Stella And Dot MLM Review

Jewelry has been the passion for many women for a long time, I won’t deny it, a good piece of jewelry can make you feel unique and well-dressed for any occasion, but at the time of thinking of starting your own business of selling jewelry, you might want to know if joining an MLM company will help you to make a full income from it or not, so let’s take a look to my Stella And Dot MLM Review

First, I want to congratulate you for taking the time and your interest to read a review on this company to know what it is all about and to know more about it, so you can take the best decision.

Stella And Dot MLM Review - JewerlyStarting your own business to make a full income from it, is a decision that might change your life and you will need to get all the information about it in order to know in advance the pros and the cons to know if you can be a success story from it. Take your time to read this review and take some notes, I’m sure at the end you will agree with me that it is always better to work on your own business than working for an MLM company.

Stella And Dot MLM Review

Product name : Stella And Dot

Type of business: MLM Business Model

Founder: Jessica Herrin

Price: $199 to $699

Best For: People who is interested on making some money selling jewelry.

What Is Stella And Dot?

Stella And Dot is a MLM company that markets products for women, this business opportunity came up to the market for the first time on 2003, so it has been on the market for a few years now.

It began when Jessica Herrin attended to a Mary Kay convention and she got the idea to follow the business model but with jewelry.

A MLM company that has been for a few years on the market can prove that is a solid company and it will provide confidence for people who are looking for a MLM company to join, to make some extra money or to start their own business in this niche.

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Are Stella And Dot Products Worth The Price?

This company is focused on products for women: jewelry, clothing and bags.

If you’re a woman and you like to be updated on fashion and jewelry, then you might be more of an expert that me, and you might want to take a look to their products to have your personal opinion on their products.

I know most women like to get some good quality jewelry products that will help them to be in fashion and look professional as they dress to go to work or to run their personal business, I find most of the Stella And Dot products look great and will help any woman to look well-dressed.

One valuable point to mention about these products is that this company runs with seasonal products that will help you to get more sales from your loyal clients. This point will also help you to keep your business running.

However you need to take a look to check if the products are worth their price as you can find some complaints from unhappy clients that have received some products with some problems, after all you’re paying a good price for these products and you might be expecting high quality.

Stella And Dot MLM Review - Jewerly

Stella And Dot Business Opportunity

When you decide to join to this company to start your own business selling their products, you will be asked to get a starter kit, you can find 3 options:

  • Essential kit ($350)
  • More to love kit ($499)
  • Ultimate kit ($699)

It’s well-known that when you pick one starter kit from the rest, the price will depend on how many products and marketing products you will get, the more you pay, more products you will get.

When I was researching for information, one thing that stood out for this company from the rest, on its niche is that this company has 3 ways for you to make money while selling their products, it’s well-known that any MLM company will offer you two well know methods to make money: selling the products and hosting parties.

When you join this company you will have 3 ways to make money while selling their products:

  • Selling the products
  • Hosting parties
  • Affiliate marketing

Stella and Dot compensation plan

As many MLM companies the compensation plan can be a little hard to understand how it works and it might take you some time to fully understand it, but as you keep working with this company, it will get more clear to you.

Most of the compensation plans from an MLM company is based on your sales and how well you manage your team, the bigger it gets and the more motivated you get to keep making more sales, your % will grow and you can make more money from it.

The best way to fully understand this compensation plan is to watch the video below or to call your sponsor and ask her/him to explain it to you.

What make this company to stand out from the rest is the affiliate program, but in order to qualify to be part of it, you will need to rank for it, and you will need to reach certain goals.

In order to qualify for it, you will need to sign up and get a certain starter kit, to reach the second rank you will need to make sales and get some people in your team to generate and maintain 500 PV (Personal Volume), and 2500 GV (Group Volume) a month and recruit at least one person into your team.

You will be asked to keep working on your personal volume sales and keep recruiting people interested to join your team to reach the different levels in order to reach a higher % from your sales.

However, most people won’t reach the first rank.

If you want to read more about FQA about this company, take a look here.

Stella And Dot Pros

I usually don’t recommend joining to a MLM company to start your own business, but I like some points on this company

  • Nice products and seasonal campaigns – When you join an MLM company you want to have a good selection of products to help your clients to make a good buy from it, when you join a company with a good product selection, you can be sure to please your clients and build a loyal client list from it.
  • You can start your own business at a low price – When you compare the cost of starting a retail business on jewelry, this company offers you a business start for a couple of hundred dollars!
  • It has been on the market for a few years – This will show you that it is a trust company to join as it has been on the market for a few years and this means there are enough people interested in their products.

Stella And Dot Cons

As many companies are in the MLM business model, this company also has some “con” points, and before you join to it, it’s always better to know them in advance.

  • Low Success Rate – This company as many other companies on the MLM business model deal with a low success rate, to make it work for you, it will take tons of work and money to start it working for you, we can talk also that you will get to know how a business works and how to motivate your team to reach the different rank levels in order to start making this business working for you.
  • Build a Strong Team – As many other MLM companies, if you want to make a steady income from it, it will depend on how strong your team is, are you ready to work to recruit people to your team and to keep everyone motivated in order to keep your business running?
  • Getting sales from your family and friends – If you value your family and friends relationship, they might get tired of buying from you some products they really don’t need. You need to know this before you join to an MLM company.

Is Stella And Dot A Scam?

Stella And Dot MLM Review - JewerlyAfter doing the research for Stella And Dot MLM company, I can tell you this is a legit company and is not a scam.

But I should add I will not recommend it for you as a way to build up your own business, as any other MLM company, you will find yourself working hard to make monthly sales and recruit people into your team to reach the ranks that this company ask from you to get a better %.

Final Thoughts

When you’re interested in this niche, you might be tempted to join Stella And Dot company.

Building your own business in the jewelry niche might be a good idea and you can make it happen, after all the jewelry niche is a strong niche to work on and it will keep growing every year.

My recommendation for you is to start your own jewelry business with your own website, follow my recommendation # 1 where you can get the training you need to start your own business, one free website, 24/7 support and the help of a big community of online entrepreneurs who will be happy to welcome you and give you a hand as you keep working to build up your own business.

You like jewelry and you might want to build an online business in this niche, don’t get attached to just one company, there are many jewelry products you can use to build your own online business with affiliate marketing.

Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up today to your FREE membership, no credit card needed!

Stella And Dot MLM Review