How To Make Money With Your Drawings

You love to make drawings and you’re good at it, and you wonder if you can Make Money With Your Drawings?

Whether you’re natural at drawing or if you have to work hard to get good at it, you would love if you can start making money from your drawings and make a full income from it.

How To Make Money With Your Drawings

Can You Make A Full Income Making Drawings?

Before you start counting the money you can make from your work, you need to know if this is a competitive niche and you will need to be good at it, but not at drawing, but to learn how to stand out and how to build up your own online business.

Breaking Down The Belief That Artists Die Poor.

Make Money With Your DrawingsWe are so lucky to live in the times when anyone can build up a solid online business, and artist can do it too, from earning a few monthly dollars to get to know how to bring in a few hundred or thousands every single day.

You must know as an artist there are a few different ways to start selling your art and you also can learn how to make some money from what you love to do without the need to sell your art, and this sounds even better!

Now that you know that today there are many different ways to make money drawing, I’m sure you will find one to start with.

You might have spent some time learning how to draw or if you’re natural, you might have spent some time getting better at it, but if you’re still not good at it, don’t feel left out of the game, because today you can start making money even if you’re not good at it. All you need is to find your client and create a product they want to buy from you.

Why To Make Money Drawing?

The reason is simple, you love to draw and you want to make a full income from it.

What Is The Traditional Way To Make Money Drawing?

You might have the idea that the only way to make money drawing is selling your drawings to clients.

  • Direct sales – You make drawings and some of your friends or family members see your drawings and they ask you if you’re interested on selling them. You can make the 100 % from each sale
  • Art Fairs – You’re lucky to live in a place where there’s an art fair and you get your work displayed during the fair and someone gets interested on your work. You can make the 100 % from each sale
  • Art Galleries – You’re lucky to get an art gallery interested in your work and they will show your work, as they make a sale you will get only a % from each sale, you need to share the price of each drawing with the gallery.

How To Start Your Career As A Drawing Artist Today?

Make Money With Your DrawingsBusiness has change with the internet, and artists are lucky to have the opportunity to build up a solid career on the internet.

I’m sure you might follow not one but many artist on Instagram, Facebook and on Pinterest, the three visual Social Media Platforms to share your work on the internet.

You can create your own account and start sharing your work on these Social Media Platforms, as you keep sharing your work you will gain followers.

When you get 100, 1000 or more followers, you might get some request to sell your work to them, you might want to start selling your work to your followers, and this means you will get also here the 100 % for each sale.

But, to get to this point, you will need to work hard, making drawings, and getting some requests to sell your drawings to your followers.

So let’s take a look to how you can make money from your drawings without the need to sell your work – Does this sound better? I guess it does!

How To Make A Passive Income With Your Drawings.

There are a few ways for any artist that loves to make money with their drawings. You might know already a few of them and you might love to know a few ways to help you to get your online business started as an artist.

Selling Prints – As you make a new drawings and your followers on Social Media love it, you might get some request from people interested to get a copy from it.

The benefits of selling prints from your work is that you can keep your original work and sell 10, 50, 100 or even more prints from one drawing worldwide.

Teaching others to draw – You can learn how to create some online courses where people can learn from you to draw.

The benefits of making money with online courses is that you need to work once and you can sell the online course as many times as you want to, online courses can be low price as $ 10 US, but if you sell 10, 100 or even more than a thousand, you can create some income from it.

When you learn what your followers want to learn from you, you can create more than one online course.

  • Basic drawing lessons
  • How to draw with pencil
  • How to draw with charcoal
  • How to draw with a gel pen
  • How to draw landscapes
  • How to draw human figure
  • How to draw doodles

And many more ideas, you know what you are good at, you can create as many courses as you think about.

Make Money With Your DrawingsCreate Your Own YouTube Channel – This is another great way to start making some money from your drawings, as you share some tutorials and some steps to help others to start drawing, as your channel grows its audience you can monetize your channel.

Who Can You Make Money Drawing?

Anyone who loves to draw can make some money from it today!

It doesn’t matter if you love to work with pencil, charcoal, gel pens or ink, anyone who loves to draw can build up an online business.

How to Built Up An Online Business Drawing?

Many artist today share their work on Social Media, and they manage to grow a huge audience as learning to draw has a big demand around the world.

People love to draw and people want to learn how to draw!

People follow many artists on Social Media because we all love their work and we all would love to learn from them!

But the problem of building up your online business on Social Media is that if one day the platform you use, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or any other decide to change its way to work or if it decides to shut down, your online business can be gone forever!

All the hard work you did can be gone from one moment to the next one!

How To Build Up An Online Business For Your Drawings?

Make Money With Your DrawingsThe best tip I can give you it’s to start your own website, where you can build up your own online business for your drawings.

You will be the boss and you will be in charge to create your own content and share it on your business Social Media.

You will be promoting your business on Social Media and not building your business there, this is a huge difference.

If one day something happens to any Social Media platform and your business account is gone, your website will be there.

Your followers and clients will know where to find you.

Your new to creating a website or you have your own, but you don’t know how to get traffic to it?

I have a FREE 10 lessons online course where you can learn how to create a FREE website and start your own drawing business!

How To Start Making Some Money With Your Drawings Website With Affiliate Marketing

What about if I tell you that you can learn how to start making money from your website at the same time as you share some tutorials about your drawings.

I’ve been doing it with good results, I’ve been creating content for my own website with affiliate marketing. You can start making some money by sharing affiliate links from the tools you use to make your drawings, many artist around the world use affiliate marketing to make their own passive income with good results.

If you want to learn more about how to create content for your website with affiliate marketing, create your FREE account and start learning from day one!

Make Money With Your Drawings


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