Discovery Toys MLM Review

If you love the idea to help children to learn new skills while they are having fun playing with toys, you might want to know if there is any chance to know if you can make some money selling children’s toys, so let’s take a look to my Discovery Toys MLM Review.

Teachers, parents, and anyone who is interested to help children to have more fun while they play with toys, you are not alone, selling children’s toys is a huge niche and there are big chances that you can start your own business selling childrens toys, but signing up to an MLM company might not be the big business opportunity you’re looking for.

First, I want to congratulate you, as I know you might be invited to join a team to sell these children toys, but it’s always better to find more information about what is involved and to see if you really can make money from it or not.

Product name: Discovery Toys

Type of business: Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: Lane Nemeth

Price to join: $89 – $399

Scam or legit: Legit

Recommended: No

What is Discovery Toys?

Discovery Toys MLM Review - Children's ToyDiscovery Toys is a Multi-Level Marketing company (MLM) that markets educational toys for young children, they have a good list of toys in various categories, which include artistic and logic games.

The company was started by Lane Nemeth when she was a young mom and looking to find some good quality toys for her young daughter, after she found how hard it was to find the toys with a good quality, she was encouraged by her father to start making some toys for her daughter by herself, this idea found the support of her husband, and this was how Discovery Toys was launched.

Lane Nemeth started her company on 1978 and it worked well, on 1997 the company was sold and it still is doing well.

Do Discovery Toys Products Worth The Price?

When you start selling toys for young children today, you might want to get some information about the quality of the toys, after reading their website you can find more about the toy’s categories:

  • Language play
  • Logic play
  • Motor play
  • Numbers play
  • Reading fun
  • Game play
  • Outdoor discovery

You won’t have any problem to find also great information about how this company takes its time to design and make toys to help children to develop all the skills they will need in their lives. I think this is important for parents, teachers, educators and any other people interested to find toys that will make any kid to have fun at the same time they learn a new skill.

The toys are well-made using only safe and high quality materials, the price is reasonable, if you like the product and you have the same philosophy of this company, you might want to take a look on how this company works and how you can sell these toys to your friends and family.

Discovery Toys MLM Review - Child and Toys

Discovery Toys Business Opportunity

This company works like many other MLM companies, if you want to start your own business selling toys, you need to get the invitation by a sponsor in your area or you can sign up on their website to become a team member or how they call it a play adviser.

You might have been invited to attend to one house party and you got the invitation by the play adviser to join her team to start making money selling these toys.

How much does it cost to sign up to this company?

As you might know by now, when you sign up to become a team member in a MLM company, you will be requested to purchase an initial kit, the cost of this kit is $59 in USA and $75 in Canada.

With the initial kit you will get 8 items (toys), training material, administrative items, a free DT website for the month you join and for the next month. Taxes and shipping are extra.

When you sign up to this company, you will be making the 25% commission on day 1.

There’s a second choice to start selling these toys, this is when you decide to get the DeLuxe Kit, it comes with 16 items (toys), with all the training material, administrative items, the free DT website for the month you join plus the next 3 months, and the shipping cost is included, the price of this kit is higher $225 for the US and $299 for Canada

How To Make Money Selling Discovery Toys

Once you sign up to start your own business with this company, you can get more information about the commission structure.

The company states that you will be earning the 25% on commissions when you sign up, and this per cent can be increased up to 34% as you work to build up your own team, and when the team is getting its own sales, you can make the 7% from your team sales.

As you can see, this company works the same way as many other MLM companies works, you work to make sales, you get some money in your pocket, if you don’t make any sales, you don’t make any money for yourself.

The two ways that are well-known to make some sales in this business model (MLM) is by making as many sales as you can, you can make sales by delivering the product catalogs with your friends and family and get those friends to share the catalog with their friends, or hosting a party.

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Discovery Toys Pros

Every company has its own pros, so let’s take a look at some.

  • You’ll be working with a well know company. This is a company that has been in the market for a few years and it has gained a good reputation by the high quality of their products.
  • You’ll be selling safe and high quality toys.
  • You’ll be selling toys that will help children to develop new skills in different areas while they have fun.

Discovery Toys Cons

  • The business model is not an easy one to make the money you need to support yourself or your family.
  • Your friends and family will get tired of getting you trying to make a new sale from them.
  • Getting people interested to host a party is a hard work to do and it can cost you some money.

Is Discovery Toys A Scam?

Discovery Toys MLM Review - Children's ToyDiscovery Toys is a legit business and it has been in the market for a few years with a high quality product, this is not a scam, it’s just another company working on the MLM business model.

The point to pay attention to here is to think if you want to start your own business selling toys with the MLM business model, you will need to keep working every single day to make new sales or you don’t make any money, and you should not forget to get new people interested to join to your team to get a better % from your sales. After a while you’ll see this is the main reason why some people fail to reach success on this business model.

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A better business idea is to start your own website selling children’s toys online!

Final Thoughts

After working for a couple of MLM companies, I saw this is a business model where you need to work hard to make some money from it, after a while, I got tired and started looking for a better way to start my own business. This is how I found the business model I’m currently working on and it has helped me to build up my own online business without the need to recruit new people on my team and I make sales every day!

If you want to create your own business selling children toys but in a different business model, get the same free training I got 5 years ago, and start building your own business.

You will get FREE training (no card needed), one free website, and 24/7 support!