How To Make Money With Your Dog

You love your best friend (dog) it has brought happiness into your life, but you might be wondering how to Make Money With Your Dog?

If you are a dog lover like me, one of the best memories you might have is about the day you got that little cute puppy that day your puppy day had stolen your heart!

As a dog owner you will have not just one, but a few dogs who have become your best friend and each one has done that in their particular way.

Some dogs will become your best friend because they are quiet and they know by standing just right next to you, it’s all you need.

Other dogs will bring joy and activity to your life, and they will be sure you don’t spend more than 5 minutes watching TV, they know you need to move and to laugh.

I’m sure you might have a list (short or long) of dogs that have been important to you. As you read this article you might have one or two on your mind, or you might be looking at your dog having a nap in the same room while you read this article

How To Make Money With Your Dog

Make Money With Your DogAs you might be wishing to find the way to spend more time with your dog, you might be wondering if you can make some money from it.

Your dog doesn’t need to be the perfect dog to help you to start making some money from it, some dogs will make money because they are a beautiful creature and a perfect example of their breeds or of a dog, not only pure breeds are beautiful, all dogs can be!

Some other dogs will help their owners to make some money because they are work dogs, and help their owners to have a day job, but this might not be your case.

How Your Best Friend (Your Dog) Can Help You To Make Money

Today with the internet, dog owners have discovered they have a good chance to start making money from their dogs, if you take some time to check on Instagram, you might be surprised on how well some dogs do with their own Instagram accounts.

Some dogs owners have managed to grow up a huge audience in just a couple of months.

Some dogs owner will choose another way to make some money from their dogs.

Traditional Ways To Make Money With Your Dog

Make Money With Your DogThere are a few traditional ways to make money from your love for dogs. Some of these ways to start making some money from your love for dogs are easy to start working on and they won’t require a big investment of money or time to start working on your new full or part-time business.

You always can start part-time and as your business grows you can turn it into a full time business for you.

You need to check what are the requirements from your country or your area to start a dog business. Just be sure to take a look to it before you start working on it. Requirements may be different from one country to another and from one area to another.

  • Become a dog trainer – Anyone who loves to be around dogs can sign up to a dog training school and learn the basic and advance dog training system, to later become a dog trainer. You can market yourself as a dog trainer in your area and get some clients, you will start making some money by the hour. The more specific you’re training system service become the higher will be your fees.
  • Walking dogs – If you love to walk a lot, you can mix your love for walking to your love for dogs and get some clients, you will need to check for information in your country and in your area if you need to get a certificate to become a dog walker. Market your self locally to get some clients.
  • Dog Sitting – You can start making some extra money working on dog sitting for people who needs to travel or to work long hours and they can’t check on their dogs. You can also market yourself in your area, when you become known in your area you will get referrals from your clients.
  • Dog Groomer – If you love to take care of dogs and make them all look pretty, you can sign up to a school to learn the trade of a dog groomer. Then you can get hired or you can start your own dog’s groomer business.
  • Become a Veterinarian – Well, this is not just a job, it’s a career and if you are serious about your love for dogs, you always can study to become a veterinarian and make a successful career taking care of dogs. It will require from you a full time commitment, but I know you can do it.
  • Dog’s Photographer – If you are a dog owner, you might know this career already, but as a dog owner, I love to have on my desk a good picture of my best friend (I had a few best friends and I have some good pictures from them), if you’re good at taking animals pictures, you can start marketing yourself as a pet photographer and get some clients, as you work to deliver your work to happy clients, your agenda will get all booked with appointments, your prices can be low when you start with this business, and your prices can get really high as you become better at it.
  • Dog’s Portrait Artist – Are you good at drawing or making art, you might want to narrow down your art to become known as a dog’s portrait artist, you can market your self in your area, and start small, your business can grow big in a couple of years as you deliver your work to happy clients.
  • Making Dog’s Clothing – Well, I’m sure you have seen a few pictures on the internet about dogs wearing all types of dresses, if you love to sew and you love dogs, you can always start your sewing dog dress or clothing business anytime.

Starting any of these dogs related business listed above, will require lots of work, and you will get paid as you deliver your work.

In my life as a dog owner, I have talked with people working on this field and all of them make an income from it, a few of them have built a successful business from it.

The lesson is, anyone who loves dogs, and turn its love into a business, the more you get specialized on it and the more you know about business, you will help your business to grow.

