Make Money With Your Garden

You love to spend hours on your garden during the warm weather, and you’ve thinking How To Make Money With Your Garden, is it possible?

More and more people around the globe are thinking about the idea to grow their own garden, to grow their own food.

It doesn’t matter where you live, if it’s in the country or in the city and if you have a big house or a small house, the interest to grow organic food to eat healthier is gaining popularity nowadays.

How To Make Money With Your Garden

Make Money With Your GardenCan I Really Make Money With My Backyard Garden?

Yes you can start making money with your backyard garden, and you don’t need to sell your vegetables, there are a few different ways to start making a profit from it at the same time as you take care of growing your own food, let’s take a loot at it!

Why To Grow A Garden?

If you’re new to growing a garden, you might be surprised on how good the vegetables taste when you eat them from your garden. And when we talk about the excitement of planting the seeds and see the plants to grow day by day, till the moment to see they are good enough to cut them and bring them to the kitchen to prepare the families next meal. There’s nothing better than the proud feeling of producing your own food.

In the other hand, another good reason to grow a garden is that you will know what kind of food you’re giving to yourself and to your family, and I think many people will agree with me, that is the best reason why to grow a garden.

What Is A Garden?

Make Money With Your GardenThe kitchen garden can be described as a humble vegetable plot, it’s a source of herbs, vegetable and fruits, it can be a structured garden space with a design based on repetitive geometric patterns.

It can be as big or as small as each owner or gardener decide to make it, and it can grow any type of vegetables and its owner decided, most likely it will depend on each family eating habits.

Who Can Grow A Garden?

Anyone who is interested on growing a garden can start their own. There’re no rules about who can grow a garden and anyone can learn by themselves or you can learn from a family member or a good friend or a neighbor who are growing their own garden.

People who grow their own garden love to share their tips to help other to have great taste vegetables also.

Can I Write A Blog About My Garden?

Yes, you can write your own blog about your garden, no matter where you live, in what town, city or country, people around the globe will be interested to hear your garden stories and learn from you!

As you write your blog you will be helping other people to start growing their own garden, and that is the best way to start with your online business journey, by helping others.

Your audience will be eager to read from you your success stories and tips to grow this or that vegetable, but they will also want to read about what didn’t work good for you so they can avoid certain seeds or to know if the weather was the one that didn’t work great for you.

Another good thing to tell your readers about your garden will be about how big your garden is and how much food you get from it.

Don’t miss to share anything about your garden, are you the only one in your family interested in producing your own food, or is your whole family helping you?

Do you have some tips about how to get your children interested on growing your family garden? Your audience will love to hear about it.

How To Make Money With Your Garden

Here we got to talk about how you can start making money from your Blog about your garden, you might be happy to see that you already save a lot of money producing your own food, that is the first way to start making some money from your garden, you might not see the money in your hands, but if you make numbers, that money also counts.

When you start to write your blog about your money, you will need to learn to write about it, the purpose of writing a blog is that people around the world find your blog when they look for some information about growing their own garden on Google and your blog post com up on the first page.

As people start reading your blog, your blog will start getting traffic, you will need to keep writing new articles for your blog to get more traffic.

Your first task to make money from your blog, is to write articles that people are interested in to read. As your blog grows in article numbers, your blog traffic will improve and you can start thinking that your blog will have the chance to become a business.

Make A Plan To Make Money With Your Garden

Make Money With Your GardenEvery business needs to have a plan, and a blog needs to be seen as an online business. If you’re new to blogging, you will need to learn about blogging and how to turn your blog into a business.

To make a plan for your blog about your garden, you will need to think about what type of articles or blog posts your audience wants to read from you.

If you don’t take your time to think about it, and you start writing articles nobody is interested to read, your blog will never get enough traffic to become an online business.

As you get to know your audience and their needs, you will get better at writing articles they are looking for to read right now!

You will need to test the waters at the same time as you keep working on growing your garden.

Soon you will know that your audience is looking to know more about growing healthy vegetables for the family and not only about tomatoes.

If your audience are looking for some information about growing strawberries in vertical gardens, you might be able to help them with new ideas.

Once you get used to listening to your audience you will be a master to write content to get steady traffic to your blog. Then you can think about which is the best way to start making money from your blog about your garden.

Different Ways To Make Money With A Website About Your Garden

Once a blog starts to get traffic, there are a few ways to start making money from it, here there are some ideas.

  1. Ads – Your blog will need to get certain amount of page views per day and per month, before you start sharing some ads on your blog, if you find your way to get tons of traffic to your blog and it gets very popular, sharing ads on it is a good idea to make some money from it.
  2. E-books – You might have some tips you didn’t share on your blog, and that is OK, when you work on making a plan for your blog, you need to know what articles you will write for your blog as a blog post so anyone can read, and you will need to take your time to think about some articles you want to write and share as a paid E-book, start with a low price and then you can start thinking about writing a book about gardening tips, and secrets any gardener wants to know.
  3. Online Courses – As this is a topic many people are getting interested to learn about, when you blog gets popular, another good idea to make money from it will be creating some online courses.
  4. In Place Courses – If you live in an area where people get to know your blog, you might get asked if you’re interested to share some tips, you can plan a short course in place, a man who lives in my area is growing a beautiful Dahlia garden and he writes his own website and he gives one day workshops about growing Dahlias, he is doing good.
  5. YouTube Channel –Another good idea is to start a YouTube channel for your blog, people are interested to learn how to grow different plants and how to produce their own food, when you reach certain numbers of followers and hours views, you can monetize your channel with ads.
  6. Affiliate Marketing – I left this idea to monetize a blog about your garden just because it is the easiest way to start making money from a blog.

How To Start Your Own Online Business With Affiliate Marketing, And Make Money Talking About Your Garden?

Make Money With Your GardenAt the same time as you write about your gardening tips to help people interested to grow their own food, you might be talking about the gardening tools you use.

Nothing simpler to start making money with your blog about your garden is to share what brand of tools you use and why.

When you make a review on gardening tools, you can share a link to Amazon or another affiliate program for gardening tools, when your readers make a purchase of any tool you recommended on your blog, you will get paid a % of the purchase.

As your blog grows, you will be sharing more reviews of different tools and from other supplies you use for your garden. Your readers will love to know what tool or what supplies you use to help you to get better results!

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How to make money with your garden

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