keep your scope narrow and relevant.

    Thank you.


  2. Wow, I did not expect that kind of level of resourcefulness at all. The advice you provided actually feels very relevant and is genuinely actionable. Which I love. More than you know.

    I think for me the realization that people love to buy from a person instead of a company is a huge one. It makes so much sense, now. I definitely need to make some adjustments. The “Why You” section also was a big one for me. I mean, I kind of address that on my page. But I absolutely see a world where I could be significantly more efficient and upfront about it. Also, loved the tip on adding more pictures and a call to action…

    Overall, very, very good advice. I even saved this to reread later. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I wholeheartedly appreciate it.

  3. Excellent tips on writing the About Me page. This is a very import page on any blog. Visitors will certainly want to read this page and see if they can trust what you are telling them. Its a page that builds trust and thereafter conversions. Ive picked that you must write a mission statement and include your photos. The page is not about SEO but just to let your visitors know what your website is about. Thanks

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