Ways To Make Money Online With Your Dog

The world is changing by the time I write this article, and with it the way we all do business. The internet is here to help many to start working from home and many people are not just working to make some extra money from their love for dogs, some have discovered it can be a huge business that will help you to build up a solid online business.

Have you thought about the possibility to turn your love for dogs into a full time career?

Make Money With Your DogDo you know that any of the ways to make money from your dog I listed above can be turned into a way to make money from it online? So let’s take a look at it.

  • Become a dog trainer – Have you thought to start a website with a blog to help many to learn how to help their dogs to be a nice dog, or to learn to poop outside the house or in one place?
  • Walking dogs – I’ve learned how to walk a dog from my father, then from my sister who is passionate about dogs, I’ve seen many people walking their dogs struggling to walk their dogs in a right way, have you thought to write a website with a blog to help people to know the rules to follow to walk their dogs and enjoy each walk? Some people will love to get some tips from a pro!
  • Become a veterinarian – Dogs can get all kinds of problems, small and big, and we all love to have a place to read about how to help a dog during difficult times, if you are a veterinarian and you want to share some tips to help dog owners to know what to do to help their best friend at home and when it’s the time to take the dog in the car and visit the veterinarian hospital to get a professional help for their dogs, you can start your own website and help many dog owners around the world sharing your professional tips.
  • Dog sitting – Hey! I’m sure you can manage any dog to be nice as you keep an eye on it while its owner is busy or away, have you thought of helping dog owners to help their dogs to be nice all the time?

Anyone who loves dogs and have learned to make some money from their love for their best friends, can start sharing tips, advice and hacks to be better at it on the internet.

There are many options where you can start your own online business, it can start small and it will require from you to learn the ropes of online business.

You own your own knowledge about your own specialty, but you just might need to learn how to write a website and how to turn your knowledge into an online product. But anyone can do it!

Can Your Dog Be An Influencer Dog?

It’s time to talk about how some dog owners have made their dogs an influencer dog?

What is an influencer dog? Have you taken a look on Instagram to see some nice pictures of dogs, there are plenty of accounts where you can take a look to amazing dogs pictures. From small to big dogs, to cute to beautiful dogs!

People love dogs and people love to see beautiful and amazing pictures of dogs. As you create your dog Instagram account and you start sharing some pictures from your dog on it, people will find you, before you notice your dog’s account can reach 100, 500, 10,000 and even 1M followers.

As your dog gets more and more followers, your dog account will get noticed, and you can market your dog account to some dog related business to sponsor your account.

From getting samplers of products (food, grooming tools, clothing and other dogs related services) to get paid to show a product on a picture!

You will learn on the way how to promote your dog’s Instagram account and how to build a business from it.

How To Make A Passive Income From Your Dog?

Make Money With Your DogWhat would be more attractive that working a day and get paid over and over from your work? That sounds amazing, isn’t it?

Well, anyone who loves a dog, can learn how to make a passive income from your best friend!

  • E-book – Have you thought about the idea to write an E-book to sell on the internet about your tips and tricks to train a dog, think about something that hasn’t been written. How to train a small dog in one week? How to train a senior dog even old dogs can learn a new trick?
  • Online courses? People around the globe will love to sign up to learn how to train their dogs from their home, they are more willing to pay a low price for an online course that they can watch as many times as they need to. And you will love to get in your pocket $10 US over and over again, and you only worked one day, or one week on it.
  • Selling T-shirts with a dog face on it?–  Or maybe a cute phrase about dogs, if you’re an artist and love to make dog portraits, why not to start your passive income business on selling T-shirts on demand?
  • Selling your photographs online – People who write websites about dogs are always looking to get some new and different dog’s pictures to use on their blogs, how about to start selling your dog’s pictures online?

Make Money With Your DogI just listed some examples of how you too can start your own online business as you share what you love more about your dog, it can be training lessons, tips, but it can be also from your love to how to make a better world from people’s best friend, by making art from them or to make new clothing for them.

Who Can Make A Passive Income With A Dog?

Anyone who knows a little or much about how to work on a laptop or their smart phone and loves their best friend!

My tip here is to learn the ropes of building a website and find the idea to create your online product people would be interested to buy from you!

How To Build A Website About Your Dog?

I have working online for the last 5 years, I learned how to build up my own website and how to create a passive income with affiliate marketing!

If you’re interested to learn the same system I use, I have a 10 FREE lesson online course to learn the basic of building a website, (no need of credit card) if you like the platform and if you like how it works, you can learn more about how it works and how you can also with good work and time can build your own online business as I did!

Make Money With Your Dog

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